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LeaderPrime Minister of the Netherlands
Typenation state
Subgroups• Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service
• General Intelligence and Security Service
Interest ofDutch Safety Board, Nieuwsuur
Member ofEuropean Defence Union, European Union, Eurozone, Global Counter Terrorism Forum, International Criminal Court, International Energy Agency, Maximator-Alliance, NATO, OECD, UN
Founder ofNOS
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Politicly fragmented and very densely populated country. Had very lenient drug and (underage) sex laws. Named a "narco-state" by neighbouring countries. Home of the first Bilderberg meeting.

The Netherlands is a country located mainly in Northwestern Europe. [1] It has been a constitutional monarchy since 1815 and a parliamentary democracy since 1848. Its policies indicate that the Dutch Deep State, firmly undergirded by Operation Gladio like most Western Europe nation states, has remained fairly solidly aligned with the Supranational Deep State.


Dutch Empire

The Netherlands is a former colonial power and at one time, in the seventeenth century, dominated world trade with ruthless methods. It still is a significant trading hub. Because of their small size and preference for sea-travel the Dutch mostly utilized strategic positions at harbours or straits unlike others empires.[2] A survey published in 2020 showed that the Dutch were more positive about the Dutch empire than any other former colonial power.[3]

Operation Gladio

In June 2005, the Netherlands became the 4th country to publish an official report on Operation Gladio in the country. Entitled "De Nederlandse stay behind - Organisatie in de koude oorlog (1945 - 1992) The PIVOT-Report No. 166", it was a joint publication of the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Defence & the Dutch National Archives.[4]


In August 2019, a Dutch law took effect which banning face-covering clothing, including the burqa and niqab, used with Moslem women.[5]


The Dutch constitution [6]gives the government extensive powers over war and peace. Formally, parliament has no say in the decision about military participation or the right to be informed in advance. Article 100 of the Constitution states:

1. The Government shall inform the States General in advance if the armed forces are to be deployed or made available to maintain or promote the international legal order. This shall include the provision of humanitarian aid in the event of armed conflict.
2. The provisions of paragraph 1 shall not apply if compelling reasons exist to prevent the provision of information in advance. In this event, information shall be supplied as soon as possible.

Dutch deep state

Full article: Rated 5/5 Netherlands/Deep state
Netherlands Deep state.jpg
NATO popularity pew 2019.png

The Dutch deep state is relatively well documented here. The Dutch were the leading drug traffickers in the EU from the 1980s and were named during the 2010s as one of the "world leaders" of hosting child pornography by global prevention hotline[7],


Full article: Rated 4/5 Bilderberg

The Bilderberg is a deep state milieu founded in 1954, which has been held annually almost ever since. The Netherlands has been very well represented there ((183) Dutch Bilderbergers)[8]. The last Prime Minister of the Netherlands not to have attended the group was Dries van Agt whom the Dutch Deep state removed in 1982. At least 7 Dutch Foreign Ministers have attended.

Paul Bremer was US Ambassador to the Netherlands from 1983-1986. Max Kohnstamm was a Dutch deep politician and Secretary-General of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe. As well as attending the 1961 Bilderberg he attended 27 subsequent meetings and became a member of the Bilderberg Advisory Committee, which chooses the steering committee.


In July 2020, the Netherlands refused to mandate mask wearing in public, noting that "There Is No Proven Effectiveness", although it was mandatory on public transport.[9]

Nieuwsuur supported the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (or RIVM in Dutch) claims that face masks weren't proven to be effective and therefore should not be mandatory in public apart from public transport, even when many schools and offices were showed to be accelerating the risks of local outbreaks due to poor ventilation.[10] Nieuwsuur actually defended the Dutch "intelligent lockdown" that included "not one clear line of strategy", with the RIVM explaining immunity can't be achieved if everyone just sits at home making the Dutch quite similar to Dominic Cummings alleged statements to "let old people die". Multiple professors called the policy of only making masks mandatory in 5 main streets in the main cities "bullocks" and "against the Dutch constitution", Dutch professors had already called for people to "never pay the fines for socializing or not wearing masks" giving similar reasons.[11] Mark Rutte called the policy "a form of maximum control".[12] [13]

