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Coup leader Lieutenant-Colonel Doumbouya with AFRICOM soldiers[1]
Date5 September 2021
InterestsSputnik V
DescriptionPresident opted for Russian vaccine - was removed from power by US trained officer 6 months later.

A military coup occurred in the nation of Guinea in West Africa on 5. September 2021, when President Alpha Condé was arrested and overthrown.[2] On January 17, 2021 Guinea became the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa that started using the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Guinea’s television broadcast President Condé receiving an injection, becoming the first African leader opting for it.[3]


In 2010, Alpha Condé became the first president to be peacefully and democratically elected. He was re-elected in 2015. Conde won re-election in 2020 but was accused of Election/Fraud by his opponents.


The coup began on the morning of 5 September, when the Republic of Guinea Armed Forces surrounded Sekhoutoureah Presidential Palace and cordoned off the wider government district. After a shootout with pro-government forces, the mutineers, who appear to be led by Doumbouya, took President Alpha Condé hostage, announced the dissolution of the government and its institutions, annulled the constitution, and closed the borders.[4]


Coup leader special forces Lieutenant-Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya is presented in corporate media as a former French legionnaire[5], meant to suggest that France is involved directly or indirectly in the coup. But what they left out from the reports was that the special forces were trained and trained by the United States AFRICOM. Lieutenant-Colonel Doumbouyahas participated in the Flintlock military exercises, which have been regularly organized by AFRICOM on the African continent since 2005.[6].

Doumbouya did specialist training at the International Security Academy in Israel and the Paris War School, before returning to Guinea to join the Special Forces Group, an elite military outfit founded by Alpha Condé. Doumbouya served as a French legionnaire for 15 years.[7][8]


Aluminium prices on world markets climbed to a decade high, beating the record set in 2006 for Chinese markets amid bauxite supply concerns (Guinea is a major producer of bauxite, the main source of aluminium). On the London Metal Exchange, aluminium was traded for as much as USD 2,782 per tonne.[9]

Mamady Doumbouya wants to form a new government in the coming weeks.[10]

France, the African Union and the United Nations have condemned the coup.

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