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(Activist, Covid-19 dissenter)
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Interests • Food
• Food shortages
• Food security
• Agenda 2030
• New World Order
Activist from the UK.

Gurcharan Singh is an activist living in the UK.

Food shortages

In a short interview with Kate Shemirani at the Freedom Rally (Anti Lockdown Protest) on June, 26th (2021) in London he said:

“...the reality of food shortages, what is being set up in Europe, is the same what they done in Africa and the same what they done in Asia. The situation is that (they are) deliberately destroying food in transportation and warehouses. The situation is, the food is ready, they have (taken) from the farmers, it's rotting in the warehouses and in the trucks. And the cover story they are selling the world is, that there is shortage of drivers, and secondly for the [unintelligible]. That is complete bullshit. The idea is simple, they want to starve you to death. And I want to make this clear to everybody, if you let them lock you down again, they gonna use the same propaganda they used in Africa and the same they used in Asia, they rot and destroy all the food crops. [...] my family farms in both Italy and Spain, so this is a first hand experience, they bought the vegetables from our farm and we know it for a fact that they are rotting in the warehouse and in the trucks...”
Gurcharan Singh (26 June 2021)  [1]