2021 closing bank accounts of COVID dissidents

In 2021, banks and payment services started blocking accounts of organizations they consider to be spreaders of "fake news" about COVID-19 and the COVID jabs. In April 2021, Café Weltschmerz was banned by the payment provider Mollie. The medical collective 'Doctors for Truth' was closed by the Bunq bank after the group distributed a letter among GPs in March 2021.[14]

The financial ban also affects the group Viruswaarheid, the publisher De Blauwe Tijger and the evangelist Jaap Dieleman. The banks framed their banning as part of the ongoing fight against "extremism".[14]

Café Weltschmerz has in earlier years also criticized the Dutch involvement in the Ukraine and the Official Narrative on MH17 by interviewing Max van der Werff, while De Blauwe Tijger has done similar about NATO's covert war on Syria, among other things by publishing speeches by the catholic monk Father Daniel Maes[15].

The ban happens not because they are breaking any law, but because the banks see their actions as "harmful". Money flows to and from these types of organizations are additionally screened by banks based on the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, even when the law is not intended to be used this way.[14]


The Netherlands is an important part of the NATO alliance, and actively participates in all parts of joint military operations, including the propaganda part of them. The government exploits its image as impartial and the country's role as host for several international organizations to maximum effect for propaganda purposes.


Full article: Fracking

In Groningen, fracking for natural gas fields was started with the help of Shell, ExxonMobil and their subsidiaries, which remains a controversial topic for deep politics until this day as halting the fracking would've resulted in an economic collapse for that coalition-cabinet, as the Dutch did not want Russian gas, and the Middle East has had its "fluctuations".[20][21]


Events carried out

2011 Attacks on LibyaLibya"Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of US military aggression and lawlessness in recent memory", carried out under a pretext of "humanitarian intervention".
Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history


