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A website operated by Alex Jones. Loved by its fans, disliked by many in powerful positions. Heavily censored by Big Tech.

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Started: 1999
Founder: Alex Jones

Owner: Free Speech Systems LLC
Constitutes: independent media,  gatekeeper? is a website operated by Alex Jones. He also operates, which publishes along similar lines. The website's somewhat bombastic style and strong claims is loved by its fans, and disliked by many in powerful positions, some of the conspiracy community[1] and researchers such as ISGP. It gives extensive coverage to conspiracy theories, and with its success has managed to reach out to many who otherwise would not be aware of deep state activities.

Big Tech censorship

Infowars has had material removed, and has also been suspended and banned from many platforms for "violating their terms of service", including Facebook, Twitter[2], YouTube[3], iTunes, Roku, Pinterest, Mailchimp[4], LinkedIn[5], Spotify, Google Play and PayPal[6].


JVDR believes that "the security services" have control over the Alex Jones show.[7]

Capitol incident

Affiliated personality Owen Shroyer has been charged by the FBI for involvement with the 2021 Washington D.C. Riots. There was a tipoff.[8]


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