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This tower depicted here can't be sued. Why? Because it's legally divine. Our BIS cannot be touched. End of story. Don't ask questions now - signed, central bankers of the world.
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Highly influential and powerful organizations that legally go beyond borders. IGOs have come very close to forming an actual "new world order" in the 2000s.

Intergovernmental organizations or IGOs are official organizations made up by nation states joining them to form, govern and police policies and act as conflict resolvers of those policies as well on all kinds of subjects. Joining such an IGO will cause the IGO to become legal on the nation's soil. IGOs - unlike most NGOs - often have official governmental backing, being formed and controlled by deep politicians and deep state operatives since the 1900s. Some IGOs have even become powerful independent entities, involved or being targeted by deep state milieux.[1][2][3][4]

Official narrative

Wikipedia writes; "Intergovernmental organizations differ in function, membership, and membership criteria. They have various goals and scopes, often outlined in the treaty or charter. Some IGOs developed to fulfill a need for a neutral forum for debate or negotiation to resolve disputes. Others developed to carry out mutual interests with unified aims to preserve peace through conflict resolution and better international relations, promote international cooperation on matters such as environmental protection, to promote human rights, to promote social development (education, health care), to render humanitarian aid, and to economic development. Some are more general in scope (the United Nations) while others may have subject-specific missions (such as Interpol or the International Telecommunication Union and other standards organizations)."[5][6]


Joining such an IGO as a government could benefit a country's economy (such as NAFTA), a country's border security (by joining Interpol), a country's political influence (by joining the EU) or a country's future entirely (NATO). In the case of NATO - who have an official policy to strike any country that strikes one of its members[7], this can force countries to join as many IGOs as possible as they de facto form legal cartels[8][9] or monopolies on policy-making. In the case of Libya - who tried to own a lot of their oil and income separately from OPEC and big oil - joining some of these organizations can create back-up measures to protect it for example from asset seizure, lawsuits or military attacks, protection for example that the mysterious BIS has.[10]

Early Examples

While treaties, alliances, and multilateral conferences had existed for centuries, IGOs only began to be established in the 19th century. Napoleon caused the first to be started in Europe.[11] In the last century, many IGOs had problems fulfilling their officially intended goals, such as how the League of Nations couldn't prevent the most deadly century in the history of life, being remembered as World War 1, World War 2 and the Spanish flu.[12]

"There was no there was no need for the BIS to exist after German reparations, it should have been closed down after the Second World War for its collaboration with the Nazis but it's always reinventing itself and in its latest incarnation is very clever."


Many countries are forced to join IGOs to help develop their country and end up with the need to integrate the policies targeted by most member-states and their deep states. Once a country is a member of such an IGO, leaving it is often punished with severe financial or military consequences. Brexit serves as a complex example of this. In the case that many of your enemies form such an IGO, that itself could become a problem as well as the 2011 Attacks on Libya or Iran's current geopolitical position has shown.


As with the saying that power corrupts, some of these IGOs have gained absolute power in some jurisdictions and therefore sadly instigate or stimulate deep events. The BIS for example received accusations that countries and powerful people owning Argentine companies withheld some of their assets in the BIS. The Swiss High court responded with a very interesting answer that basically this specific bank enjoys the protections of a divine nation state, not legally part of the Swiss lands but its own not-suable country, with an own separately trained specialized police unit and therefore cannot be sued;

“Well after Argentina went bust in 1991 it offered most of its creditors about thirty-five cents on the dollar. About ninety percent of these people accepted that but some of them didn't and they tried to sue the bank In Switzerland because that's where its headquarters, but the Swiss courts and I think also the Swiss Federal Council have said that the bank is founded by an international treaty. It is inviolable: it cannot be sued.”
 (2018)  [13]


Many countries join IGOs purely to maintain their position in the geopolitical sphere. Many countries, acknowledge[14] the power of some IGOs and try to maintain a status-quo in voting in such IGOs or try to stifle the IGOs power by vetoing decision-making. The UN/Security Council has been stalemated for decades because of this mindset[15]. This mentality also creates and maintains a need for deep politicians to create clandestine deep state milieux, resulting in - among other things - a vicious circle of even more covert operation, NGOs and new IGOs[16].