Related Quotations

Dries van Agt“Marcel van Dam had the for many plausible opinion that the Prince of the Netherlands should be handled by the Dutch State as every other citizen. So to be brought before trial. I, as Minister of Justice didn't think that was completely unreasonable.”Dries van Agt2005
Beatrix Armgard“The lie rules”Beatrix Armgard
Jan Peter Balkenende“I don't get why you are so annoying and negative about this. Let's be happy together! Let's say: The Dutch are finally able to do this again, that VOC-mentality, looking beyond borders, dynamic! Right?!”Jan Peter Balkenende
Stef Blok“All parties involved in the conflict are committing crimes. The Netherlands knows that the opposition is committing war crimes. We already wrote that starting in 2013. In fact Karel van Oostrom knew precisely what was written in the reports. He even knew all the details. The Dutch have enough people and info from intelligence agencies. And especially the Dutch and all the other EU countries, because they share all that info. They knew exactly what was happening. (...) Throughout investigation is needed. Not only the Dutch but other nation states supported the Syrian war. Therefore they could be complicit in committing war crimes.”Stef Blok
Carla Del Ponte
9 December 2018
Ferdinand GrapperhausActivists are only there to break things and provocate.”Ferdinand Grapperhaus
Sigrid Kaag“All parties involved in the conflict are committing crimes. The Netherlands knows that the opposition is committing war crimes. We already wrote that starting in 2013. In fact Karel van Oostrom knew precisely what was written in the reports. He even knew all the details. The Dutch have enough people and info from intelligence agencies. And especially the Dutch and all the other EU countries, because they share all that info. They knew exactly what was happening. (...) Throughout investigation is needed. Not only the Dutch but other nation states supported the Syrian war. Therefore they could be complicit in committing war crimes.”Sigrid Kaag
Carla Del Ponte
9 December 2018
Ruud Lubbers“At the foot away, this trouble-field needs to be down-tunneled in a motion, so that appointments along this road with the cabinet can be out-concluded quickest and as best.”Ruud Lubbers
Ruud Lubbers“The Netherlands is sick.”Ruud Lubbers1990
Pieter Omtzigt“Long I've objected comparing Malta and the Netherlands. But here something else is not functioning. That is power and opposing power. There is such an intimate connection between the coalition and parliament, between the parliament and the media, between the parliament and the justice system. If you ask difficult questions, you become the problem. There is something wrong with the checks and balances. And it goes further. The criminal justice system doesn't work anymore. All the NGOs that hog the government's money, all don't work anymore. Know what happens nowadays? They don't dare to speak, because the government will kill their subsidy. We've organized or system so precisely that our flock of politicians values the party-chairman more than the electorate.”Pieter Omtzigt19 January 2021
Pieter Omtzigt“There's a wider agenda underneath this. I wish it was only one tax officer, it was that one or that one, or that minister. That's why I've said for over 4 years, I don't care if you resign. Why? It isn't one person, we created a system and government that doesn't put the people in the first place, only during election campaigns.".”Pieter Omtzigt19 January 2021
Mark Rutte“Vision is like an elephant that robs your view. (...) When I think of the word "vision" I immediately think: go see an ophthalmologist!.”Mark Rutte
Mark Rutte“I'm totally, totally, totally against referendums on multilateral agreements.”Mark Rutte
Mark Rutte“Municipalities should be able to target citizens with a certain background specifically. Seemingly that doesn't seem to be legally possible now. It's about time to change the law”Mark Rutte2007
Mark Rutte“I get so angry reading those articles in Amsterdam where people are snorting 10000 lines of cocaine that are seemingly being used weekly or daily in the big cities, which makes me wonder that those idiots, that do that, those idiots that do that, they are maintaining that system of heavy crime, where Taghi and all those criminal families have made a billion-euro business.”Mark Rutte2019
Henk Vredeling“Congresses don't buy jet-fighters”Henk Vredeling1975
Henk Vredeling“Juliana began to cry. I told her, it's a different coalition now. I told Bernhard. It will be civil manifestation. I decide. And nobody else. He became as gentle as a lamb. A typical kraut. One of "Befehl ist befehl", "gehorsamt ist gehorsamt". He gets off on his uniform.”Henk Vredeling1985
Henk Vredeling“I'm also a little bit against the NATO in the way that it's a fremdkörper. It's de facto America. We should view cases more independently.”Henk Vredeling1985
Henk Vredeling“My civil servants.. if needed I'll walk over these folks. Max van der Stoel doesn't do that. I decide. Defensive Planning Questions of the NATO I should do myself. NO said Foreign Affairs. They think they can dictate everything. I was so angry. I'm adamantly against that. Baron from here to there, screw them. Max van der Stoel follows them with his mug. He gets 120.000 every year.”Henk Vredeling1975
Peter R. de Vries“We already lost the War on drugs long ago, and the policy is bankrupt, it has led to nothing, yes, full prisons, a clogged justice system and it didn't help one bit because you can find a coffee-shop on every corner of the street and even with record-braking catches of shipments of cocaine in the harbour, it doesn't mean anything. We're dealing with a extreme high demand in the world with $300.000.000.000 profit for drug traffickers with $ of it cocaine alone, with the same for the worldwide diverse police and justice agencies used, amounting to nothing. You can't just maintain this repressive policy. You need to make this more of national health crisis.”Peter R. de Vries2020



1948 Hague CongressLandmark conference which had a profound influence on the shape of the European Movement. Many of the groups organizing the conference received covert funding from the CIA.
1981 Dutch Cabinet crisisPM Dries van Agt was set-up (after a decade-long power struggle) to work with a lot of deep politicians, spooks, Israel's liaison Joop den Uyl, the Dutch Operation Gladio boss, a corrupt royal family and NATO. He never had a chance.
2022 Dutch farmer protestDuring summer of 2022, tens of thousands of farmers gathered from all across the Netherlands to protest government policies which will reduce the number of livestock -and farmers - by up to a third, as part of The Great Reset.
Bijlmer disasterAn Israeli cargo plane crashes in Amsterdam with missing unknown cargo, voice recorders and unknown Israeli men that appeared within "8 minutes".
Bilderberg/1954The first Bilderberg meeting, attended by 68 men from Europe and the US, including 20 businessmen, 25 politicians, 5 financiers & 4 academics.
Pan Am Flight 103/The TrialJudges at the Lockerbie Trial, sitting without a jury, convicted Abdelbaset al-Megrahi and sentenced him to life imprisonment
Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defenceChatham House rule meeting with organised by the Institute for Statecraft and the Clingendael Institute.


