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Concept.png "Alt-right" 
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A modern term used in US and western CCM-media to define conservative-aligned parts of the population that have strayed away from supporting the classic liberal and classic conservatism parties in favour of (sometimes) more reactive, violent or anti-governmental ideas and concepts, in a way similar to the positioning of Antifa in the political spectrum.

The alt-right, or alternative right, is a loosely-connected and ill-defined[1] grouping of so-called 'white supremacists', 'neo-Confederates', 'neo-Nazis', 'neo-fascists', and other 'far-right'[2][3][4] fringe 'hate groups'.[5][6]

Official Narrative

Alt-right beliefs have been described as 'isolationist', 'protectionist', antisemitic and 'white supremacist', and frequently said to be overlapping with 'neo-Nazism',[7] identitarianism, nativism and Islamophobia,[8][9] antifeminism, misogyny and homophobia,[10][11] right-wing populism and the neoreactionary movement. Most of these pejorative descriptions are the lingua-franca of nominally left-wing groups (such as the SPLC) utilized by the deep state to reinforce existing power structures.

It is worth noticing that left wing groups that pose a real challenge to power structures has been pejoratively defined in US and western CCM-media for over a century, and that the groups and individuals preoccupied with combating the perceived threat from the alt-right tend to liberal or proponents of identity politics.

The concept has further been associated with several groups such as American nationalists, paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, Christian fundamentalists, neo-monarchists, men's rights advocates, and the 2016 United States presidential election campaign of Donald Trump.[12][13]


ISGP calls “Alt-right” an organized movement by the CIA in a divide and conquer tactic in which the disinformation from suspected deep state agents such as Alex Jones and Richard Spencer helps create a narrative of the group being full of racists supporting official opposition narratives.

“It should be clear that it is with the "Alt Right" where the term "conservative CIA" really comes into its own. As readers will quickly find out by analyzing all the entries here, there's really no point in calling the "Alt Right" the "Alt Right". It should either be called Old Right, or, more accurately, "conservative CIA". Similar to the "liberal CIA" social Democrats and the antifa, it's a completely artificial creation, meant to pervert huge anti-immigration sentiment among the population and prevent any kind of decent, honest research into conspiracies as JFK and 9/11. If you are against further Third World immigration - which easily 70-80% of whites are and 60% of minorities - or open to conspiracy, you are literally forced to take refuge in this pre-created political box and get behind one of the gurus here. Otherwise you and your opinions essentially don't exist.”
Joël van der Reijden (April 7, 2019)  [14]


“We memed alt-right into existence” Interview with Richard Spencer by Vice News.


An example

Page nameDescription
Ben Shapiro"Alt right" media personality that somehow is not censored and instead "shadow-boosted" by social media corporations like Facebook and Twitter.


Related Quotations

Jason Walters“Periodic reminder: apart from extreme-left "woke" identity-politics being outright demonic on its own, a side-effect is that its creates an ideal breeding ground for the exploitation of right-extremism.”Jason Walters
Geert Wilders“Robert J. Shillman is the American sugar daddy who paid Geert Wilders' lawyer in the 'fewer Moroccans' case. Shillman is also one of the backers of Project Veritas, an organization affiliated with the Proud Boys who are increasingly believed to have played a leading role in the violent storming of the Capitol. The Canadian parliament has already called on the government to treat groups such as the Proud Boys as terrorist organizations from now on. The United States appears to be following that lead.”Geert Wilders2021


Event Witnessed

2021 Washington D.C. RiotsOne of the most fortified positions in the US gets violently overrun by a group of Trump Supporters after a demonstration... without a single shot fired by the mob. Official narrative soon blamed Trump and extremists. Official opposition narrative soon blamed the democratic party trying to fraud Joe Biden into the White House. Several other governments were briefed by intelligence services that the incident seemingly "was being allowed" to happen.


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Under Trump, the Israel lobby is a Hydra with many headsArticle30 May 2018Jonathan CookSince Trump took office, the Israel lobby has mobilised four other powerful lobbies: Christian evangelicals, the alt-right, the military-industrial complex and Saudi Arabia
Document:Weekend Clashes Emblematic of Political Violence Around the CountryArticle16 October 2018Anti-Defamation LeagueThis ADL blog post from 2018 outlines instances of "terrorism", blamed mainly on the Proud Boys during first two years of the Presidency of Donald Trump. Since then, they were revealed to have links to FBI informants.


An official example

Maram Susli
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