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Mid-level agents of the deep state.

The label deep state functionary is used on Wikispooks for people who assist with the operation of the deep state and are trusted with some of its secrets, but who are not in the commanding position of deep politicians.



     Page name     TypeDateAuthor(s)Subject(s)Description
Shinzō Abe
Myles Ambrose
Franz Josef BachA leading German member of the Cercle
James Baker
Maja Banck-Polderman
Bernard BarkerA soldier/spook involved both in the assassination of JFK and the Watergate coup.
Richard Ben-VenisteA lawyer who has taken various legal roles for the US deep state, including securing the Watergate coup.
Frederic Bennett
Wayne Lee BermanUS Businessman with deep political connections.
Joe Biden
Richard Blee
Marcel Boiteux
George W. BushThe 43rd US President, a bonesman, former oil businessman, now being pursued for war crimes.
Melvin Carraway
Jack Caulfield
Alan Clark
Erle CockeA spooky deep state operative who
Andrew Cohen
John CuckneyA spooky establishment figure connected to arms deals and probably more
Mitchell Daniels
Richard Darman
Isaac Irving Davidson
Laura Jordan DietrichA spooky US government insider
Arthur Dunkel
Ulrik Federspiel
Jonathan Finer
Gerald Ford
William Foster
Ford M. Fraker
Aaron Friedberg
Evan Galbraith
Conrad Gerber
Michael GfoellerUS government insider, Bilderberg, Chertoff Group...
James Giffen
Porter Goss
Daniel GrahamIran-Contra connected CIA/DIA spook
Donald Gregg
Marc Grossman
Henry Grunwald
H. R. Haldeman
Stefan Halper
Jerome Hauer
Carla Anderson Hills
Paul Hoffman
Bruce Katz
Raymond Kelly
William Kennard
Weldon Kennedy
Gilles de Kerchove
Bernard KerikA criminal sidekick whom Rudy Giuliani appointed to New York City Police Commissioner and suggested for United States Secretary of Homeland Security‎.
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