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The burnt out Euromaidan in Kiev.jpg
The burnt out Euromaidan in Kiev, Feb. 20, 2014.

2014 saw the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Peer-reviewed Research into Oligarchy

In the fall of 2014, the academic journal Perspectives on Politics published Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens, the first academic study of whether the US was a de facto democracy - i.e. whether the will of the people influenced whether legislation got enacted.[1] It began by asking "Who governs? Who really rules? To what extent is the broad body of U.S. citizens sovereign, semi-sovereign, or largely powerless?" and concluded that "Despite the seemingly strong empirical support in previous studies for theories of majoritarian democracy, our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts."[2] This was not followed up on by commercially-controlled media and as of December 2017, it was still the only paper on this topic.[3]



Al-Salam weapons deal
Iraq Inquiry
Hedges v. Obama
Al-Sweady Inquiry
Saleh v. Bush
Nuland to visit Kiev again
Obama warns Yanukovitch
Maidan sniper shootings
EU-RF-Ukraine agreement
Yanukovitch deposed
Joe Biden/Pledges support for Yatsenyuk
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Crimea referendum
Crimea annexation announced
Ukraine troops leave Crimea
UN GA vote on Crimea
Flint water crisis
NATO suspends co-operation with Russia
Donbas govt bldgs occupied
Kiev Junta announces ATO
Sinking of MV Sewol
2014 Ukraine coup/Geneva agreement
2014 Ukraine coup/Forged antisemitic leaflets
Massacre in Odessa
Putin visits Crimea
Donbas status referenda
Yanukovych statement
Biden's son joins Burisma Holdings
Ukraine/2014 presidential election
Poroshenko inauguration
Russian embassy attack
Report of Junta using civilian planes as cover
Gaza War 2014
2014 Australia turboprop drug bust
Antonov 26 19 blue downed
Mil SitRep for MH17 area
1st Ukr SU-25 downed
2014 Ukraine coup/ATO map 16 JUL 2014
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Ukr SBU comms intercepts
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Leaves departure gate
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Takeoff
Cruising altitude reached
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/First altitude change
Weather conditions
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Last ADS-B contact
Strelkov shoot-down post
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/ATC lost contact confirmed
... further results

New Groups

Macro Advisory PartnersGroup.png2014 - PresentCommercial
South FrontSouth Front logo (2016).jpg2014 - PresentAnalytical project
Jews for justice for GermansJfjfg.jpgJuly 2014 - PresentPressure group
Moonscape VenturesMoonscape Ventures.jpg19 August 2014 - Present
Counter Extremism ProjectCounter Extremism Project Logo.png22 September 2014 - Present

New Websites

The InterceptThe Intercept.jpg2014 - Presenthttps://theintercept.com/
Linguistic DeterminismWebsite.png2014 - Presenthttp://linguistic-determinism-art-language.blogspot.co.uk/
BellingcatBellingcat.png2014 - Presenthttps://bellingcat.comSelf described as a "Site for citizen investigations of current events using open source information". Begun by Eliot Higgins and "8 volunteers" and allegedly funded by a Kickstarter campaign.
Vera Graziadei blogVeraGraziadeiHeader.pngJune 2014 - Presenthttp://veragraziadei.wordpress.com/Blog of Vera Graziadei
Skeptical about skepticsWebsite.png3 October 2014 - Presenthttp://www.skepticalaboutskeptics.org/A site dedicated to countering dogmatic, ill informed attacks leveled by self-styled skeptics on pioneering scientific research and researchers

==Groups that were Wound Up== 

A Website that Closed

LUXLuxBanner.png29 April 2012 - 18 May 2014The personal web site of ex-patriot German national Michael Colhaze. It is relevant to the Wikispooks project for its thought provoking articles on contemporary geo-politics and culture, especially concerning the absurd but still rigidly enforced official narrative of World War II as 'The Good war'.


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