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Founders: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams
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Twitter has been censored in Turkey.[1] In February 2016, it was claimed that Twitter had closed around 125,000 accounts since mid 2015 for "for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS."[2]

In December 2016 Craig Murray was 'ghost banned' by Twitter, resulting in a 90% decrease in traffic to his site from that site.[3]

Twitter on Wikispooks

 Has twitterDescription
21st Century Wire sound alternative news site.
911 Blogger solid 9/11 truth website.
Accuracy in Media
Activist Post
Activist Post Blog
Dirk Adriaensensdirkadriaensens
Nafeez Mosaddeq AhmedNafeezAhmed
Saleyha AhsanSaleyhaAhsan
A freelance reporter, film maker and A&E doctor with a Sandhurst background. She has traveled to conflict zones in North Africa and Asia and made films and news reports including Libya, Syria, Bosnia, Palestine, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. She appeared with "Dr Rola" in the controversial 2013 video shown on the BBC's Panorama news programme calling for humanitarian bombings of Syria.
Anton Albertsantonalberts
Tim Allanportlandtim
Milton Allimadiallimadi
Rosena Allin-KhanTootingLabour
Dmitri Alperovitchdmitricyber
American University of Beirut
Dibyesh Ananddibyeshanand
Aamer AnwarAamerAnwar
Layla Anwarlaylaanwar
Sam AtkinsonSam4Clacton
Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom
Axis of Logic
Mike BakerMBCompanyMan
Ed Ballsedballs
Brian BarderBrianLB
Eeben BarlowEebenBarlow
Anthony BarnettAnthonyBarnett
Eva BartlettEvaKBartlett
Jamie BartlettJamieJBartlett
Vanessa BeeleyVanessaBeeley
Bell Pottinger
Bella Caledonia
Jan-Olof BengtssonJanJolof
The political editor of the Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten in Malmö.
Hilary Bennhilarybennmp
Ahuvah Bergerahoova
Jeff BezosJeffBezos
Claudio Bisogniero
Robert Blackrblackqc
Suppressor Black toasting the Mickey Mouse tribunal that he designed to exonerate apartheid South Africa
Blacklisted News popular alternative media news site.
Bill de BlasioBilldeBlasio
John R. BoltonJohn R. Bolton R. Bolton
Susie Bonifacefleetstreetfox
Julian BorgerJulianBorger
Nile BowieNileBowie
Philip M. BreedlovePMBreedlove
James Brokenshirejbrokenshire
Remi BrulinRBrulin
An academic who rejects the word "terrorism" as a tool of propaganda
Warren BuffettWarrenBuffett
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