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Wikispooks traffic fell at the beginning of the year, but climbed from June to September, after an upgrade to the hardware and software increased the site's responsiveness.


  • Traffic for 11 September, 2019 was over 5000 unique visitors, and for the following day it was over 6000 visitors, the busiest on record.[1]


  • The proportion of stubs went below 60% for the first time in years.[2]

10 January


Wikispooks concluded the year with a global rank of around 275,000, but traffic picked up sharply in March and April 2018, coincident with the unfolding of the Skripal Affair.

29 April

Traffic graph at the end of April 2018

Alexa ranked Wikispooks in the world's top 200,000 websites, after about a year below that rank.

24 January

  • Server upgrade - increased both RAM and #CPUs to tackle slow page production

4 January

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Wikispooks 2017 traffic graph.png

Wikispooks ended the year with an Alexa traffic rank of about 250,000.

13 December 2017

16 October 2017

  • The site now has over 16,000 content pages.

23 August 2017

  • The site now has over 15,000 content pages.

July 2017

  • The site now has over 6,000 people pages, over 2,000 group pages & over 750 event pages.

22 May 2017

  • Alexa rated the site as #33,572 in UK.[3]

29 April 2017

  • The site now has over 14,000 content pages.

February 2017

  • The site now has over 5,000 people pages.

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