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22 May 2017

  • Alexa rated the site as #33,572 in UK.[1]

29 April 2017

  • The site now has over 14,000 content pages.

February 2017

  • The site now has over 5000 pages about people.


The site surpassed 100,000 edits.

November 2016

  • PropOrNot included Wikispooks on a list of 200 purported "Fake News" sites, alleged to be outlets of "Russian Propaganda".

14 September 2016

26 June 2016

Today we surpassed 85,000 edits. Also:

2 April 2016

After surpassing 80,000 edits last week, two new milestones this week:


15 November 2015

The capacity of the server was increased earlier this month to tackle increased traffic. Two milestones this month:

  • 8000 content pages
  • 4000 uploaded files

8 August 2015

Two new milestones this week, after a Summer of steady growth in terms of pagecount, and a smarter coverpage design:

22 May 2015

Wikispooks celebrated its 5th birthday with a significant server upgrade.

  • Editors who request it may be granted access to the Wikipedia Sandbox server, suitable for development and testing of new software.
  • Use of SMW has not changed in the last 9 months, so can be considered stable.
  • Active editorship continues to climb steadily

For older News, see Project:History

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