Groups Headquartered Here

AIVDIntelligence agency of the Dutch Deep state. Recruits 15 year olds. Planted Stuxnet. World-champion wiretapping. Rejected evidence of Mabel van Oranje's criminal friends.
Adessium Foundation2005A secretive Dutch foundation that donates to projects backed by Western governments.
Airbus18 December 1970Produces 50% of all jet aircraft in the world. Largest airliner manufacturer during the 2020s. Accused of bribery of multiple countries. Received a ban from a group of dozens of banks for "involvement in nuclear weapons production".
Breda University of Applied Sciences1 September 1966University of applied sciences in the fields of tourism, leisure and hospitality.
Carlyle Group1987A "private global investment firm" with around 1400 employees which has become the world's second largest private capital firm. Close connections to the deep state are suspected.
Clingendael Institute1983Dutch "independent think tank and academy on international affairs" which continued collaboration with the Institute for Statecraft after the Integrity Initiative leaks
De Nederlandsche Bank25 March 1814The Dutch central bank.
Delft University of Technology1842The oldest and largest Dutch public technical university
Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service1986Dutch military intelligence agency. Employed disappeared spook Willem Matser, covered up thefts of Operation Gladio weapon depots by a gang of liasons of the royal family.
Dutch Ministry of General AffairsThe Dutch Ministry responsible for government policy, planning, information, and the Dutch royal house.
Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the EnvironmentMassive role in Covid 19. Didn't support the usage of face masks.
Dutch Postcode Lottery
Dutch Round Table1901Dutch Round Table, a gathering every six weeks of important people in politics, business and the civil service
Dutch Safety Board2005Dutch version of National Transportation Safety Board. Its role in cover ups is similar.
Eurocontrol1960The central organisation for coordination and planning of air traffic control for all of Europe
Eurojust6 March 2002An agency of the EU set up to tackle terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, cybercrime, fraud, corruption and money laundering.
European Journalism Centre1992An independent and non-profit institute sponsored by several influential government-backed NGOs. One of EJC's goals is to "retrain journalists", a similar geopolitical stance and aim of Stopfake.
European Medicines AgencyIssued guidance that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were only to be used in clinical trials or emergency use programs.
Europol1999Formerly knows as the European Police Office and Europol Drugs Unit. A European watered-down version of the FBI. It has no executive powers, and can't arrest anyone without the approval of governments.
GreenpeaceAn NGO focused on combating climate change. Has a very hierarchical organizational structure and is funded by Ted Turner and Rockefeller Brothers Fund among others.
Heineken1864Multinational brewing company. The management of the company has a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Hope College1851Reformed Christian liberal arts college.
ICTS International1982An airport security company, founded by Shin Bet operatives, which occurs in multiple acts of "terrorism"
International Centre for Counter-Terrorism2010A think tank set up by Clingendael, the Netherlands/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Leiden University aiming to "instruct and organize counterterrorism plans".
International Commission on Missing Persons1996IGO tasked with remembering, storing, and gathering remains of murdered and disappeared victims. It enjoys a lack of recognition in the world but has an abnormal big interest in the Srebrenica massacre.
International Court of Justice1945The international court charged with preventing war crimes which is constitutionally unable to carry out its mission as regards the permanent members of the UN security council (and their allies) which are also (more or less) the world's most active weapons producers and wagers of illegal war.
International Criminal Court1 July 2002An international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war crimes. Neither "international nor a legitimate court, but is most certainly criminal."
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia25 May 199331 December 2017NATO dominated court established to justify own actions and keep control over Western Balkans region.
JASON Institute1975Dutch Atlanticist recruitment and networking platform for the security apparatus.
Machiavelli FoundationDutch prize committee for most successful propaganda
Marxist–Leninist Party of the NetherlandsA fake pro-China communist party in the Netherlands set up by the Dutch secret service BVD, to obtain intelligence from China and Albania, obtain information about the communist movement in Europe, and to help split the communist movement in the Netherlands.
NOS29 May 1969A Dutch state broadcaster with some questionable segments.
Netherlands/Air ForceImplicated in war crimes in Yugoslavia and Iraq.
Netherlands/ArmyProsecuted for war crimes in Iraq, Indonesia & Bosnia. Their role in the Srebrenica massacre is particularly sketchy.
Netherlands/Deep state1945Closely allied with the US Deep state. Leader and strange enabler (after banning it after World War II) of the EU-illegal drug trade, run from Amsterdam. Known for Bernhard von Biesterfeld and his involvement in developing Bilderberg and the 1001 club, and a possible sex cult and crime syndicate surrounding the royal family. Since the 2010s led by deep politicians and their consultants in NATO and EU institutes.
Nyenrode Business University1946One of the five private universities in the Netherlands.
Operatiën en Inlichtingen1948Prince Bernhard started this division that quite strangely - investigated, confirmed, and even covered up by the MiVD - had most of its weapons ending in the hands of the Dutch leading drug kingpins like Klaas Bruinsma. That Bruinsma and Bernhard are also linked in a pedophile sex ring is a third rail topic.
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsAn UN-affiliated IGO aiming to eliminate chemical weapons. Often targeted by secret services. Noted to "often alter facts in armed conflicts for unknown reasons without legal obligation" in intern documents.
Party for FreedomAnti-Islam and anti-immigration party of the Netherlands.
PhilipsAn electric company which was a major funder of Le Cercle.
Quia Oportet19932050State secret Dutch company listed in Dutch Ministry of General Affairs as elongation of Operation Gladio
Reed ElsevierLarge publisher with a 7-7 connection
Schiphol Airport1916Dutch main airport just south-west of Amsterdam, Illegal drug trade is a significant part of its cargo.
The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies2007A vital, mostly overlooked Dutch think-tank operating in the parliamentary quarter of The Hague. One of the biggest data centres working closely with multiple Dutch ministries. The prolific alliance of founders make its ties to the Dutch Deep state and Military-industrial complex highly plausible.
The Hague University of Applied SciencesMain university of Dutch political capital. It vets and trains students with intensive simulated UN debates.
Tilburg University1927Specializing in the social and behavioral sciences, economics, law, business sciences, theology and humanities.
Unilever1930Multinational specialized in providing people the illusion of choice in local supermarkets. Targeted by Operation Gladio-agents in the Netherlands with blackmail.
University of Amsterdam1632Main University of Dutch capital Amsterdam. Targeted for recruitment by the IfS.
University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam1993Second largest University of Amsterdam. Publicly funded.
... further results


