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Biggest newspaper of the Netherlands. A (very slightly) toned version of The Sun.

The Telegraaf is a Dutch corporate tabloid-newspaper. It is noticed for the typical Dutch image; Direct to the point of insulting, or "populist" with half the population. The Telegraaf has been consistently the largest Dutch newspaper and has been the target of multiple attacks and sieges on its HQ by different mafia syndicates of Amsterdam. It takes a similar stand to Fox News or The Daily Mail. It is viewed by 1/15% of the Dutch population every day.[1]

World War 2

De Telegraaf was banned after World War II for collaboration with the Nazis, but the ban was lifted in 1949. Owing to its polemic right-wing editorial policy the paper is often accused of campaign journalism in EU diplomatic meetings. It is mainly read by low earners and the middle class. For many years De Telegraaf's circulation figures have been falling faster than those of any other newspaper in The Netherlands.

Burning Spooks

Nelu Iordache' is a businessman who has been "accused of corrupt practices and money laundering by the Telegraaf"[2]. He was photographed on New Year's Eve enjoying a family meal with Petru Pitcovici and Dutch ambassador Stella Ronner-Grubačić.

Launching Spooks

Rian van Rijbroek was introduced in 2018 on Dutch current affairs program Nieuwsuur as a cyber security expert and a hacker working for an intelligence agency and multiple governments[3] while promoting Cybersecurity and Cybercrime - co-authored with former Dutch Secretary for Finance and Minister of Social Affairs Willem Vermeend, who promoted her as "former NSA officer". After allegations of plagiarism and van Rijbroek's widely criticized TV-appearance she disappeared and gained controlling stakes in IT companies that - among other businesses - manage De Nederlandsche Bank. Van Rijbroek enjoyed a massive amount of interviews in De Telegraaf before her Nieuwsuur appearance, presenting her working for 30 years as a professional hacker under numerous covers, one being modeling [4][5]

Van Rijbroek actually doubled-down on those claims even saying she "hacked a Russian cybersecurity company that has its Dutch HQ in Utrecht", which points to Kaspersky, who sued the paper and won as the Dutch court concluded van Rijbroek never named Kaspersky so the paper should not have included the quote as there is no other Russian similar company in Utrecht.[6]


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