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Artists' impression of a vaccine passport from 2021, highlighting the potential for control
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"“I am not overstating this, I can't say it forcefully enough, this is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan [of vaccine passports] unfolds...”

"Vaccine passports" is a deep state project that has been in the planning stages in the years before 2020. For example, the European Union plans for vaccine passports were in place 20 months prior to the COVID-19 deep event.[1]

These passports will have almost nothing in common with any traditional vaccine passports, which mostly regulated some international travel, but is part of introducing a all-encompassing fusion of the digital, physical and biological identity of everybody (the plans are for the entire world), where opting out is not an option.

Kim Iversen: "Vaccine Passports Coming Soon. What You Need To Know."


The European Commission published proposals for "Vaccine Passports" on 26 April 2018. Their roadmap planned a feasability study from 2019-2021, followed by a "commission proposal for a common 'vaccination card' passport for EU citizens" in 2022.<[2]

"The initial proposal for ‘Vaccine Passports’ was first published on 26 April, 2018 by the European Commission."[3]

Paving the way for a full ID system

Sam Grant, campaign manager at the civil liberties advocacy group Liberty warned that :

“Any form of immunity passport risks creating a two-tier system in which some of us have access to freedoms and support while others are shut out.

These systems could result in people who don’t have immunity potentially being blocked from essential public services, work or housing – with the most marginalised among us hardest hit.

This has wider implications too because any form of immunity passport could pave the way for a full ID system – an idea which has repeatedly been rejected as incompatible with building a rights-respecting society.”[4]

Military-industrial analysis

Thales, a large European armaments corporation that also has a digital identity section, analyzed the market. To see the real intention behind this, insert the word deny instead of access/allow:

the ambition is huge; both in terms of scale – as it applies to all EU member states – and also in the power it would grant to citizens throughout the Bloc. For the first time, citizens would be able to use a European Digital Identity wallet, from their phone, that would give them access to services in any region across Europe....It gets really exciting when you realise that the wallet can host both digitalised identity and payment credentials. This could allow people, for example, to pay a deposit on a new apartment or settle an outstanding speeding fine directly from their smartphone."[5]"

So-called digital ‘vaccination passports’ will play a key role in enabling citizens to access all manner of services and will act as a precursor to the rollout of mobile digital IDs.....Even as we start to return to a sense of normality, this digitalisation of services looks set to gather momentum. This is, in part, due to governments around the world asking their citizens to carry digital health passes to prove they are doubly vaccinated or have a negative test before they can access certain services. [5]

In a different article from June 2021, Thales envisaged:

To facilitate the transition from short-term relief to ambitious redesign of public service delivery, the health pass can be extended into a wide-ranging and capable digital ID/health wallet. Significantly, this provides a secure and intuitive smartphone-based location for an array of digital ID and health credentials.[6]


Full article: ID2020

ID2020 is a Gates Foundation funded scheme to introduce digital identity.

In an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit in March 2020, Bill Gates was asked about the COVID-19/Response:[7][8]

  • Q: How should we determine which businesses should stay open?

“Eventually we will need some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested (for COVID-19) recently, or when we have a vaccine, who has received it.”
Bill Gates (18 March 2020)  [9]

The "digital certificate" he refers to was the focus of the ID2020 project, combining as it does vaccines with mandatory taking of biometric ID.

Government Gaslighting

Various governments have gaslighted their populations, gradually introducing the notion of limiting freedom of movement according to vaccine status.


In January 2021, Nadhim Zahawi reassured libertarian Claire Fox that the UK Government had no plans for vaccine passports. By July, this was revealed to be false.

Nadhim Zahawi, former UK/Minister for Covid Vaccine Deployment repeatedly denied as late as February 2021 that the UK government was considering introducing vaccine passports, although the government was making plans to do so, and researching how the public could be persuaded to accept the scheme.[10] In April leaked documents confirmed this.[11]

Tony Blair is one of many Bilderbergers who have supported domestic vaccine passports.[12]

On Freedom Day it was announced that vaccine passports would be mandatory for nightclubs and large venues.[13]

Vaccine passports were to start to be used in England in September 2021, but the government dropped its plans.[14] But they could still be introduced under the government's winter "Plan B", if cases surge.[15]

They were launched in Scotland on 1 October 2021.[16] The enforcement will happen two weeks later.[17]

In Wales the vote introducing mandatory Covid passes passed on 5 October 2021 by one vote (28 to 27) because a Tory member couldn't log into zoom.[18]


"Vaccine passports" are promoted by CBC News. Liberty is nothing to this "ethicist".[19]

The CBC has published articles supportive of vaccine passports.

