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Formation5 February 1989

Sky News

“A study by Declassified, covering 203 articles written by Deborah Haynes, Alistair Bunkall and Dominic Waghorn, has found that Sky routinely amplifies the views of the UK government in its military and foreign policies and provides almost no serious attempts to independently scrutinise or criticise them... Two of the reporters, Haynes and Bunkall, offered no serious critical coverage of UK military or foreign policies or the human rights abuses committed, by offered no serious critical coverage of UK military or foreign policies or the human rights abuses committed by Britain’s close allies, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel, which all receive substantial UK military and other support. Waghorn’s articles offered only very occasional critical coverage. In Sky’s written outputs, British government officials and their claims are routinely quoted favourably, with little or no independent commentary, context, or qualifications provided by the journalists.”
Mark Curtis (1 February 2021)  [1]


An example

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Sky News AustraliaAustralian branch of Sky News. Faces censorship for non-mainstream opinions.


A document sourced from Sky

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Pro-Kremlin trolls infiltrating comments on news sites for major influence operation, research saysArticleRussiagate
US/2016 Presidential election
Cardiff University
Dominic Raab
The Times
Daily Mail
Fox News
Vladimir Putin
Social media
Daily Express
The Washington Post
Le Figaro
Der Spiegel
La Stampa
2014 Ukraine coup
Official narrative
6 September 2021Deborah HaynesA study at Cardiff University shows that "Pro-Kremlin trolls" are influencing opinion in the West by infiltrating the comments sections of news websites. Dissent from the Official Narrative? Must be Russian disinformation.


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