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FounderJeff Bezos
HeadquartersSeattle, Washington, U.S
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OwnersJeff Bezos
Owner ofIMDB, Twitch
Member ofBusiness Roundtable, European Policy Centre
Sponsor ofCenter for American Progress
Membership• Brian T. Olsavsky
• Andrew R. Jassy
• Shelley L. Reynolds
• Jeffrey A. Wilke
• David A. Zapolsky
• Keith Alexander
• Rosalind G. Brewer
• Jamie S. Gorelick
• Daniel P. Hutten
• Judith A. McGrath
• Indra Nooyi
• Jonathan J. Rubinstein
• Thomas O. Ryder
• Patricia Q. Stonesifer
• Wendell P. Weeks
A monopoly/cartel online retailer with deep state connections.

Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company and one of the largest providers of cloud computing services.[1] It was set up by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It experienced a huge surge in profits as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns.


Amazon employs people full time to use social media such as Twitter to talk about how great it is to work there.[2]

In 2018, an internal training video surfaced which claimed to provide Amazon employees with "tools for success when it comes to labour organizing." It states that Amazon is "not anti-union, but not neutral either." It provides explicit "warning signs" for "organizing activity" among employees and encouraged against the use of terms such as "living wage". [3] Motherboard reported in November 2020 that the company hired Pinkerton to spy on warehouse workers and the extensive monitoring of labor unions, environmental activists, and other social movements.[4]


Amazon was criticised for not prioritising the safety of its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its response included a video made by members of its PR team, in which they pretended to be ordinary Amazon employees. This was aired as news by US commercially-controlled media[5].


Amazon has removed some of its pages about The Nameless War, a book by Archibald Maule Ramsay about the influence of the Jewish financiers.[6]

The Holocaust

In March 2017, Amazon banned 9 books about the Holocaust.[7]

Support of Hillary Clinton

Amazon censorship.jpg

Luke Rudkowski tweeted in 2017 that Amazon had deleted all the critical reviews (as measured by the number of stars) of Hillary Clinton's book, What Happened. This lead people to criticise the book but give it 4 or 5 stars.[8]

The Pink Swastika

Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams 1995 book: The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (which had several updated editions over the years),[9] has been banned on Amazon in August 2020.[10] The book is focusing on the heavy homosexual side of the leadership of the Nazi party.

Pricing algorithm

The cover of Gekaufte Journalisten, the English translation of which has been priced on Amazon at around $1000 for a used copy.[11][12]

AI is used to automatically set the prices of books on Amazon,[13][14] which can lead to very high prices if supply is short. This may be an indication of censorship.

Udo Ulfkotte's Gekaufte Journalisten

"The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe."[15] In April 2018, it was selling for around $1000 a copy. In June 2019, the book had 22 Amazon reviews, all 5/5 stars, and was retailing for around $900.[16] Another translation of the book has been released in 2019.[17][18]

Philip Marshall

Full article: Philip Marshall

Philip Marshall is somewhat exceptional in that he has two Amazon pages: for his first two books,[19] & for the posthumously published Lakefront Airport, which was selling at $1000/copy (around $850 by October 2020).[20][21]

HQ2/National Landing

Dominic Cummings to help Jeff Bezos build an international moon base?[22]

After a highly publicised publicity campaign throughout 2018 to find a new location to build a second headquarters in the United States, it was reported that Amazon will be developing an HQ2 location in the Crystal City district of Arlington, VA that also encompasses Pentagon City and Potomac Yard in association with developer JBG Smith. Crystal City is located directly south of the Pentagon and includes portions of Pentagon City.

As part of its plan for "National Landing", Amazon has plans to construct several new buildings in Pentagon City and Potomac Yard as well as a pedestrian bridge to the nearby Ronald Reagan International Airport. [23]

In 2017 Amazon revealed plans to help “America return to the moon” after Jeff Bezos announced the firm would deliver supplies to the lunar satellite in 2020.[24]

Amazon Smart Speakers

Amazon's smart speakers (aka Alexa) listen in and records users' conversations or metadata, for then to give it to the US government. Amazon said that “any number of entities” can request the data, but that they prioritize it based on urgency. Lee Whitfield, a forensic analyst, said: “Things like Homeland Security, they're going to take high priority. Other law enforcement requests will come in under that. And then things like divorce cases or civil cases, they have a lower ranking.”[25]