Citizens of Netherlands on Wikispooks

Jozias van Aartsen25 December 1947One time Bilderberger
Ahmed Aboutaleb29 August 1961Mayor of Rotterdam. Attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Dries van Agt2 February 19315 February 2024A Dutch conservative Christian PM who started the Dutch Drug Policy to end the War on Drugs, vocally opposed Israel and appears to be removed as PM when neo-liberals and socialists became increasingly supportive of Cold War SDS policies.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali13 November 1969
Klaus-Georg von Amsberg6 September 19266 October 2002Prince Claus of the Netherlands, fought for Hitler, implicated in underage sex ring with mayor Ed van Thijn and finance minister Onno Ruding. Alleged victim of sexual blackmail.
Frans Andriessen2 April 192922 March 2019EU commissioner
Frans van Anraat9 August 1942Big supplier of Saddam Hussein. Rejected setting up a new deep state-front in Iraq during Iraq War and fled an AIVD safehouse. Only Dutch national to ever appear of FBI Ten most Wanted list. Jailed for 17 years.
Beatrix Armgard31 January 1938Former Dutch Queen. Survived 2009 Queen's Day Attack. In 1962 became the first woman to attend a Bilderberg meeting. Kicked a very heavy Bilderberg habit in 2015.
Henrik J. Baron van Asbeck26 May 19098 August 1998Private secretary of the Dutch royal family during Beatrix and Claus their reign, and later for the Dutch Foreign Ministers under Johan Willem Beyen and Joseph Luns.
Saskia ten AsbroekBilderberg Executive Secretary
A. G. AukesDirector of the Dutch Africa-institute, of which Prince Bernhard was President. Bilderberg 1959.
Hans van Baalen17 June 1960"A Dutch pirate and a villain"
Peter Bakker1 August 1961Dutch millionaire and businessman
Jan Peter Balkenende7 May 1956Dutch PM for 8 years in 2000s, became PM after his opponent - who was leading in the polls - got assassinated. Single Bilderberger, joined the war on terror, oversaw the decade with the most deaths from terror-attacks on Dutch soil.
Ernst Hirsch Ballin15 December 1950Dutch politician, only Minister to have ever "burned" a suspected Mossad agent on a political party list on the order of the AIVD. Also pressured an MP to stop investigating Justice Secretary-General Joris Demmink.
Maja Banck-PoldermanBilderberg Executive Secretary. Attended 7 Bilderbergs
Willem BaraltNovember 1968Director of World For Libya, suspected deep state operative
Andre Batenburg11 October 192212 November 2002Dutch financier who attended the 1978 Bilderberg
Thierry Baudet28 January 2983
Relus ter Beek18 January 194429 September 2008Single Bilderberg Dutch Minister of Defence
Dick Benschop5 November 1957Attended the 2000 Bilderberg as Dutch State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Tafelronde/Chair, Trilateral Commission, Shell CEO, Schiphol Airport Director
Adolph Bentinck3 September 19057 March 1970Diplomat & liaison of Dutch deep politicians, including Joseph Luns
Gaby van den BergMarch 1983An extremely experienced and well-connected behavioural and communication scientist "very interested" in the IfS.
Reinier BergemaDutch "terror expert"
Godfried van Benthem van den Bergh1933Dutch sociologist who attended the 1969 Bilderberg
Maarten van den Bergh19 April 1942Discreet Dutch businessman named the most powerful businessman in Britain. Attended the 1997 Bilderberg
