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ExposedSexual blackmail

Henry W. Vinson, at the age of 26, owned and operated a gay escort service in Washington DC (the largest in the area at one point).[1][2][3] It serviced "many US senators, state senators and congressmen".[4]

His book: Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail, with Nick Bryant (Trineday 2015).[5]


“A prospective client called me from the Omni Hotel on Wisconsin Avenue. He requested an 18-year old with minimum body hair and a slender swimmer's physique. I found his request to be disconcerting for a number of reasons. First, he essentially sounded like he desired an underage boy, and second, none of the escorts working that night remotely corresponded to his desires, expect me....Congressman Barney Frank opened the door - he had given me a pseudonym over the phone.”
Henry Vinson (2015)  [6]

“I felt a potential risk to my life was CIA Director William Casey's patronage of my escort service. The Washington Times reported that Casey attended parties at Spence's house, and that Casey and Spence were "friends", but its reporters weren't aware that their friendship had a common denominator that entailed procuring gay escorts from me. William Casey started to phone me for gay escorts in 1986. Like Barney Frank, his preferred escort was an eighteen-year-old with minimal body hair and a slender swimmer's physique. Although he requested that I supply him with underage escorts, I told him that I wouldn't acquiesce to that request.”
Henry Vinson (2015)  [7]


“I've also found it rather interesting that some of the individuals who played an instrumental role in either ensuring or abetting my silence have experienced remarkable upward mobility. For example, Jay Stephens, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, whose office oversaw the corrupt grand jury that walloped me with a potential sentence of 295 years, was appointed United States Associate Attorney General by President George W. Bush in 2001. But Associate Attorney General proved to be a two-year pit stop for Stephens, because in 2002 he became vice president of Raytheon Corporation..
[My defence attorney] Greta Van Susteren has experienced a sharp upward trajectory since I was initially imprisoned. Shortly after, Van Susteren started co-hosting CNN's Burden of Proof..Greta made her vaunted leap to FOX in 2002, where she's been transformed into a media superstar...”

Henry Vinson (2015)  [8]


Quotes by Henry Vinson

Agent Orange“Dr. Vernon Houk quickly comes to mind when I think of a patron of my escort service who may have fallen prey to blackmail. Houk was Director of the Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control, and also as the Assistant Surgeon General under both presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Although Houk lived in Atlanta...he was fond of holing up D.C. hotels with multiple bottles of booze and several escorts over the course of a weekend, and [likely CIA operative] Tony was also fully cognizant of the eminent doctor's bacchanal laced sprees.
In the 1980s, Congress tasked Houk with overseeing a study on the toxic effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans, who had been subjected to the carcinogenic chemical en masse. Houk, however, declared that the soldiers' records made it impossible to discern the extent of Vietnam veterans who were subjected to Agent Orange, and he put the kibosh on the study. But a former chief of Naval Operations, who was the Navy's top commander in Vietnam, told a House subcommittee that Houk "made it his mission to manipulate and prevent the true facts from being determined" in his quest to cover up the true carnage spawned by Agent Orange. If Houk had proceeded with the Agent Orange study, the Pentagon undoubtedly would've been liable for astronomical, class action lawsuits.”
2015Henry Vinson, Confessions of a DC Madam, page 201-202
William Barr“As I sat down, Spence seated himself on the chocolate sofa next to a man in his late fifties, who had balding black hair and brown, round-framed glasses. He wore a blue, pinstripe suit, white shirt and a red tie. A miniature U.S. flag was pinned on his lapel. Spence introduced the man to me by name and also disclosed his title. He was in the administration of George H.W. Bush. I feel that the Bush administration had decided to pull out a big gun to eradicate any traces of Gregg's affinity for gay escorts, because Gregg had been so instrumental in Iran Contra and because he was en route to becoming the United States Ambassador to South Korea.
Spence had dropped the name name of the cabinet member months earlier, when he revealed that he routinely provided him with adolescent boys.”
2015Henry Vinson, Confessions of a D.C. Madam, page 106-107
Larry Craig“I feel that Larry Craig is an example of a congressman who was possibly compromised. Craig was in Washington D.C. for nearly 30 years...Given Craig's status as a conservative Republican, if word of his shadow life leaked out it would result in political suicide and public disgrace, but his runaway libido compelled him to take mindboggling risks.
I find it nearly impossible to believe Craig's homosexual exploits were unnoticed by the shadowy cadre who were enmeshed with Spence and [likely CIA operative] Tony, because of my belief that they were aware of the patrons who used my escort service. I'm also of the belief that the foremost explanation that can be offered concerning Craig's brazen exploits with regards to homosexuality is that he was compromised, and he was mindful that his brazen exploits would be covered up.”
2015Henry Vinson, Confessions of a DC Madam, page 198
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