Amazon pages of Books

 Has amazonDescription
America's Secret Establishment
American War Machine 2014 book by Peter Dale Scott.
Coup d'etat in slow motion in-depth analysis of the events and politics surrounding the assassination of Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme.
Dark Alliance
Defamation Factory history of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). It reveals an ugly and unsavory pattern of political intrigue and ideological fanaticism which, over the years, has paved the way for the ADL’s tainted journey to the corridors of power
Defrauding America of The Enterprise by Rodney Stich
Escape From Evil
European Union - the next 50 years
File:The Catholic Orangemen of Togo.pdf
Hidden History 1 1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1528534925&sr=1-1&keywords=Hidden+HistoryA seminal work of historical revisionism. It is a meticulously researched tour de force on the hidden and suppressed history of the origins of World War I. The book will be very uncomfortable reading for anyone schooled in the Western Establishment Victor's history of the 20th century.
Hoodwinked Economic Hit Man John Perkin shows how we've been hoodwinked by the CEOs who run the corporatocracy - those few corporations that control the vast amounts of capital, land, and resources around the globe - and the politicians they manipulate.
JFK and The Unspeakable
Legendary Sin Cities series about Paris, Berlin and Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s.
Nineteen Eighty-Four critically acclaimed and some have said all too prophetic warning about totalitarian government.
October 1980
Op JB compelling first-person narrative account of how a young spook played a key role in "Operation James Bond" - which allowed Martin Bormann to escape from Berlin at the end of WWII.
Popular Mechanics
Rogue Agents
Routledge Handbook of Conspiracy Theories
TRANCE formation of America 1 1?keywords=TRANCE+formation+of+America&s=books&sr=1-1An account of a victim and survivor of the CIA's MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation
The Anglo-American Establishment book br Carroll Quigley which helped expose the UK the US Deep states.
The Denial Of Death
The Killing$ Of Tony Blair crowdfunded film about the war criminal, Tony Blair.
The Mountbatten Report prequel to Op JB. Difficulties in publication meant that it was published posthumously, and two competing versions exist.
The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
The Spike spy thriller by twospooks.
Tragedy and Hope 1966 expose of US deep state history by Carroll Quigley
Underground History of American Education "superhuman effort of scholarship" from a master in the field, Gatto's book exposes both the history and the contemporary social function of mass compulsion schooling.

Amazon pages of Authors

 Has amazonDescription
David Aaronovitch deep state propagandist on topics from the Bilderberg group to the UK COVID-19 Lockdown. Denied being connected to the Integrity Initiative although leaked documents included his name.
Ziad Abdelnour neoconservative financier who was disciplined by the SEC.
Mordechai Abir
Marina Abramović performance artist who invited John and Tony Podesta to her "spirit cooking"
Bella Abzug[


rh=n:283155,k:Bella Abzug]
US Congresswoman who campaigned to expose the US deep state
Mike Adams "HealthRanger", owns and runs Natural News
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed academic with extensive knowledge of deep politics and the use of false flag terror, featured frequently on Unwelcome Guests.
John Ainsworth-Davis of a first person account of an alternative history in which Martin Bormann was rescued in a secret operation mounted by British Naval Intelligence.
George Akerlof economist married to Janet Yellen. Was given the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.
Mustafa Akyol Bilderberg Turkish journalist and author
Michel Albert economist, 1969 Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission Member
Garrick Alder
Alberto Alesina economist who attended the 2018 Bilderberg and "strongly agreed" with the Bilderbergers' COVID Lockdown policy.
Tariq Ali
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown establishment Muslim journalist.
Rupert Allason of books and articles on the subject of espionage. Attended Le Cercle.
Diane Allen of the first women in the Sandhurst, an Institute for Statecraft senior spook with DV (developed vetting)
Rüdiger Altmannüdiger-Altmann/e/B001K1N48S/German intellectual
Glenn Altschuler
Leo Amery 27:Leopold+Stennett+Amery&s=relevancerank&text=Leopold+Stennett+Amery&ref=dp byline sr book 1UK historian and deep state actor, chief lieutenant of Alfred Milner
Hooshang Amirahmadi American spook who attended Le Cercle.
Christopher Andrew historian of MI5
Kevin Annett sb noss?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Kevin+AnnettWhen he reported that the church of which he was a minister had been involved in genocide, Rev. Kevin Annett was told to shut up. He didn't. He researched the topic and wrote books and made a movie about it. His Wikipedia page has been deleted at least 4 times as "non-notable" because he has been blacklisted with dynamic silence by corporate media. He continues to expose institutional corruption and child abuse.
Safia Aoude byline sr ebooks 1?ie=UTF8&text=Safia+Aoude&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Safia+Aoude&sort=relevancerank
Jeffrey Archer, politician and apparently also failed armchair revolutionary.
William Arkin journalist close to the Pentagon
Martin Armstrong forecaster who was held in jail for 11 years, most of the time for contempt of court, after being relieved of the initial charges.
Leon Aron sb noss?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Leon+AronDirector of Russian studies at the American Enterprise Institute, BBG
Raymond Aron sociologist who attended 3 Bilderbergs from 1957 to 1966
Sonia Arrison futurist author and opponent of any paper evidence in electronic voting. Attended the 2010 Bilderberg
Timothy Garton Ash historian, Ditchley Governor with other connections. Presented a paper to the 1989 Bilderberg. Subsequently attended two more, over a span of 30 years.
Jacques Attali[


