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(Deep state functionary, spook)
Mabel van oranje.png
BornMabel Martine Los
Pijnacker, South Holland, Netherlands
Alma materUniversity of Amsterdam
SpousePrince Friso
Member ofEuropean Council on Foreign Relations, Netherlands/Deep state, Sigrid Rausing Trust, WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/2003, WEF/Young Global Leaders/2005
Abnormal influential spook. Helped destroying Yugoslavia. Lover of Drug Kingpin and friend of the royals Klaas Bruinsma. Burned publicly by an AIVD-agent.

Employment.png Director of EU affairs

In office
1997 - 2001
EmployerOpen Society Institute
Her first official link with George Soros

Employment.png International Advocacy Director London Division

In office
2002 - 2008
EmployerOpen Society Institute
"Coordinated all international OSI advocacy activities aimed at international policy change"

Mabel van Oranje (aka Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau and Mabel Wisse Smit) is a Dutch deep state fixer.

Starting her adult life with a relationship with drug lord Klaas Bruinsma, she moved on to become prominent in the Western efforts during the wars in Yugoslavia, for then to become a leader in the networks created by billionaire George Soros, like the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Open Society Foundations. She then married Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau, thus becoming sister-in-law of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Friso died in a 2013 skiing accident. An unusual alliance of AIVD-agents, journalists and Wikipedia-admins have hinted she has in fact hidden a far more secretive role - being an intelligence asset.


Mabel was born Mabel Martine Los. When she was 9, her mother remarried, to Rabobank executive Peter Wisse Smit, and Mabel and her sister took their stepfather's surname.

She studied economics and political science at the University of Amsterdam, graduating summa cum laude in 1993. During her studies she also completed internships at the United Nations, Shell, ABN AMRO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition to Dutch, she speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

War and regime Change in Yugoslavia

In 1994, she was co-founder of the secretive European Action Council for Peace in the Balkans, with Margaret Thatcher, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Simon Wiesenthal and others. It is unclear what the EACPB actually did. It also unclear who paid it, and what Mabel lived from in the years between internship and first permanent job.

The EACPB was founded in 1994, when Mabel had a relationship with the Bosnian representative at the UN, Mohammed Sacirbey, which, according to Sacirbey himself, lasted until 1998. From this EACPB, Mabel Wisse Smit and Willemijn Verloop in 1995 founded War Child Netherlands, a Dutch branch of the British NGO War Child, which served a political cause - to create public support for Bosnian independence and Western intervention in the war.[citation needed] In 1995 she was present at the peace conference in Dayton, Ohio.

The EACPB retained control over the new organization: Verloop was employed as 'Program Director' at the EACPB, arranged the organization of war Child, and was also a board member. Mabel Wisse Smit remained on the board of War Child for four years, until 1999, while she also worked at the EACPB. The two organizations shared an office at three consecutive addresses.[1]

Like Mabel, the Amsterdam lawyer Phon van den Biesen was on the board of both the EACPB and War Child. Van den Biesen was not an independent figure either: he was even a lawyer for the state of Bosnia. He and Mohammed Sacirbey spoke to the International Court of Justice when Bosnia charged Yugoslavia with genocide.

After the war in Bosnia - from 1996 - attention turned to Serbia itself, and then still Serbian Kosovo. Much of the old Bosnia lobby simply continued the campaign, now with the Kosovars replacing Bosnian Moslems as worthy victims. Western intervention was again the goal, but also the overthrow of Milosevic and the liberalization of Serbia. Both the Dutch government and the her new employer the Open Society Foundations were heavily involved in assisting the US regime change effort in Serbia.

In 1997, she was appointed director of EU affairs of the Open Society Institute in Brussels, one of the foundations of Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. From 2002 to 2008, Princess Mabel worked in the London branch of the Open Society Institute where she was the International Advocacy Director, to help coordinate all international OSI advocacy activities aimed at international policy change.[2]

Spooky Princess

Former BVD employee Frits Hoekstra claimed[3][4] that Mabel was an agent for Dutch intelligence service BVD. He gave several reasons:

