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This property is used to link quotes to their sources (e.g. websites)

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Quotes
  • Predicate:  Has sourceName
  • Object:        Pagenames of sources (type Page)

198 Pages use the property "Has sourceName"

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Page nameHas sourceName
George Orwell1984
Human rights1999 World Report
Fake News21st Century Wire
Federal Emergency Management Agency9-11 Research
9-11/Insider Trading9-11/Commission/Report
George Hunter WhiteA Terrible Mistake
Christopher WrayAP News
David PetraeusAangirfan
CyberterrorismAmerican Blackout
Claire McCaskillArs Technica
George OrwellAs I please
Malcolm TurnbullAustralian Government Website
Stella RimingtonBBC
Brian PaddickBBC
Douglas HurdBBC
Nice truck eventBBC
BBC/Terrorism ReportingBBC Editorial Guidelines, Editorial Guidelines in Full - War, Terror & Emergencies,
Knights of MaltaBehold a Pale Horse
Regulatory captureBloomberg
Boston HeraldBoston Herald
Patrick ClawsonBusiness Insider
Michael LevineCNBC-TV
Daniel PipesCommentary
Fake NewsConsortium News
Counter-terrorismCountering International Terrorism: The United Kingdom’s Strategy
Robert CooperCounterpunch
Corporate mediaCounterpunch
Holger MünchDailyWire
Harry S. TrumanDear Bess: The Letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959
AfricaDemilitarization for Democracy
Democratic Republic of the CongoDemilitarization for Democracy
Wesley ClarkDemocracy Now
Walter PincusDerailing Democracy
Federal Emergency Management AgencyDerailing Democracy
Mark GortonEducation forum
Mass surveillance/TechnologyElectronic Frontier Foundation
Gilles de KerchoveEuronews
Albert E. JennerFamily Of Secrets
Phoenix ProgramFeed Your Need To Read
US/Deep stateFifty Years of the Deep State
George H. W. BushFifty Years of the Deep State
Watergate coupFifty Years of the Deep State
1993 World Trade Center bombingFifty Years of the Deep State
House Select Committee on AssassinationsFifty Years of the Deep State
US/Deep stateFifty Years of the Deep State
Hakluyt & Company LtdFinancial Times
HakluytFinancial Times
ExtremismFour Quartets
Arms DealerGerald James 2007 FOIA Appeal Statement
National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012Global Research
Corporate mediaGlobal Research
Operation Gladio/BGlobal Research
Corporate media/CensorshipGuns And Butter
9-11/Israel did itHaaretz
William E. OdomHammer News
Stephan Adolphus KockHansard
John EhrlichmanHarper's Magazine
Richard BleeHarpers Magazine
Roy KellermanHistory Matters
William CooperHour of the Time
Otis G. PikeHttp:// 105#civilliberties_105
Plausible deniabilityHttps://
Joanna ShieldsHuffington Post
Barack ObamaHuffington Post
Augusto PinochetISGP
Manuel NoriegaISGP
Military-industrial-congressional complexIn his farewell address
Enemy imageInformation Clearing House
Project CensoredInfowars
The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street OverworldInside the Kingdom
Malcolm MuggeridgeInstitute for Historical Review
Strategy of tensionInterdoc and West European Psychological Warfare: The American Connection, Intelligence and National Security Vol. 26, Nos. 2–3, 355–376
NonviolenceInternational Centre for Counter-Terrorism
ExtremismInternational Centre for Counter-Terrorism
Ziad AbdelnourInternet Archive
Ziad AbdelnourInternet Archive
Ziad AbdelnourInternet Archive
Fletcher ProutyJFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
9-11/Israel did itJerusalem Post
Oliver NorthJournal Entry
Oliver NorthJournal Entry
Oliver NorthJournal Entry
Rod RosensteinLawfare Blog
LawLetter from Birmingham Jail
Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-66Letter to the Foreign Office
1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crashLobster Magazine
Kincora Boys' HomeLobster Magazine
