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Legally mandated vaccination or "forced vaccination" has long understood to be a grievous infringement of freedom, but has been carried out in some countries, including in the US.[1][2] Mandatory vaccination of children has been the law in most countries for a long time,[Where?][citation needed], while forcible vaccinations of adults is a rare occurrence, generally seen as medically unethical - at least until the Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out.

De facto mandation

Vaccines have regularly been made de facto mandatory in environments where existing power relations are highly imbalanced. Even if people are offered a theoretical chance to refuse, extreme pressures can brought to bear on them to try to compel them to submit. Employers might threaten to fire workers who did not submit to vaccination. Schools or other organisations might expel members who do not comply.

Soldiers are trained to be unflinchingly obedient, are generally young and in good physical health, so have been used the limits of what the human body can endure. In the Gulf War, soldiers developed so-called "Gulf War Syndrome". This was arguably also related to depleted uranium and/or exposure to other WMD, but many soldiers were given a lot of experimental vaccines, some under the pretext that they would protect them against Iraq's (phoney) WMDs.


There are some international legal principles that apply. The Nuremberg Code, is a set of ethical principles introduced as part of the verdict in the Medical Trials of the Nuremberg Tribunal after WW2. The Code, created after the horrors of the Nazi German medical experiments, states as its first principle that[3]:

 "Voluntary consent is essential"

This principle was continued and expanded in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, adopted by acclamation[4] at the UNESCO General Conference on 19 October 2005,[5], where it states in Article 3.2, that:

  • "The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society."

and article 6.1, that:

  • "Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned,based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice."

The UNESCO principles were incorporated in national law by some jurisdictions[citation needed], but is not a binding international treaty. Although accepted as a part of basic human rights by all UN member states in 2005, the declaration is expected to be ignored in the push for a [[COVID-19/Vaccine|Covid-19 mandatory vaccine.


Childhood Vaccinations

Vaccination of children has been mandatory in many (most) countries for a long time. For example, Prussia (Germany) introduced a mandatory vaccine for children against smallpox in 1874.[6]. More recently, from 2018, parents in France were legally obliged to vaccinate their children[7]. The same year, Italy banned non-vaccinated children from attending state schools.[8].

Many jurisdictions gives the parents a possibility to say no to vaccination of their children[9], normally on religious grounds. A noticeable trend the last decade has been the restriction of this right, as the rhetoric against 'anti-vaxxers' heat up.

A bill passed in Washington DC October 2020, will give children as young as age 11 the right to get vaccinations against their parent's wishes and without their parents knowing, as long as the children get "age-appropriate" information.[10]

1898-1904 Smallpox epidemic

In 1901, smallpox vaccinations were carried out at gunpoint in the US. During a 1901 smallpox vaccination raid in New York, 250 officers arrived at a Little Italy tenement house in the middle of the night and set about vaccinating everyone they could find. "There were scenes of policemen holding down men in their night robes while vaccinators began their work on their arms.[11]"[12]

In Middlesboro, Kentucky, the police and a group of vaccinators went into an African-American section of town, rounded up people outside this home, handcuffed the men and women and vaccinated them at gunpoint.

The battle between the government and the vocal anti-vaccinators was decided in a landmark 1902 Supreme Court decision, where the Supreme Court upheld the right of a state to order a vaccination for its population during an epidemic to protect the people from a devastating disease.

A 1902 US Supreme Court ruling "upheld the right of a state to order a vaccination for its population during an epidemic to protect the people from a devastating disease", although other restrictions were placed on this practice, conceding that vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe."[13]

Gulf War

The US tested an unknown number of vaccines on its armed forces, in reality a forced situation, resulting in "Gulf War syndrome".


Full article: COVID-19/Vaccine

Deep state actors have started an intense campaign in most countries in the world to make a Covid-19 vaccine mandatory.[citation needed]


Operation Warp Speed is a US deep state project intended to carry out mass COVID-19 vaccinations, with a veneer of public oversight.

"Pursuant to Executive Order 20-80 and the Florida Department of Health declaration of a Public Health Emergency, the State Health Officer and Surgeon General can order any individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated or quarantined for COVID-19. Any isolation or quarantine order issued pursuant to section 318.00315, Florida Statutes, shall be enforceable by injunction filed in a Florida Circuit Court. Failure to follow any isolation or quarantine order by the Florida Department of Health is a second-degree misdemeanor."[14]


Many activists have highlighted the risks of mandating vaccines, drawing attention to the influence of big pharma over scientists and politicians.

“[...] It's because big pharma is losing money. Year, over year, over year - go look at the data. 30 percent they spent more and more and more, in RD (research & development), and you would think if you spent more RD, you should be getting more allowances. Well, they are getting 30 percent less, and less allowances. Why? Because even the FDA is recognising that their products are toxic. So their new business model is vaccines - why? Because pharmaceutical drugs you can sue the manufacturer, you can take them to court, they spend five billion dollars, 13 - 14 years, very expensive, high risk, low reward, you can get sued. Vaccines? No risk. You know why - because they do not go through the same regulatory framework, they call them biologics. Alright? Number two, you can't sue vaccine manufacturers, thank you Ed Kennedy and the politicians who protected big pharma. You can't sue them. And if you can, you have to go through a vaccine court run by the US government, which means tax payers pay for it... 30 million people in the United States now do yoga. Think about that. So you have this trend were people are saying, I'm gonna take care of my body, I'm gonna find out the right foods for my kids, I'm gonna start understanding vitamins and herbs. This did not occur ten years ago. And so therefore big pharma sees their entire business model tanking. If you want we can do a whole analysis, you can bring all the economists in the world and we will show you the data, that their business model is tanking, it's burning to the ground, literally. So they need a new business model. And that business model is vaccines - why? Or cell therapies, they are called biologics. They don't need to go through the same stringent testing and they avoid all the litigation. That is what pharma is looking at, their drugs are failing - they do not work, more and more people want healthy life styles - they need to mandate vaccines, that is what this is about.”
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai [15]

November 2020 - Denmark

In 2020, Denmark planned to introduce a law permitting police to kick down doors to enter homes and forcibly inject people with a Covid-19 vaccine, but the measure was scrapped after 9 straight days of protests against it in Copenhagen.[16]