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Internet censorship may be being rolled out in the USA and elsewhere...

Following the introduction of the "Fake News" meme in November 2016, 2017 has seen some reports of censorship of the 200 sites listed by PropOrNot, including Naked Capitalism, Truthdig and Counterpunch.[1]

"Fake News"

Full article: “Fake News”

The "Fake News website" meme introduced in November 2016 appears to have been intended to smear websites to bolster faith in the commercially-controlled media, was quickly reduced to the issue of "fake news". Global efforts were underway in 2017 to try to automate censorship (a.k.a. "fact checking") and crack down on whistleblowers. In the UK, Conservative MP Damian Collins is heading an inquiry into combatting the so-called "fake news" problem, which is reportedly considering increasing the maximum punishment for publishing real information online, from 2 years to 14 years.[2] Various commentators have suggested that the net effect of the "fake news" meme may have been a type of blowback - encouraging everyone to be more critical consumers of news, checking facts and sources.

Deep state exposure

After years of being ignored, the phrase "deep state" became popular after the 2016 US Presidential election and has continued to grow in popularity, particularly in the case of the US Deep State.[3]

Expanded Mass Surveillance

Full article: Mass Surveillance

In January 2017, US President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 12333, will expanded the provision for mass surveillance by letting the NSA share the raw streams of communications it intercepts directly with agencies including the FBI, the DEA, and the Department of Homeland Security.[4]  


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