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FormationJune 1988
InterestsEuropean monetary union
Membership• Frans Andriessen
• Miguel Boyer
• Demetrius Chalikias
• Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
• Maurice Doyle
• Willem Duisenberg
• Jean Godeaux
• Erik Hoffmeyer
• Pierre Jaans
• Alexandre Lamfalussy
• Jacques de Larosière
• Robert Leigh-Pemberton
• Karl Otto Pöhl
• Mariano Rubio
• José Tavares Moreira
• Niels Thygesen
Bilderberg dominated committee to set up the Euro

Not to be confused with the Delors commission

The Delors committee was a Bilderberg-run project to advance the creation of European monetary union.


The report of the 1989 Bilderberg records that “The Delors Committee took on the responsibility of studying and proposing concrete steps toward the objective of a progressive realization of monetary union of the member states of the E.C. Such a union is desirable because it will enable us to take advantage of all the potential of the single market, to deal with uncertainties of rates of exchange, and to reduce costs. The Delors Committee did not set out to do an academic study but to respond to the very precise terms of reference of the Council of Ministers. The definition of monetary union chosen by the committee was the definition of the Werner Report of 1970, which said that monetary union was characterized by the total convertibility of the currencies, by free movement of capital, and by certain exchange rates that are irreversibly fixed.” [1]

Bilderberg members

Most of the members of the commission were Bilderbergers:


Known members

11 of the 16 of the members already have pages here:

Carlo CiampiBilderberg central banker president of Italy
Wim DuisenbergPresident of the European Central Bank, 7 Bilderbergs
Jean GodeauxBelgian delegation to the IMF, then Banque Lambert and Governor of the National Bank of Belgium
Erik HoffmeyerDanish academic and central bank governor for 29 years who attended the 1982 Bilderberg
Pierre JaansFinancial regulator who dealt with BCCI
Alexandre LamfalussyBIS manager, First President of the European Monetary Institute, 4 Bilderbergs
Jacques de LarosièreFrench former central banker and public official. Managing Director of the IMF and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Group of Thirty. Attended the 1982 Bilderberg meeting.
Karl Otto Pöhl
Mariano RubioGovernor of the Bank of Spain. Attended Bilderberg/1986. Delors committee. Jailed for fraud in 1996.
Miguel Boyer Salvador
Niels ThygesenDanish academic, member of the Delors committee who attended the 1988 Bilderberg when he was member of the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission.
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