Introduced in Newfoundland and Labrador in September 2021.[20]

Introduced in Ontario on 22 September 2021.[21]

The "opposition" New Democrats want Trudeau to hurry up and introduce vaccine passports as fake documents are already in circulation.[22]


In May 2021, Hawaii became the 2nd state to introduce vaccine passports.[23]


In 2021 France introduced the Pass Sanitaire, meaning that from August 1st, those unable to prove they’re vaccinated or a negative COVID PCR-test (at their own cost of €49 each time) will be banned from using public transport, entering a cinema, shopping mall, bar, cafe, restaurant and other venues.[24][25] The law also applies to visiting a hospital not for emergencies and traveling on long distance trains.[26]

People unable to present a valid health pass risk up to six months in prison and a fine of up to €10,000 (£8,500), according to the draft text of the law, “establishments welcoming the public” who fail to check patrons’ passes could go to jail for a year and be hit with a €45,000 fine.[24]

MPs have allegedly received death threats for their support of vaccine passports.[27]


Narendra Modi. Big Brother is watching you?

Strangely, the face of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears on vaccine documents. This faces a court challenge.[28]


Russia plans to introduce a QR Code system, but due to the Omicron variant legislators are sceptical.[29]



Several US states are resisting the mandatory COVID-19 injection project.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law legislation to ban vaccine passports. For this he has been smeared hard by the CCM.[30]


Mayor of Boston Kim Janey compared vaccine passports to slavery.[31]


Opposition to vaccine passports has been heard on GB News.

““We have no plans to introduce them” said the prime minister (Boris Johnson) when talking about so-called vaccine passports. “I certainly am not planning to issue any vaccine passports and I don't know anyone else in government who would”, said Michael Gove and “no one has been given or will be required to have a vaccine passport” said the man himself, the vaccine's minister Nadhim Zahawi. Now in a slope slipperier than the ones Eddie the Eagle used to chuck himself off, it seems the government have changed their mind. First it was talk of nightclubs or sports events, and now the government is I quote “not ruling out making students be fully vaccinated to attend lectures”.... I guarantee you this is not where it ends.”
Michelle Dewberry (26 July 2021)  [32]
This was part of the opening monologue on the GB News programme, Dewbs & Co.


Maxime Bernier ran in the 2021 Canadian federal election against vaccine passports, which were promoted by WEF-affiliated puppet leader Justin Trudeau.


Switzerland is reportedly planning to drop vaccine passports, according to RT. Health Minister Alain Berset has signalled to it, in the midst of large protests.[33]


From 15 November 2021, Julija Stepanenko and three other Saeima (Latvian Parliament) deputies were barred from parliament sittings by a special law prohibiting elected representatives without a COVID-19 certificate to take part in the discussion both in-person and remotely.[34]



Page nameDescription
ID2020Electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity
The Commons ProjectThe World Economic Forum's vaccine passport enabler, providentially created in 2019.


Related Quotations

Jair Bolsonaro“If you accept this vaccination passport, soon there will be another requirement, and another one... and you know where it will stop then... Population control!"”Jair Bolsonaro2021
Bill Gates“Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person […] Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around. So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.Bill Gates24 March 2020
Christine Lagarde“I think the world that we will live in, will bear the stigmas of COVID. By that, I mean, we will not travel in the same way, as opportunistically and as randomly as we did. We probably will not socialize in the same way, as close to each other. And we will probably shift to better protection of biodiversity and better protection of the climate than otherwise we would have had.”Christine Lagarde1 September 2021
Maajid Nawaaz“Up to 700,000 vaccine passports have been affected by NHS blunders, locking many people out of foreign travel, after the wrong data was recorded by health officials

Imagine (if) this locked you out of DOMESTIC services?


Maajid Nawaaz3 September 2021
Dominique Samuels“New evidence shows the vaxxed are just as infectious as the unvaxxed. There are no arguments left for vaccine passports. They aren’t scientific, but they are discriminatory and tyrannical. If you still support them, you support discrimination. At least be honest about it!”Dominique Samuels19 August 2021
Dave Smith“I really don’t think people understand just how bad this Covid Passport actually is. Look into it, it’s not just checking that people got the vaccine. It is setting up a national caste system and a spying apparatus unlike anything in our history. This is it. The big one. Fight it”Dave Smith29 March 2021
Leana Wen“There are privileges associated with being an American. That if you wish to have these privileges, you need to get vaccinated. Travel, and having the right to travel in our state, it’s not a constitutional right as far as I know to board a plane.”Leana Wen10 September 2021
Naomi Wolf“I am not overstating this, I can't say it forcefully enough, this is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan [of vaccine passports] unfolds...”Naomi Wolf29 March 2021


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Document:The new alliance between anti-vaxxers and the far right is a deadly threatArticle1 August 2021Paul Mason"Though they claim to be “peaceful”......by setting themselves up as the victims of genocide, the anti-vaxxers give themselves permission to threaten violence.....Those behind the “crime” are said to include governments and the World Economic Forum (WEF)" because the real fascists are the ones that oppose oppressive government mandates and forced injections.


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