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Legal approval of imprisonment without legal process: "A landmark in American history"

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (2012 NDAA) is a landmark piece of legitimisation in the post 9-11 lurch towards totalitarianism. Michel Chossudovsky has written that “New Year’s Eve December 31, 2011 signing of the NDAA will indelibly go down as a landmark in American history. Barack Obama will go down in history as “the president who killed Constitutional democracy” in the United States.” [1]

Challenge by Chris Hedges et al.

Full article: Hedges v. Obama

Chris Hedges challenged the constitutionality of this law, allowing indefinite detention without charge as it does. The legal process worked its way up to the US Supreme Court, who agreed that lacked until Hedges lacked legal standing to challenge it. i.e. Before it was applied to him personally, he had no right to challenge it - a kind of Catch 22 situation, since if it were applied to him, he could be held incommunicado unable to challenge it.

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