Operation Dark Winter

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Event.png Operation Dark Winter (terrorism exercise,  pandemic preparation) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date22 June 2001 - 23 June 2001
LocationWashington DC
PlannersJohns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Analytic Service, Tara O'Toole
ParticipantsSam Nunn, David Gergen, R. James Woolsey, John White, John Tilelli, Margaret Hamburg, Frank Wisner, George Terwilliger, Jerome Hauer, William Sessions, Frank Keating, Dan Mahoney, Jim Miklaszewski, Mary Walsh, Sian Edwards, Judith Miller, Lester Reingold, Tara O'Toole, Tom Inglesby, Randy Larsen, Mark DeMier, Sue Reingold, Dennis Reimer, John Hamre
Interests • “terrorism”
• smallpox
DescriptionDark Winter was an exercise wherein senior former officials would respond to a bioterrorist induced national security crisis. Held June 2001

Dark Winter was an "exercise" "wherein senior former officials would respond to a bioterrorist induced national security crisis."[1]


The exercise centred on "terrorists" starting a smallpox outbreak in the US.


Dark Winter was the first in the series of events which included Event 201 about a novel fast spreading fatal coronavirus.



Dan Mahoney
Dennis Reimer
George Terwilliger
David Gergen
Margaret HamburgOperation Dark Winter participant
John Hamre
Jerome HauerA deep state actor with multiple connections to the 9-11 event who appeared on television to promote the 9-11 official narrative.
Jim Miklaszewski
John Tilelli
John White
Frank Keating
Lester Reingold
Mark DeMier
Mary Walsh
Judith MillerCarried the can for the fraudulent story about Iraq's WMD
Sam Nunn
Tara O'Toole
Randy Larsen
William Sessions
Sian Edwards
Sue Reingold
Tom Inglesby
Frank WisnerUS deep politician, and an architect of Operation Mockingbird. Reportedly killed himself.
James Woolsey