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Concept.png COVID-19/Regime change
(Regime change,  US/Sponsored Regime-change efforts since 1945,  SDS/Policy,  structural deep event,  Assassination,  Coup d'état)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Many if not all of the most outspoken governments who deviated from the Official COVID-19 story appear to have been targeted by organised efforts to unseat them.

COVID-19 has been used to institute sweeping social change worldwide. This page focuses on regime changes since 2020 believed to have a particular relevance to COVID-19, principally those used to remove COVID-19 dissidents from political office.


Attempted regime changes

Government change

Dead leaders

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Minions replaced

A noticeable pattern during the COVID-19 deep event is the the use of minor scandals to allow politicians or other deep state functionaries to be quickly hustled off stage after they have played their role in implementing far more significant — even murderous — misdeeds. The tactic might be a way to avoid giving a fixed target for protestors, while continuing the same policies.

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