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"“conspiracy theorist”"
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(COVID-19/Dissident, COVID-19/Premature death?)
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Died4 March 2021 (Age 55)
NationalityCanadian, Scottish
Victim ofpremature death
Interests • COVID-19/Vaccines
• COVID-19
• Social control
• Hollywood
• Predictive programming
Dissident podcaster who died suddenly in March 2021 after prominent criticism of the COVID-19 Official narrative

Not to be confused with philosopher Alan Watts.

Alan Watt was a radio show producer who produced "breathtakingly profound and deeply researched talks".[1]


Alan Watt published at

Alan Watt interviewed by Aaron Dykes in 2011 on Infowars

World Citizenship Council

In an interview he said he was invited to a meeting of the World Citizenship Council once, to speak and attend round-table discussions there.[2]


Alan Watt was highly critical of the COVID-19 official narrative.[3]

Sudden death

The cause of Alan Watt's sudden death in March 2021 is unclear.[4] In 2016 he was hospitalized with flu like symptoms.[5]

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A Quote by Alan Watt

Hollywood/Predictive programming“Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda. "Be-aware".

Predictive Programming - The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome.”

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