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A long running academic investigation into the control of the US corporate media.

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Started: 1976

Main focus: Censorship, Corporate media/Deep state control


In 1976, Dr. Carl Jensen founded Project Censored at Sonoma State University as a media research program with a focus on student development of media literacy and critical thinking skills as applied to the news media censorship in the US.[1]


Sociologist Dr. Peter Phillips became director in 1996 and continued to expand the annual book and educational outreach. In 2000, the Project came under the oversight of the non-profit Media Freedom Foundation, founded by Jensen and Phillips, to ensure its independence. Professor Mickey Huff of Diablo Valley College became director in 2010.[1]

September 11th

Full article: 9-11/Censorship

On October 2, 2010, reported that since The Institute for Policy Studies took over Minuteman media, the subject of 9-11 has been blackballed:

“We’ve never had an op-ed piece that we were contracted to do rejected, outright rejected, and it wasn’t just rejected because of some contractual issue or violation. We were actually told specifically from people at IPS that it was because we mentioned 9/11 as part of a piece on state crimes against democracy.

What we’re suggesting is that the events of September 11th have all the trappings of a potential state crime against democracy. So we mentioned the scientific studies done by Stephen Jones and the open chemical physics journal, and we included Richard Gage and the Architects and Engineers group, 1200 experts now saying that the official science just doesn’t make sense and just doesn’t add up, I mean it defies everything we know about scientific methodology and so forth.

They literally told us that they were not going to publish anything that talked about 9/11.”

Mickey Huff (2 October 2010)  - [2]

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