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A legal designation for drugs, but also a marketing term to foster acceptance.

"Safe and Effective" is a designation for drugs, but also a marketing term to foster acceptance. Many things throughout history have been sold as safe and/or beneficial, that actually weren't. This page will list any substance that was marketed for human consumption or use and therefore was considered safe, but actually was not, whether the term "safe and effective" was used for marketing or not - to give an overview what kind of quackery and profit driven interest in pharma and elsewhere has been going on historically.

“Drug companies never talk about the benefits and harms of their drugs but about their efficacy and safety. Words create what they describe and the preferred semantic is seductive. It makes you think it can only be good for you to take drugs, as they are both efficacious and safe. Another reason why patients and doctors generally trust their drugs as being both efficacious and safe is that they think they have been carefully tested by the drug industry and carefully scrutinised by the drug regulatory agencies using high standards before they are allowed on the market.
It is the other way round.”

Peter C. Gøtzsche (2013)  [1]

Regulatory capture

Regulatory capture can lead to different approaches towards safety (see also precautionary principle):

  • around 2004 [2][3][4] the EU started the process of enacting legislation that prevented small producers of (herbal based) health remedies to sell their products - the testing processes for market approval were made too expensive for these smaller companies, practically ending their business,[5][6][7][8][9] or preventing start of it. The regulations went so far as to make high quality genotoxic data a requirement for approval (!) [10][11][12]
  • mRNA based vaccines did not have any safety data but were administered on a mass scale anyway



Page nameDescription
"COVID-19/Vaccine"The "vaccine" for COVID 19?
AzidothymidineDrug that wiped out a generation of people diagnosed with HIV in the early 1990s, but not before making GlaxoSmithKline/Wellcome Trust billions in revenue.
CorexitChemical that is used on oil spills to dissolve them.
DDTOriginally developed as an insecticide, thanks to ineptitude (and possibly corruption) used without second guesses as to what it's health impacts may be.
DiethylstilbestrolGiven to pregnant women in 1938-1970s. Causes high risk of cancer and genital deformations for several generations.
GlyphosateA herbicide heavily promoted by Monsanto, increasingly being agreed to be a carcinogen.
RNA VaccineA vaccine based on changing the human RNA. The concept has long been of high military interest.
RadithorRadioactive energy drink in the early 20th century.
SSRIA class of drugs licensed to treat depression, increasingly used also for other health concerns. Proven to have very little effect based on rigged science, and increasingly linked to murders and mass shootings.
Statin40 million US adults on this drug this every day -
ThalidomideA drug that caused a very high number of birth defects and deaths.
ThimerosalPreservative for vaccines that was declared safe after a very fraudulent safety study.
TobaccoA widely used and addictive recreational drug. Use is legal although restricted for adults in most nation states.
VaccineA vaccine is a biological preparation intended to provide active acquired immunity to a particular disease.
VioxxBig Pharma painkiller that might have killed 500.000 people in the United States alone, after the manufacturer Merck withheld evidence of its dangers.
Water/FluoridationMarketed as an anti-tooth decay improvement, there is increasing evidence that the fluoridation of water may have a range of deleterious effects upon the brain (e.g. lowering IQ) and may actually not have much affect on tooth decay. The academic community was for a long time extremely hostile to anyone who challenged this practice.


Related Quotations

"Safe and Effective"
Azidothymidine“The reason why only one drug has been made available — AZT — is because it’s the only drug that has been shown in scientifically controlled trials to be safe and effective.”Anthony Fauci
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