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Paris covid lockdown resistance slogan.jpg
On a wall in Paris: “You will not confine our anger.”
DateMarch 2020 - Present

“There’s no heroism in any of this. This is merely a matter of honesty. The only possible way to fight the plague is honesty.”
Albert Camus (1947)  [1]

Resistance about COVID-19 has many facets: In phase one, where chaos and panic prevailed, resistance included mental hygiene, staying out of hysteria, keep one's sanity. In phase two (April-?) resistance included one or more of the following civil disobedience tactics.


"Experienced con men are scared of marks who laugh after they have been taken." [2]

After a month or so of lockdown, resistance was growing among the locked down,[3] with increasings suspicions of its motives, and awareness of other agendas at work.

  • Protesters in Berlin, Germany, demand constitutional rights. Activist video:
  • In Germany, medical lawyer Beate Bahner who filed a complaint against the corona measures with the Federal Constitutional Court Of Germany and called for demonstrations, was arrested and deported to a prison psychiatric ward for two days. The public prosecutor is investigating for „public provocation to commit crimes“ and shut down her website temporarily.
  • April, 25: Protests in Vienna, Austria (200 people reported) and
    • all along the border of Germany/Poland. 125.000 cross boarder workers are denied passage;
    • similar repercussions at European borders are likely not given enough media attention. [5]
  • Another lawyer asks in an open letter to the German Federal Chamber of Lawyers: „Lawyers sent to psychiatric hospital for protest? Is it that time again in Germany?“
  • In Switzerland, a „corona critical“ doctor was arrested by a special police unit for alleged „threats against relatives and authorities“ and deported to a psychiatric clinic. [6]
  • The website of a German specialist lawyer is collecting reports on „suffering due to the lockdown“ and on the actual situation in German hospitals.[7]
  • German general practitioners have published an appeal to politics and science in which they call for „a more responsible handling of the corona crisis“.[7]
  • Since Mai, 1 2020: Protests (350 - 1000 people) in every major city in Germany (and probably worldwide, i.e. US[8]) [9]

Car convoys

Google snapshot May 1, 2020
  • "Outraged by their governor’s ban on “non-essential” sales and activities, thousands of angry Michigan residents got into their cars and drove to her office in Lansing, in what they dubbed ‘Operation Gridlock.’"[10]
  • A internet search (May, 1 2020) for "corona car convoy protest" reveals that all over the world a wave of protests involving car convoys - thus obeying the 'no-contact-rule' - happened. [11]

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Legal cases against "lockdown" measures

Various supreme courts are critical of the measures:

  • The German supreme court ruled general stay-at-home-orders illegal. [16]
  • In Hesse, Germany, the supreme court ruled[17] against general stay-at-home-orders and made clear that politicians need constantly prove why basic rights are taken away - citizens had not to prove why they are exercising their rights. Meetings of 50 people must be allowed. In consequence local politicians support protests to open German borders.


April 2020, as the lower case fatality rate became clear, judges and lawyers started to challenge the proportionality of the COVID lockdown, i.e. Peter Vornahme (Judge, Bavaria, Germany) and Lord Sumption (Judge, UK).

The situation in other states is likely comparable to Germany.[citation needed]


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