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Person.png Augusto Pinochet   Powerbase Sourcewatch
(soldier, politician)
Born Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte
Valparaíso, Chile
Died 2006-12-10 (Age 91)
Santiago, Chile
Nationality Chilean
Religion Roman Catholicism
Children • Inés Lucía Pinochet
• María Verónica Pinochet
• Jacqueline Marie Pinochet
• Augusto Osvaldo Pinochet
• Marco Antonio Pinochet

Employment.png President of Chile Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
17 December 1974 - 11 March 1990

Employment.png President of the Government Junta of Chile

In office
11 September 1973 - 11 March 1981

Employment.png Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army

In office
23 August 1973 - 11 March 1998

Employment.png Senator for life of Chile

In office
11 March 1998 - 4 July 2002

Augusto Pinochet was a CIA-backed dictator who seized power in the 1973 Chilean coup d'état. He “was widely supported in ultraright western circles surrounding the CIA and private groups as the WACL, Le Cercle and American Security Council. Recent evidence has shown that Pinochet was involved in large-scale cocaine trafficking to Europe and that by the 1980s this was sanctioned as long a portion of the profits went to the Reagan-backed Contra armies in Nicaragua.”[1]


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