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A leaked document from the Integrity Initiative, recording their use of Russophobic propaganda to interfere in the Spanish democratic process.

2019 saw the continued exposure of the UK Deep state's Institute for Statecraft and Integrity Initiative, as 'Anonymous' published another tranche of documents published on 4 January.[1] In response the group removed content from its website.


Full articles: Integrity Initiative/Leak, Dark Side of the Kremlin
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2019 saw several hacks and document exposures in the first 2 months, including:

Integrity Initiative

Full article: Integrity Initiative/Leak

In 2019, 'Anonymous' published tranches #4, 5 & 6 of documents from the Integrity Initiative.

The Dark Overlord

On 31 December 2018, The Dark Overlord released an encrypted cache of 10GB of documents about 9-11. They stated that they were motivated by money and announced a tiered pricing plan for 5 tranches (checkpoints) of documents. They asked for $2,000,000 in bitcoin to either keep the documents secret or to publish them. The have subsequently been releasing tranches of documents, similarly to how 'anonymous' have been releasing the Integrity Initiative leak.

Dark Side of the Kremlin

The Dark Side of the Kremlin was a leak of about 175GB of documents from the Russian government, published on 25 January.[2]


“As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even dirtier. You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply “the enemy”. As both Scottish Independence and Jeremy Corbyn are viewed as real threats by the British Establishment, you can anticipate every possible kind of dirty trick in the next couple of years, with increasing frequency and audacity.”
Craig Murray (December 2018)  - [3]


Full article: Brexit

The gravy trainwreck Brexit was scheduled for completion by March 2019.



BrexitMarch 2017 - 2019
Integrity Initiative/Leak5 November 2018 - 8 February 2019
Truth And Reconciliation Committee on the Assassinations Of The 1960s21 January 2019 - Present
Dark Side of the Kremlin25 January 2019


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