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DateJanuary 2020 - Present
DescriptionDissident thought about COVID-19 is being heavily censored, particularly online, as as discussed at Event 201

“There’s no heroism in any of this. This is merely a matter of honesty. The only possible way to fight the plague is honesty.”
Albert Camus (1947)  [1]

Dissident thought about COVID-19 is being heavily censored, particularly online. The examples here are only the tip of a vast iceberg of censorship.


One of the first victims of censorship about COVID-19 was the Chinese doctor/whistleblower who alerted the world to it by posting on social media. He was disciplined by the Chinese government, and reportedly died of COVID-19, aged 31.[citation needed] (Although there are doubts if this verion of events is correct[citation needed]).

Event 201 and Internet censorship

Internet censorship was discussed in the October 2019 Event 201, for example as a response to claims that the virus might have been created by big pharma.[2]

Big tech companies


After an interview in which David Icke claimed that there "is a link between 5G and this health crisis", Youtube announced that it would remove any posts that suggested the two topics were linked.[3] It also declared it would remove any posts which contravened WHO guidelines: "YouTube has clear policies prohibiting any content that disputes the existence and transmission of Covid-19 as described by the WHO and the NHS."[4]

In April 2020, YouTube deleted a press briefing by two doctors on Covid-19 which had 5 million views.[5][6]


The 2016 documentary TrustWHO („Trust who?“) by ARTE, which deals with the dubious role of the WHO in the context of „swine flu“, was deleted by Vimeo in April, 2020. It found "overlap" between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and WHO. The film is available elsewhere.[7][8][9]


Forbes reported on Facebook censoring posts about COVID-19.[10]

On 6 May 2020 Facebook Deletes Accounts of Palestinian Activists and Journalists.[11]


Google prohibits ads from running against "content that makes harmful claims about disease prevention and unsubstantiated cures", including anti-vaccine promotions or content that encourages users to forgo treatment.

From August 2020, the corporation is banning ads against content that make "claims going against authoritative scientific consensus." Banned claims would include theories like vaccines being attempts to genetically modify the population, that Bill Gates created Covid-19 or that the disease was a bioweapon made in a Chinese lab. Interestingly "authoritative scientific consensus" would mean that scientists, no matter how qualified, that states other things than the consensus, will be censored.[12]

"How to (tactfully) discourage spread of false pandemic information"

CBC published an article on this in April 2020.[13]

"Hate speech"

Full article: “Hate speech”
Dr. Heiko Schöning arrested in Trafalgar Square London Protests September 2020.[14]

António Guterres announced in May 2020 that the COVID-19 Pandemic had unleashed a "tsunami of hate and xenophobia, scapegoating and scare-mongering”, and appealed for an all-out effort “to end hate speech globally." He reportedly "called on the media, especially social media, to remove racist, misogynist and other harmful content."[15]


  • A Munich, Germany local radio station, which interviewed doctors critical of corona in March, was informed by the responsible media supervisory authority after complaints that „such problematic broadcasts must be stopped in the future“.[16]
  • Both in Austria and Hungary, doctors who have criticised the corona measures are threatened with a ban from their profession.[16]
  • In Nigeria, according to official figures, more people have so far been killed by the police enforcing corona curfews than by the corona virus itself.[16]

"Mental health"

As with the events of September 11, dissent from the official narrative has been used as grounds for imprisonment on grounds of "mental health"

  • April, 2020: The corona-critical Swiss doctor Dr Thomas Binder, who was arrested by a special unit of the Swiss police and sent to a psychiatric clinic, has meanwhile been released. A report by the magazine Weltwoche revealed that the doctor was arrested on false grounds: there had been no threat to relatives or authorities and there had been no possession of a loaded weapon. Thus, a politically motivated operation seems likely.[16]


Related Quotation

Věra JourováDisinformation waves have hit Europe during the Coronavirus pandemic. They originated from within as well as outside the EU. To fight disinformation, we need to mobilise all relevant players from online platforms to public authorities, and support independent fact checkers and media. While online platforms have taken positive steps during the pandemic, they need to step up their efforts. Our actions are strongly embedded in fundamental rights, in particular freedom of expression and information.”Věra Jourová10 June 2020


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