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Wikispooks is only very occasionally reported by commercially-controlled media.


17 February

The proportion of pages with a description surpassed 1/3 for the first time ever.[1]


2020 was Wikispooks busiest year ever, as remarked upon by commercially-controlled media.[2]

After 10 years at the helm, User:Peter announced his retirement, passing control of the site to User:Robin, who set up a page on Patreon to crowdfund the site. As COVID-19 came to dominate the news agenda of commercially-controlled media, traffic went up to the site, which received 1.085 million visits in 2020.

26 June

Buy the "first they ignore you" dictum, Wikispooks advances to stage #2 with an article from Business Insider, published without contacting anyone from the website, entitled Conspiracy-theory encyclopedia Wikispooks is thriving during the coronavirus pandemic, seeing huge traffic gains from search engines.[2]

26 May

Exactly 10 years since the site went online, it experienced its busiest week ever after renewed interest in Lori Klausutis. A new daily record of 8900 visitors on 24 May was broken on 26 May when the site saw 9598 visitors.

10 May

  • The site surpassed 25,000 pages.

31 January

Searches on "Eric Ciaramella" lead to the busiest day on record, with 8300 unique visitors.[3]

25 January

The project to assign the missing nationalities to all Bilderbergers is all but completed, leaving just one who was "in attendance" -- James A. Blay -- still of unknown nationality.


Traffic graph at the end of December 2019

Wikispooks traffic fell at the beginning of the year, but climbed from June to September, after an upgrade to the hardware and software increased the site's responsiveness. It concluded the year with a global rank of around 220,000 and received around 664,000 visits in 2019, up from 564,000 in 2018.


  • The site surpassed 10,000 people pages.


  • Traffic for 11 September, 2019 was over 5000 unique visitors, and for the following day it was over 6000 visitors, the busiest on record.[4]


  • The proportion of stubs went below 60% for the first time in years.[5]

10 January

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