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"Misinformation" website based in Great Britain.

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"Our aim is to bring you, honest, trustworthy and reliable journalism. We do it for you, and you alone."
Founder: Jonathan Allen-Walker

In its own words:
"The Daily Expose was set up due to a lack of alternatives to the lying mainstream media, and alternatives which report only the facts. Other alternative media sites are happy to publish articles backed up with zero or questionable evidence. Whereas the mainstream media simply refuse to publish the truth or publish half-truths, spun in a way to suit the narrative of the very authorities which are funding them through advertising fees for publishing propaganda."
Constitutes: Alternative media

Main focus: COVID-19/Resistance, Great Reset

Daily Expose was banned from Twitter.


In July 2021, Logically, a misinformation fact checker website investigated the website. The man behind the site is Jonathan Allen-Walker of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. They stand accused of promoting COVID-denialist, anti-vaxxer, and Great Reset myths.[1]

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