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Concept.png Institute for Statecraft/Activities

The Institute for Statecraft's activities include the dissemination of pro-UK propaganda, as evidenced by the Integrity Initiative Leak.


Jeremy Corbyn

Full article: Jeremy Corbyn

Documents leaked from the integrity Initiative include Who Are the Corbynites, and What Do They Believe?, a 23 page PDF by Glen O'Hara.

FCO project applications

The FCO project application for Integrity Initiative Phase 2 listed the following projects as "bids for funding from the FCO in the past three years?":

  • 2014 Ukraine capacity building. Unsuccessful bid
  • 2015 El Salvador Human Rights and reduction of gang violence. Successful bid.
  • 2016 El Salvador Rule of Law and prison reform. Successful bid.
  • 2017 Integrity Initiative Phase 1 Successful bid
  • 2018 TOR study for Expose network Unsuccessful bid[2]


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