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Sponsored byBertelsmann Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy, Norway/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Smith Richardson Foundation
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The Atlantic Council is a powerful, extreme militarist influence network and think-tank, staffed with military, CIA, and their attendant politicians; and CEOs from strategic industries, like oil and media. It has strong connections to NATO, and is central in the military-industrial complex.


Facebook’s Partner: The Atlantic Council (5 Frightening Facts)

The name of the think-tank itself is meant to evoke the North Atlantic Council, the highest political decision-making body of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Atlantic Council is the biggest and most powerful member of the Atlantic Treaty Association (which has similar associates in every NATO-country).

Established in 1961 by former U.S. Secretaries of State Dean Acheson and Christian Herter, the Atlantic Council of the United States was originally conceived as a means to coordinate support for the Cold War-era NATO alliance, with the stated mission to encourage the continuation of cooperation between North America and Europe, (i.e. to control Western Europe).

The Atlantic Council is meant to secure the legitimacy of U.S. policies and neoliberal economics in the eyes of world audiences and academia, for the purpose of advancing studies legitimizing “Euro-Atlantic” interventionism and Western-backed “regime change”; spreading the cultural and ideological values of imperialism; and debunking policies favoring independent development and income redistribution among historically dispossessed and exploited nations and peoples.[1]


In 2018, The Atlantic Council received a donation of $900,000 from the U.S. State Department for a “Peace Process Support Network” program to “promote non-violent conflict resolution” in support of Venezuela’s scattered opposition, with which the council enjoys very close ties. The council also advocates the arming of extremist militants in Syria (a “National Stabilization Force”) and a hard-line policy toward Russia.


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Propaganda tentacles

  • James C. Smith, CEO of the world's biggest news agency, Thomson Reuters, is on the board of Atlantic Council.
  • Rupert Murdoch, owner of large parts of the private press in English-speaking countries, is on the board.
  • In September 2014, The Atlantic Council hired Call of Duty: Black Ops series director Dave Anthony as a nonresident senior fellow, to make sure computer games have the desired pro-NATO angle ('Who are the good guys and bad guys'.) "Call of Duty Ghosts, for instance, you play as a U.S. soldier fighting against a red-beret wearing anti-American Venezuelan dictator, clearly based on President Hugo Chavez, while in Call of Duty 4, you follow the U.S. Army in Iraq"[2], where Russia gets blamed for a US war crime, the 'Highway of Death'".[3] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare featured the White Helmets in a favorable way.[4]


Apart from legitimizing US imperial interest, the Atlantic Council also acts as a lobbying group to NATO, with many donors having strong ties to the oil and weapons industries.

The leading donors in 2020 were:[5]

  • Adrienne Arsht
  • British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Embassy of the United Arab Emirates to the United States
  • Facebook, which announced in May 2018 that it was "partnering" with the Atlantic Council "to combat election-related propaganda and misinformation from proliferating on its service."[6]

Other notable donors are: OCP Foundation, Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc., System Capital Management, United States Department of State, The Wallenberg Foundations, Open Society Foundation,The Victor Pinchuk Foundation, the Pentagon and NATO, Lockheed Martin and other war industries (including the Italian Leonardo), ExxonMobil and other multinationals, the Bank of America, the Rockefeller Foundation and other financial groups.

The complete list of donors is an interesting read.[7]


Related Quotation

Ben Nimmo“Ben Nimmo works for the Atlantic Council, funded inter alia by NATO. He is also on a retainer of £2,500 per month from the Integrity Initiative, in addition to payments for individual pieces of work. For his attack on Scottish Nationalists Nimmo was therefore paid by the Atlantic Council (your taxes through NATO), by the Integrity Initiative (your taxes) and by the Herald (thankfully shortly going bankrupt)... Nimmo’s role as witchfinder-general for Russian Bots appears very remunerative. His August 2016 invoice to The Institute for Statecraft, apparently the 71st invoice he had issued to various neo-con bodies that year, was for £5,000.”Craig Murray
Ben Nimmo
22 December 2018


Event Planned

2018 Brussels DisinfoLabBelgium


Events Sponsored

Bertelsmann Foundation
National Endowment for DemocracyThe "traditional intermediary of the CIA", promoting the US "national interest" by "soft power".
Norway/Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Smith Richardson Foundation


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