Deep State

IGOs their legal basis gives them such influential power that they often become the target of power grabs of various deep states or black projects. The European judiciary capital of The Hague and their organizations such as the ICC are good examples. Although several countries seating in NATO have been attacked after its creation, only once have NATO officially responded; after the... spectacular events of 9-11[17], seemingly hinting purely legal reasoning may not be the vital part in deciding IGOs policies.


Some NGOs also support or get "coerced" to follow IGOs official narratives. Oxfam - originally set-up to help African and Asian countries fighting poverty - has been the target of several accusations by UN panels in the 2000s and 2010s including a paedophile sex ring among its "side-activities[18][19], being branded antisemitic in 2020 by the US and the UK after increasingly supporting Palestine and being branded hypocrites by OECD.



While some IGOs are being targeted by or have become controlled by the SDS, some do succeed in forming decent independent entities for peace. Interpol was specifically noted in 2018 by Institute for Statecraft spook Euan Grant, in the middle of a list of groups to which he could not offer workshops or "completed packages".[20]


Commercially-controlled media noticed China and North Korea had the unique advantage of "assassinating[21] or eliminating" all US spooks working there, seemingly paving the way for a new Cold War 2.0.[22]



Page nameDescription
APECEconomic forum made up of the 21 countries in the Pacific Rim,
ASEANEconomic union in Southeast Asia.
African Union
Arab LeaguePan-Arab organisation.
BISThe central bankers' central bank - nothing to see here.
Commonwealth of NationsOrganisation, mostly consisting of former British Empire nations.
Council of EuropeIGO. Cannot make laws, but makes treaties. Accused of institutional (revolving door) corruption. Appears to bribe European & transcontinental countries.
Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence UnitsInternational organization that facilitates cooperation and intelligence sharing between national financial intelligence units
EurocontrolThe central organisation for coordination and planning of air traffic control for all of Europe
European Court of Human Rights
European Defence Unionthe defence arm of the European Union
European Investment Bank
European Parliament
European UnionAn international superstructure that has evolved since WW2.
FIFAThe organising body of the largest world sport since the 1990s. It has attracted exorbitant amounts of corruption.
Global Counter Terrorism ForumA club that was started just at the start of the Arab Spring. Calls itself "Informal, apolitical, multilateral." Interestingly, Saudi Arabia, the US & Colombia are members Iran and Israel aren't.
International Commission on Missing PersonsIGO tasked with remembering, storing, and gathering remains of murdered and disappeared victims. It enjoys a lack of recognition in the world but has an abnormal big interest in the Srebrenica massacre.
International Criminal CourtAn international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war crimes. Neither "international nor a legitimate court, but is most certainly criminal."
International Energy AgencyAn organization that was formed after the 1973 oil crisis. The IEA was initially dedicated to never let that happen again, as well as organizing the oil market and making sure big oil stays ahead of other energy sources.
InterpolInternational police group. Several of the presidents of Interpol have been exposed as part of large corruption affairs, or engaged in torture.
Jewish Defence LeagueAn extremist right wing Jewish organisation that advocates the use of violence in pursuit of its aims "where necessary"
La FrancophonieThe French Commonwealth of Nations
League of Nations
NATOThe world's largest military alliance. "Take five broken empires, add the sixth one later, and make one big neo-colonial empire out of it all."
New Development BankA multilateral development bank operated by the BRICS states as an alternative to the IMF and EIB<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
OECDDedicate itself to help "democracy" and a "good world economy". Originally started to fund Western Europe in the cold war.
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsAn UN-affiliated IGO aiming to eliminate chemical weapons. Often targeted by secret services. Noted to "often alter facts in armed conflicts for unknown reasons without legal obligation" in intern documents.
Pacific CommunityInternational development organisation owned and governed by its 26 country and territory members in the Pacific Ocean.
Specialized agency of the United Nations
UNThe successor of the League of Nations, the UN was founded after World War 2 - purposely or not - couldn't be prevented by the LoN. Although the IGO officially claims to aim for Peace, in particular the UN Security Council often rules against intervention often resulting in more casualties in controversial and prolonged conflicts.
UN WatchAn IGO tasked with monitoring the work of the UN. "Everybody's watching anybody watching nobody".
UN/SCThe military arm of the UN. It is able to change rules in the UN Charter, and is able as only UN entity to send or deploy the military of the UN and its permanent members to countries. It hasn't proved to be very consistent and is often in a stalemate because of veto powers and deep lobbying.
UNRWAUN IGO for Palestinians.
United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process
World Bank
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