  • Mabel studied political science in Amsterdam and did a few internships during her studies, including at the UN and at ... Foreign Affairs. These two internships required an extensive security investigation. Additionally she was also an intern at Shell and ABN AMRO.
  • When she was an intern at the UN, she developed a relationship with Mohammed Sacirbey, Bosnian Ambassador to the UN and then Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1995. Sacirbey played an important role in the creation of the Dayton Agreement. Mabel was "with her nose on top of those negotiations." Naturally, the BVD wanted to know all about this - after all, we were militarily involved in that war."
  • When the fall of Srebrenica was investigated, officials (including spokesman Henk van der Zwan, head of political affairs at the ministry and secretary to the Royal House) stated that Mabel exerted influence on Dutch Balkan policy, as stated in the report. "Her influence could only have been done through the service," Frits writes. Note that she publicly denounced Serbia as a state and called them chairing the Council of Europe "not good for the democratic process" during the war of Yugoslavia.
  • Thus it could happened that Mabel, 'had knowledge of the content of the AIVD report on her' earlier than Jan Peter Balkenende Frits Hoekstra also writes: 'Normally it takes weeks, if not months, before the security service can issue a report. Now it was already there after a week! '

The Dutch Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies better known as NIOD revealed in their investigation that Smit and Sacirbey were in fact confirmed by civil servants to be the only two persons outside the Dutch diplomatic circuit that actively influenced the Dutch position on Yugoslavian matters.[5] Sacirbey were later indicted in Bosnia for embezzlement of $2.4 million,[6] but US authorities refused Bosnian requests to extradite him.[7]

She is also rumoured to have had a relationship with future Serbian PM Zoran Đinđić [8], who was assassinated in 2003.

Other Organizations

In 2005, the World Economic Forum picked her as a Young Global Leader. Since then, she is a member of the worldwide Forum of Young Global Leaders, a think tank and lobby group that aims to tackle global issues. She is one of the founding members of the European think tank European Council on Foreign Relations, also a Soros creation.

Van Oranje is an advisor to several formally non-profit organizations (but which the state has interests in, for propaganda purposes etc.), including the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, the Malala Fund and Crisis Action.

From July 2008 till May 2012 she was the first Chief Executive Officer of The Elders, a group of eminent elder statesmen, where she oversaw the day-to-day operations.

Drug Lord

Upon hearing rumours citing her being seen with the leading Dutch drug lords of the 1980s and 1990s, Mabel at first denied she had any contacts with criminals.[9] The rumours almost disappeared in the memory hole until investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries interviewed[10] Chilean national Charlie da Silva, a high-ranking bodyguard of Klaas Bruinsma - the main drug lord in question - who revealed she lied about how she knew Bruinsma and how close - intense lovers in 1989 and 1990 - they were. Bruinsma was already at that point the leading boss for drug trafficking in Europe.[11]

His story was not supported by a sail-buddy of Bruinsma, the ex-wife and two former bodyguards, but de Vries revealed in his second TV-special that they have been lying or have been influenced by the same mysterious entity that resulted in the lying members of parliament and police investigators that denied the link. Da Silva's story was backed by a book, biopic from a female drug-boss[12] and the author. The woman was placed in a witness protection program. Smit's connection with Bruinsma was also confirmed by a businesswomen in Amsterdam that knew Bruinsma personally. The contrasting image of such a young successful future princess being the centre of attention for drug lords and their parties caused a major scandal in the reputation of the royal palace. This was the catalyst for Dutch parliament not supporting the marriage any more. Soros actually tried to save the marriage by publishing a letter in a major Dutch newspaper supported by Bernard Kouchner & Emma Bonino and 9 others. Former president Wim Kok was revealed to be already aware in 2000 of the superficial sailing-trips with Bruinsma. the AIVD actually responded they still "had no documents regarding Mabel". Beatrix kept supporting Smit.

After announcing the engagement of Prince Friso with Mabel in June 2003, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende wrote in a letter [13]to parliament that Mabel Wisse Smit had given "incomplete and incorrect information" about the duration and extent of her contacts with the known drug lord and that because of this, the government had decided not to seek permission for the marriage from parliament. Mabel Wisse Smit and Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau married in Delft on 24 April 2004. Because he did not ask the Dutch parliament for permission to marry - as per law - Prince Friso ceased being a member of the royal house and forfeited his and his future children's succession rights. Therefore, neither Princess Mabel nor their daughters are members of the royal house.

