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(Immunologist, deep state actor, Pharma lobbyist)
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BornAnthony Stephen Fauci
December 24, 1940
Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.
Member ofGlobal Preparedness Monitoring Board, White House Coronavirus Task Force
Interests • AIDS
• Virus
• COVID-19
• Pandemic/Preparation
One of the lead members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force addressing the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Dr Anthony Fauci is a US physician, immunologist and US Deep state actor. For over 35 years, he has headed the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. F. William Engdahl termed him "part of the Gates Foundation cabal" and noted that in "2012 Fauci was named one of the five Leadership Council of the Gates Foundation-created Global Vaccine Action Plan".[1] In 2020 he was made a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.


Fauci attended two Jesuit schools (Regis High School / College of the Holy Cross) before getting his Doctor of Medicine from Cornell University.


In 2003, the Institute for Scientific Information stated that from 1983 to 2002, "Fauci was the 13th most-cited scientist among the 2.5 to 3 million authors in all disciplines throughout the world who published articles in scientific journals".[2]

COVID-19 task force

Fauci is a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force established in late January 2020 to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and a "de facto" public health spokesperson for the office of the President.[3]

"Not a major threat to the people of the United States"

Fauci in an interview with Newsmax on 21 January stated that the coronavirus was "not a major threat to the people of the United States".[4] About 80 percent of individuals who get infected spontaneously recover, he told the Senate Subcommittee on Health on May, 2. [5]

"For a while, life is not going to be the way it used to be in the United States"

COVID Mortality ten times worse says Fauci.png

By mid-March, however, Fauci was aggressively promoting the US Covid Lockdown,[6][7] following the global COVID lockdown pattern.

Opposition to some drugs

In early April 2020 Fauci opposed the use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine as a provisional treatment for COVID-19 for severely sick patients[8] although the drugs showed promising results.[9] By contrast in 2013 he had favoured use of promising drugs in emergency rooms even when not backed by clinical studies.[10]

Support for remdesivir

In late April 2020 Fauci spoke about remdesivir, a drug by Gilead Sciences, a company with whom he had dealings that F. William Engdahl termed "nefarious".[11] The drug had been given to a US COVID-19 patient in January 2020 and manufacturing started in China on February 12, although no study had confirmed its effectiveness.[12]. Citing a non-peer reviewed study[13] Fauci stated that "data shows that remdesivir has a clear-cut, significant, positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery".[14]

Mandatory vaccination

By April, Fauci was openly backing the COVID vaccine agenda:

“I feel confident that over a period of time we will get a good vaccine, that we will never have to get back to where we are right now.”
Anthony Fauci (8 April 2020)  [15]

The “new normal”...

On 16th April 2020, Fauci referenced 2019 as the pre-coronavirus era and stated that the "new normal" would be different:

“No matter what phase you're in there are certain fundamental things that we've done that are not like it was in September or October [2019], you want to call it the "new normal," you can call it whatever you want.”
Anthony Fauci (16 April 2020)  [16]


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