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A highly manipulated topic that has caused many controversies over the years. There is some speculation that the increased nuclear testing since the 1950s coincided with increased UFO activity and a significant number of sightings have been close to nuclear installations.[1][2]


In 2013 RBTH interviewed a person named Vasily Yeremenko, who according to the article, oversaw the KGB division for air force and aircraft manufacturing. This division was "entrusted with the task of collecting all reports of UFO sightings". In the early 80's, an experiment was staged to summon UFO's: "By then, experts had realized that UFOs were frequently sighted in areas of "heightened tension" – for instance, during weapons tests, or when there was a lot of military hardware gathered in one area." The article describes these objects as "luminous spheres", akin to the Foo fighter's of World War 2.[3]

Robertson Panel

Project Bluebook

United States stance in 2020

By 2020 the Department of Defense has reversed its decades old stance after the closure of Project Bluebook to categorically deny/ignore the existence of the phenomenon[citation needed] and acknowledged the authenticity of US/Navy fighter jet videos from 2004 and 2015.[4]


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