French deep politician and academic. "The real bourgeoisie running the world is about 1,000 people. They are running capitalism." Attended the 1975 Bilderberg, Le siecle
Gilad Atzmon ntt srch lnk 1?qid=1491351477&sr=8-1Jazz saxophonist, novelist, political activist and writer - mainly on the subjects of Israel and Judaic power
Crispin Aubrey defendant in the 1978 ABC Trial
Dylan Avery"Dylan+Avery"&i=instant-video&rh=n:3010085031&ref=atv_dp_pd_dir"Dylan+Avery"&i=instant-video&rh=n:3010085031&ref=atv dp pd dirUS filmmaker who made Loose Change
Uri Avnery ntt srch lnk 2?qid=1491351625&sr=8-2
Barrie Axford
Lloyd Axworthy the 1996 Bilderberg as Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dušan Babac byline sr ebooks 2?ie=UTF8&text=Dusan+Babac&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Dusan+Babac&sort=relevancerankOrganised parts of Le Cercle meeting in Serbia in June 2004
Andrew Bacevich historian and officer who was "a persistent, vocal critic of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, calling the conflict a catastrophic failure."
James Bacque historian who exposed allied war crimes at the end of WW2.
William Bader byline sr book 1?ie=UTF8&text=William+B.+Bader&search-alias=books&field-author=William+B.+Bader&sort=relevancerankUS spook who in 1967 brought to Congressional attention that the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" was a fraud perpetrated by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara as a casus belli for the Vietnam War
James Bamford foremost journalist publishing about the NSA.
Michael Barkun professor who denies that MKUltra was carried out on children.
Élie BarnaviËL-ELIE-BARNAVIE/dp/2081347520Israeli historian who attended the 2004 Bilderberg
Harry Elmer Barnes tc 2 0?qid=1499122125&sr=1-2-entUS historian
Emma Barnett
Neil Barnett
Michael Barone journalist who attended the 2007 Bilderberg
Gordon Barrass
... further results


Related Quotations

Platformization“The much loved upstart that gains network effects by managing incentives across the ecosystem loses its benevolent streak as its power increases. This may take many different forms. Amazon, for example, often uses its platform’s data to determine which product lines to get into; eventually it outperforms the merchants who were doing well with those products. Twitter, likewise, has repeatedly changed policies to work against the ecosystem. A recent example saw Twitter pushing live streaming service Meerkat off the platform after acquiring its competitor, Periscope.”Sangeet Paul Choudary8 May 2017
Platformization“So one of the things that these five companies have done kind of masterfully is create these platforms that startups have to use to get to customers. So they all own these cloud-storage services. So Amazon is an example. If you want to store your media online - so, for example, all the movies that you watch on Netflix are actually stored on Amazon servers - so every time you use Netflix, Netflix is kind of paying Amazon for that kind of storage.

Yeah. It's surprising, first of all, because they're such different companies. You wouldn't really know - you wouldn't really think that they would have that kind of connection. And then they're also competitors. Netflix makes original TV shows and so does Amazon. And so, you know, in this way, Netflix has this dependence on one of its competitors. There are lots of different examples of this though.

There - you know, all app makers have to put their apps in the Apple app store or the Google app store. And when they sell in those apps, 30 percent of that money goes to Apple or Google. They all have to advertise on Facebook or Google to get customers because that's become the way to advertise on digital platforms. And so any new app - Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, all the other sort of smaller companies online - have to go through these five to get to their customers. And what ends up happening is that other companies succeed, but always these five benefit off of that success.”
Farhad Manjoo26 October 2017


Employee on Wikispooks

Jay CarneySenior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs.2 March 2015Former White House Press Secretary


Known members

3 of the 15 of the members already have pages here:

Keith B. AlexanderChief of the NSA, now infamous for his mendacious denials regarding the illegal mass surveillance of US citizens.
Jamie Gorelick
Patty StonesiferBill Gates crony


Documents sourced from Amazon

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:The Shadow FactoryBookCIA
The Pentagon
National Security Agency
2008James BamfordThe workings and scope of the US Military-Intelligence complex focussing particularly on the NSA.
File:Report from Iron Mountain.pdfbookWar
1967Leonard LewinA precient analysis of why war is considered necessary by the power-brokers of the western world
File:Spycatcher.pdfebookMI5Peter WrightMemoirs of former senior MI5 officer Peter Wright.
File:The Holocaust Industry.pdfbook"The Holocaust"20 July 2000Norman FinkelsteinDevastating criticism of the way in which Jewish organisations use their Official Narrative of "The Holocaust" to extort money from its alleged perpetrators and those considered to have been insufficiently attentive to preventing it.
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