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The 1989 Bilderberg Report
Date12 May 1989 - 14 May 1989
LocationGran Hotel on Island of La Toja,  Galicia,  Spain
ParticipantsEric Roll, Peter Carrington, Victor Halberstadt, Theodore Eliot, Conrad Oort, Giovanni Agnelli, Tage Andersen, Dwayne O. Andreas, Paddy Ashdown, George W. Ball, Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Relus ter Beek, Michel F. Belanger, Jack F. Bennett, Lloyd M. Bentsen, Ernst van der Beugel, Selahattin Beyazit, Björn Bjarnason, Conrad Black, Hans Blix, Miguel Boyer Salvador, Ali Bozer, Enrico Braggiotti, Willard C. Butcher, Costa Carras, Jaime Carvajal Urquijo, Juan Luis Cebrian, İsmail Cem, Charles H. Dallara, Kenneth W. Dam, Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Étienne Davignon, Guillermo de la Dehesa, Aage Deleuran, Marie-Josee Drouin, Arthur Dunkel, Casimir Ehrnrooth, William T. Esrey, Colette Flesch, John Galvin, Raul Gardini, Timothy Garton Ash, Michaela Geiger, Felipe Gonzalez, Fernando I. Gonzalez Laxe, Allan Gotlieb, Maurice Greenberg, William E. Griffith, Sten Gustafsson, François Heisbourg, Jaakko Iloniemi, Peter Jankowitsch, Vernon E. Jordan, Thomas H. Kean, Christian H. Kind, Henry Kissinger, Andrew Knight, Max Kohnstamm, Josef Krainer, Alex Krauer, Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere, Cees J. A. van Lede, Franz Lütolf, Rui Machete, Paul Manson, Carlos March Delgado, Wilfred Martens, Charles McC. Mathias, Thierry de Montbrial, Mario Monti, Queen Beatrix, Klaus-Georg von Amsberg, Filippo M. Pandolfi, Theodore Papalexopoulos, Cecil Parkinson, Norman Pearlstine, Rupert L. Pennant-Rea, Jesus de Polanco, S. Ichtiaque Rasool, William K. Reilly, Rozanne Ridgway, David Rockefeller Sr, David Rockefeller, H. Onno Ruding, Jorge Sampaio, Jeanne Sauve, Louis Schweitzer, Michael J. Scoullos, John Shad, Jack Sheinkman, Hordur Sigurgestsson, John Smith, Lucy C. Smith, Jacques E. Solvay, Theo Sommer, Queen Sofía of Spain, Juan Carlos I of Spain, Lesley R. Stahl, Robert S. Strauss, Peter D. Sutherland, Klaus Topfer, Gorge Vojta, Franz Vranitzky, Niels Werring, John C. Whitehead, Nils Wilhjelm, Lynn R. Williams, James D. Wolfensohn, Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Juan A. Yanez-Barnuevo, Emilio de Ybarra y Churruca, Paolo Zannoni
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
Witnessed byGrant F. Winthrop, Julio C. Abreu, Saskia ten Asbroek, Charles W. Muller
Interests“climate change”
Description37th Bilderberg meeting, 110 guests

The 1989 Bilderberg Meeting was the 37th such meeting and had participants from 19 European countries, the United States and Canada.[1] It was held at the Gran Hotel La Toja, Island of La Toja, Spain on May 12-14, 1989. The 111 guests included 26 business executives, 31 politicians, 9 financiers, 10 editors/journalists and 9 academics. The next meeting was the 1990 Bilderberg.


The 1989 Bilderberg Agenda has been leaked and is now online.[1]

1. Domestic Developments In Eastern Europe:Policy Implications For The West

The moderator was Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., the background paper was written by Timothy J. Garton Ash and the introductory remarks were by Michaela Geiger and William E. Griffith.

2. Can The Alliance Be Sustained By Military And Arms Control Issues Alone?

The moderator was Peter Carrington and the introductory remarks were by Theo Sommer and Henry A. Kissinger.

3. The Long-Term Economic Design Of The E.C.: European Sovereignty?

The moderator was Kenneth W. Dam and the introductory remarks were by Giovanni Agnelli, Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. and Peter D. Sutherland.

4. Current Events: Current Events: U.S. - Soviet Relations

The moderator was Etienne Davignon and the introductory remarks were by Rozanne L. Ridgway.

5. Greater Political And Monetary Union Of Europe: European Sovereignty?

The moderator was Eric Roll and the introductory remarks were by Miguel Boyer Salvador and Rupert L. Pennant-Rea.

6. Global Relationships: Surpluses, Deficits, And Protectionism

The moderator was James D. Wolfensohn and the introductory remarks were by Charles H. Dallara, Arthur Dunkel and H. Onno Ruding.

7. Environmental Constraints

“The observed increase in global mean temperature has been neither monotonic with time nor uniform over the globe as has been the increase of greenhouse gases. This situation calls into question the validity of isolating the greenhouse effect as the only cause of the recent temperature increase. A second uncertainty stems from the knowledge that the Earth has gone through major perturbations in temperature and climate in the past and continues to go through seasonal and cyclical changes (Figures 8, 9). How much if any of the recent changes then are just part of a long term trend is not known.”
 (1989)  [2]

The moderator of the discussion was Costa Carras, the background paper was written by S. Ichtiaque Rasool and the introductory remarks were by William K. Reilly and Klaus Töpfer. The report of the 1989 Bilerberg asked "How can the Atlantic Alliance credibly suggest to China that increased exploitation of its reserves of coal is counter-productive?"