Ronald BernardAlleged Dutch whistleblower who in 2017 had an interview released in which he said that he was recruited by an organised crime network, initially to launder money, but later was asked if he wanted to participate in human sacrifice.
Rob Bertholee7 August 1955Former Director General of the AIVD.
Ernst van der Beugel2 February 191829 September 2004Dutch deep politician, 34 Bilderbergs, on both the Advisory & Steering committees
Theodor Max van der Beugel15 July 1889Jewish-Dutch banker "tightly woven into the cobweb of transatlantic financial structures". Father of Ernst van der Beugel
Ben van Beurden23 April 1958Penta Bilderberger, attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2020, Shell CEO, European Round Table of Industrialists
J. W. Beyen2 May 189729 April 1976Bilderberg businessman
Barend Biesheuvel5 April 192029 April 20011968 Bilderberg. Dutch PM 1971-73
Bernhard von Biesterfeld29 June 19111 December 2004Nazi arms dealer. Alleged bodyguard of Hitler, early member of the SS, requested presidency under Hitler during WW2. An early leader of the Dutch Deep State, founded Dutch division of Operation Gladio named Inlichtingen en Operatiën, co-founded Bilderberg as Steering Committee chairman. Started 1001 Club, WWF, Rijkens Club. Linked to Klaas Bruinsma.
Ank Bijleveld17 March 1962Dutch Defence Minister. Tried to cover-up 2015 Hawija bombing. Warned for attacks with bioweapons in 2018.
Pieter Blaisse24 April 19111 August 1990Attended 6 Bilderberg meetings up to 1965
Stef Blok10 December 1964Banker and parliamentary leader of Mark Rutte's VVD party from 2010 to 2012. Dutch Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector in second Rutte-cabinet. Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs in third Rutte coalition.
Frits Bolkestein4 April 1933Quad Bilderberger Dutch Defence minister, mentor of Geert Wilders
Marc Bolland28 March 1959Dutch businessman who was the CEO of Marks & Spencer, after having been CEO ofMorrisons.
Matthijs van Bonzel1956Dutch diplomat
Hendrik Boon23 August 19111 May 1991Dutch academic who attended the 1957 October Bilderberg
Cornelis Bossers11 March 1929Le Cercle. Major businessman in the Philips group.
Pieter Bottelier1937Dutch banker who attended the 1996 Bilderberg
Dolf van den Brink1973CEO of Heineken. Committed to Net Zero. Attended the 2023 Bilderberg meeting.
Laurens Jan Brinkhorst18 March 1937Dutch politician & lawyer who attended the 1970 and 1974 Bilderbergs
Elco Brinkman5 February 1948Dutch politician
Hans van den Broek11 December 1936Lawyer, politician, Bilderberger panellist, Dutch Foreign Minister for 10 years. Dutch Minister of State. "Valuable member named by EU-officials". Rejected Secretary General role for NATO.
Jan Brouwer19101983Shell CEO. Bilderberg 1970.
Willem Brugsma18 July 19224 September 1997Dutch journalist
Klaas Bruinsma10 June 195327 June 1991Mysterious Amsterdam drug lord in the 1970s and 1980s. Connected to the Dutch royal family through a princess (and possibly more royalty), spooks and underage-sex trafficking. Assassinated in 1991
... further results


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  8. Germany, for example, has had 220, Belgium has had 77
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