Mark Rutte

In 2020 a historian for the Dutch CDA-party revealed in a new book that Mabel visited a VVD-party congress "to sway state secretary for Social Affairs Mark Rutte" for unknown purposes during the early 2000s. The telling fact this would be at least 11 years after Klaas Bruinsma would've been assassinated, raising questions such as why Mabel was still hanging around with Bruinsma's drivers? Were all henchmen calling Da Silva's revelations ludicrous all in on a con for continuation of an unknown enterprise? How could the AIVD not found this when reviewing her for her marriage to Friso?

“Mabel had attempted persistently to pocket the chairman of the JOVD, Jan Peter Balkenende's state secretary for social affairs Mark Rutte. Rutte's administrative colleagues at his party were so shocked by her stalk-ish behaviour that they protected their friend and chairman. Mabel appeared with the chauffeur of Klaas Bruinsma completely unannounced and ordered us to bring her to Mark's room. We staunchly denied because she was stoned as a shrimp and a complete mess.”
PG Kroeger [14]

Quote 500

Newspaper AD calls her an "activist disguised as an diplomat". She was a leading investor in Dutch payment company Ayden (something Friso possibly left to her as a connection from Goldman Sachs), and has made $300 million from her shares, putting her in the top 150 of the richest 500 Dutch nationals.[15]

Memory Hole

Prince Friso died in a 2013 skiing accident. The couple has two daughters. [16] Since her marriage, Mabel has used the style of Royal Highness and the courtesy titles of Princess of Orange-Nassau. She was not legally created a princess, but it is customary for wives and widows of members of the royal family to take the titles of their husbands.

The Netherlands Government Information Service confirmed Friso and Smit personally edited their pages on Wikipedia when being questioned by Wikipedia admins following several strange deletions from the English pages. Da Silva and specifically the words "false" information describing her repeatedly lying to the Dutch government and the public were deleted by the couple in 2007. The fact that she has admitted telling Friso in 2000 of her connection to Bruinsma and telling the public in 2006 raises some questions what she wants to hide after lying numerous times. Note that these changes are still not completely reversed. [17]

At the end of the story, some strange questions remain unresolved. Professor Oscar Hammerstein - Da Silva's lawyer - was quoted as saying Da Silva is always fanning the flames, but withdrew that statement remarking "the NRC-journalist that interviewed me made it all up and twist my words" and remarked the basis of da Silva's story was true. Hammerstein - also known among other things for being jailed on suspicion of money laundering in 1994 - was quoted as the most prestigious source to refute the Mabel-Bruinsma link. How the story got published nobody knows. How Da Silva's secretly recorded phone calls regarding his work for Bruinsma got picked up and replaced to the basement of the Amsterdam Police HQ which caused Bruinsma's bodyguards to escape longer sentences also remains a mystery. Due to the death of Friso, Smit's connections, how she exactly fits in this and how she actually met Friso and Bruinsma remains a Dutch third rail topic.

“Most mainstream media are being driven by print runs and ratings and not by unprejudiced critical analysis, truth-finding or simply delivering quality. Image is superseding content. Mass-media in the open society play an essential role for our orientation on the world and are of substantial importance for our view on the truth. (...) What is democracy if the vox populi will not listen to the truth but only wants to listen to sensationalism?”
Mabel van Oranje [18]


Events Participated in

Brussels Forum/2007Belgium
Yearly discreet get-together of huge amount of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA and NATO-close German Marshall Fund.
Brussels Forum/2008Belgium
Yearly discreet get-together of huge amount of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA and NATO-close German Marshall Fund.
Munich Security Conference/20156 February 20158 February 2015Germany
"400 high-ranking decision-makers in international politics, including some 20 heads of state and government as well as more than 60 foreign and defence ministers, met in Munich to discuss current crises and conflicts."
WEF/Annual Meeting/200421 January 200425 January 2004Switzerland2068 billionaires, CEOs and their politicians and "civil society" leaders met under the slogan Partnering for Prosperity and Security. "We have the people who matter," said World Economic Forum Co-Chief Executive Officer José María Figueres.
WEF/Annual Meeting/201225 January 201229 January 2012Switzerland2113 guests in Davos
WEF/Annual Meeting/201323 January 201327 January 2013Switzerland2500 mostly unelected leaders met to discuss "leading through adversity"
WEF/Annual Meeting/201422 January 201425 January 2014Switzerland2604 guests in Davos considered "Reshaping The World"


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