Corporate mediaLooking Back on the Spanish War
Jesse KatzLos Angeles Times
Jesse KatzLos Angeles Times
Andrew BreitbartLos Angeles Times
David Ray GriffinMad Cow News
Secret trialMagna Carta
Stephan Kock - SpookMidland Bank
2001 Anthrax attacksNBC News
Streisand effectNPR
Fake NewsNatural News
Liquid bomb plotNew York Times
The Israel lobbyNew York Times
Bronson CuttingNew York Times
World Finance CorporationNew York Times
Ziad AbdelnourNew York Times
Deep state/2017 PopularisationNew York Times
Menachem BeginNew York Times
Colin PowellNewsOK
WarNineteen Eighty Four
Gulf of Tonkin IncidentNuclear Risk
Freedom of speechOffGuardian
Operation NicoleOperation Nicole Factsheet
1936Popular Photography
Deep state/2017 PopularisationReader Supported News
Katharine GrahamRegardie's Magazine
US Openly Approves Hong Kong Chaos it CreatedReuters
Parallel ConstructionReuters
War on TerrorSchneier on Security
Bruce SchneierSecrets and Lies
RefsSource name
Western Global Airlines N545JNSouth African Government News Agency
Corporate media/Deep state controlSpartacus Educational
Frank SturgisSpartacus Educational
Hugh GaitskellSpycatcher
GovernmentStraight Line Logic
Our Secret Servants - The Shayler AffairSunday Telegraph
Philip MarshallThe Big Bamboozle
Gareth WilliamsThe Daily Telegraph
2011 Attacks on LibyaThe Ecologist
Corporate media/Deep state controlThe Greanville Post
GovernmentThe Guardian
Mrs. May & MI5 In DisarrayThe Guardian
Robert CooperThe Guardian
Richard WhittamThe Guardian
Is Martin McGuinness a British Agent?The Guardian
The GuardianThe Guardian
HeroinThe Guardian
TWA Flight 800The Guardian
Enrique Gomez-HurtadoThe Guardian
US Feigns "Horror" Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They EngineeredThe Independent
Theresa MayThe Independent
LockheedThe Mojo Wire
US Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007The New Yorker
Is Martin McGuinness a British Agent?The Phoenix
Transportation Security AdministrationThe Register
Foreign Corrupt Practices ActThe Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade
Deep state/Supranational natureThe State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld
Internet/CensorshipThe Sydney Morning Herald
Hale BoggsThe Taking Of America, 1-2-3
Freedom of speechThe Tribune
George OrwellThe Tribune
BureaucracyThe Utopia of Rules
Sins of Statecraft - The War on Terror ExposedThe War on Truth
Midge DecterThe Warren Olney Show, 89.9, Los Angeles
Iran-ContraThe Washington Post
EyewashThe Washington Post
National securityTo Wreck A State - The New International Crime
Nuremberg TrialsTo Wreck A State - The New International Crime
Humanitarian interventionTo Wreck A State - The New International Crime
The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street OverworldTop Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State
FrackingTruthstream Media
Andrew BreitbartTwitter
1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crashUK Parliament
Action Counters TerrorismUK/Police
War on DrugsUN/Office On Drugs and Crime
9-11/Compensation fundUSA Today
WarUnfinished manuscript
HierarchyUnwelcome Guests
John Taylor GattoUnwelcome Guests
Oklahoma City bombingUt-2-2004cv00772-opinion.pdf
Transportation Security AdministrationVox
Peggy NoonanWall Street Journal
Washington Conference on International TerrorismWashington Conference on International Terrorism
Operation Gladio/BWashington's Blog
Dwight D. EisenhowerWayback machine
Political spectrumWhoWhatWhy
Deep state/2017 PopularisationWhoWhatWhy
Coleen RowleyWhoWhatWhy
Martin Luther KingWhoWhatWhy
Jack RubyWhoWhatWhy
Paul FootWhy You Should Be a Socialist
Unites States/National securityWired
I've Been Banned From Facebook for Sharing an Article About False FlagsWorld Socialist Web Site
John LennonYouTube
John LennonYouTube
Donald TrumpYouTube
Charlie SkeltonYouTube
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