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(Billionaire, Deep State Actor)
Elon Musk Royal Society (crop2).jpg
Born28 June 1971
South Africa
NationalityUS, South African, Canadian
Alma materUniversity of Pennsylvania
Member of21st Century Council, The Giving Pledge, The Paypal Mafia, WEF/Young Global Leaders/2008
Interests • Transhumanism
• Ukraine
• Twitter
Interest ofZero Hedge

Elon Reeve Musk is a billionaire US businessman. Musk is mostly known for his two biggest companies, Tesla and SpaceX, He accumulated most of his wealth through government subsidies[1] [2]. Musk is a member of a very influential group of friends of the Stanford University or University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign named The Paypal Mafia (as he was involved in the early start of Paypal). Space X was founded with the help of Mike Griffin, who worked for CIA's venture capital arm and was later appointed as NASA administrator by George W. Bush.[3] [4]

Bloomberg reported that he became a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2008.[5]


Wikipedia writes "Aware that it would be easier to enter the United States from Canada, Musk applied for a Canadian passport through his Canadian-born mother. While awaiting the documentation, he attended the University of Pretoria for five months; this allowed him to avoid mandatory service in the South African military. Musk arrived in Canada in June 1989."[6]

After receiving two bachelor degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, he got into Stanford University. After doing an internship in Silicon Valley, he dropped out in '95, and joined the internet boom and started companies in the dot.com bubble.[7]

Interesting is his connection to venture capitalist and spooky billionaire Peter Thiel, as a member of the group of entrepreneurs named The Paypal Mafia (of which some appear as WEF members) in corporate media, who effectively started and massively influenced the jump to market leadership of many US big tech companies.[8]

Musk has a tendency for controversial statements, often backtracking them, and acquired Twitter in 2022 citing to bring "free speech" back.[9]

In his early days, Musk was known for radical change to companies, getting in arguments with his later friends in The Paypal Mafia, an influential group of investors and suspected Deep state faction with a record of aiding intelligence services.

“Despite having perhaps the greatest entrepreneurial streak of all the PayPal mafia, Musk was purged from PayPal like some kind of toxin. Soon after the merger, Thiel resigned.

Musk became CEO of the combined company and decided it was time for a technological overhaul. Specifically, he wanted to toss out Unix and put everything on a Microsoft (MSFT) platform.

That may sound innocent enough to laypeople but not to Unix zealots like Levchin and his team. A holy war ensued. Musk lost. The board fired him and brought back Thiel while Musk was on a flight to Australia for his first vacation in years. “That’s the problem with vacations,” Musk deadpans.

Musk still contends he didn’t deserve his fate, that his biggest flaw was being cut from different cloth. “Peter, Max, and I are not directly aligned philosophically,” he says. “Peter’s philosophy is pretty odd. It’s not normal. He’s a contrarian from an investing standpoint and thinks a lot about the singularity. I’m much less excited about that. I’m pro-human.””
Fortune (2007)  [10]


Full article: Covid-19

First he was against, then he says that he is vaccinated for Covid-19 [11] He encourages people to get vaccinated. [12]


Elon Musk's wealth increased by tens of billions of dollars during the COVID lockdown.[13]

Coup in Bolivia

Musk has a large business interest in lithium, of which Bolivia has large reserves.


“If Putin could so easily humiliate the West, then he would accept the challenge [to fight me]. But he will not.”
Elon Musk,  Twitter (2022)  [14]

Following the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Musk, in March, tweeted that he was deploying Starlink, his company SpaceX’s satellite internet venture, to help keep Ukraine online. Starlink promises high-speed internet to remote locations where access is anywhere from unreliable to entirely unavailable. Starlink receivers have been set up on hospitals, energy plants and companies, and more.[15]


Musk challenged President Putin to a fist fight over Russia’s war in Ukraine on Twitter in 2022, tagging the President his account in cyrillic letters. Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, replied, calling Musk too “weak”. Musk later deleted the tweet.[16]


Neuralink: Elon Musk's entire brain chip presentation in 14 minutes (supercut)

“Under any rate of advancement in AI we will be left behind by a lot. The benign situation with ultra-intelligent AI is that we would be so far below in intelligence we’d be like a pet, or a house cat. I don’t love the idea of being a house cat. The solution that seems maybe the best one is to have an AI layer. A third digital layer that could work symbiotically [with your brain].”
Elon Musk (2016)  [17]
Musk backs the idea of a “neural lace” – a new electronic layer of the brain that would allow us to instantly access online information and greatly improve cognitive powers by tapping into artificial intelligence.


In 2018, Musk was sued personally for a tweet by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission claiming funding had been secured for potentially taking Tesla private. The SEC called his statement false, and - on behalf of Tesla shareholders - tried to remove Musk as CEO. Two days later, Musk strangely settled with the SEC, without admitting or denying the SEC's allegations, but received a $20 million fine, with the same amount fined to Tesla, and a ban forcing him to step down for three years as Tesla chairman, but not as CEO, all in all a weird 3 days.[18]

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