Gianni AgnelliItalian industrialist, 37 Bilderbergs
Otto Wolff von AmerongenBilderberg Advisory Committee member, deep politician
Klaus-Georg von AmsbergPrince Claus of the Netherlands, fought for Hitler, implicated in underage sex ring with mayor Ed van Thijn and finance minister Onno Ruding. Alleged victim of sexual blackmail.
Tage AndersenDanish banker who attended 7 Bilderbergs in the 1980s
Dwayne AndreasLarge political donor to both major US parties.
Beatrix ArmgardFormer Dutch Queen. Survived 2009 Queen's Day Attack. Kicked a very heavy Bilderberg habit in 2015.
Timothy J. Garton AshUK historian, Ditchley Governor with other connections. Presented a paper to the 1989 Bilderberg. Subsequently attended two more, over a span of 30 years.
Paddy AshdownChatham House President for 10 years. MI6 operative and UK politician
George BallUS deep politician who attended all 40 Bilderberg meetings up to his death, he helped make key decisions about post-WW2 Europe.
Francisco Pinto Balsemão>30 Bilderbergs, Bilderberg Steering committee, Prime Minister of Portugal
Relus ter BeekSingle Bilderberg Dutch Minister of Defence
Michel BelangerCanadian businessman and banker. Trilateral, 1968 and 1989 Bilderbergs
Jack BennettBilderberg Steering committee banker/businessman.
Lloyd Bentsen5 time Bilderberger US Treasury Secretary
Ernst van der BeugelDutch deep politician, 34 Bilderbergs, on both the Advisory & Steering committees
Selahattin BeyazitTurkish Bilderberg Steering committee
Björn BjarnasonIcelandic politician, heavy Bilderberg habit
Conrad BlackFraudulent Bilderberg steering committee member
Hans BlixAttended the 1989 Bilderberg as IAEA Director General
Ali BozerBecame acting Prime Minister of Turkey for 9 days in 1989 after attending two Bilderbergs
Enrico BraggiottiAttended the Bilderberg as President of the Banca Commerciale Italiana
Willard ButcherUS financier at Chase Manhattan Bank, reporting to CEO David Rockefeller.
Peter CarringtonUK Deep politician. Bilderberg chairman. President of the Pilgrims Society. Secretary General of NATO. Chairman of the UK Conservative Party. Busy guy.
Juan Luis CebriánSpanish media mogul with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
İsmail CemTurkish politician, Robert College alumnus, double Bilderberg
Charles DallaraBanker who attended the 1989 Bilderberg
Kenneth DamEconomist acting US Secretary of State with a heavy Bilderberg habit
Herta Daubler-Gmelin
Étienne DavignonBelgian deep politician, EU commissioner, Bilderberg chairman, Egmont Institute president
Guillermo de la DehesaPolitician, then Goldman Sachs/International Advisors, Group of Thirty, Double Bilderberg
Aage DeleuranDanish quad Bilderberger editor
Carlos March Delgado
Arthur DunkelDirector-General of the World Trade Organization for over 12 years. 5 Bilderbergs
Casimir EhrnroothFinnish financier, Bilderberg 1989. One son also a Bilderberger
Theodore EliotUS Ambassador to Afghanistan who attended 15 Bilderberg meetings.
William EsreyTelecom exec who attended 3 Bilderbergs from 1989 to 1992
Colette FleschLuxembourgish politician. 3 Bilderbergs
John GalvinSACEUR, Attended the Bilderberg meetings yearly from 1988 to 1993.
Raul GardiniERTI scandal ridden Italian businessman who "died by a dubious suicide"
Michaela GeigerGerman politician who helped introduce discussion on Domestic Developments In Eastern Europe:Policy Implications For The West for the 1989 Bilderberg.
Felipe GonzalezAttended the 1989 Bilderberg in Spain as Prime Minister of Spain
Allan GotliebQuad Bilderberger Canadian diplomat
Maurice GreenbergUS deep state operative
William GriffithHelped introduce discussion on Domestic Developments In Eastern Europe:Policy Implications For The West for the 1989 Bilderberg
Bengt GustafssonBilderberg Steering Committee, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces
Victor HalberstadtA professor of economics, with a minimal Wikipedia page, who has attended all Bilderberg meetings since 1975.
François HeisbourgPromoter of the "war on terror". He wrote a working paper for the 1989 Bilderberg.
Jaakko IloniemiBilderberg Steering committee, Finnish Ambassador to the US
Peter JankowitschOne of the closest collaborators of Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, ex-Bilderberg Steering committee
Vernon JordanClose friend of Bill Clinton. A member of the Bilderberg Steering committee who attended 34 Bilderberg meetings.
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Julio AbreuOrganizer of the 1989 Bilderberg, also a witness of the 1988 Bilderberg
Saskia ten AsbroekBilderberg Executive Secretary
Charles MullerBilderberg manager, Ditchley/US, deep state functionary?
Grant WinthropRegular Bilderberg rapporteur