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Utrecht, Netherlands
ReligionProtestant Church in the Netherlands
Parents • Claus von Amsberg
• Beatrix Armgard
SpouseMáxima Zorreguieta Cerruti
Member ofLSV Minerva, Netherlands/Deep state, WEF/Young Global Leaders/2005
Dutch royalty. Bilderberg

King Willem-Alexander Ferdinand of the Netherlands became king of the Netherlands in 2013.



Ferdinand's wife wife Maxima is the daughter of a vital coordinator Jorge Zorreguieta in the 1976 Argentine Coup. After the marriage was accepted, parliament and the public wanted her father banned from ever coming here starting with the wedding. Queen Beatrix her secretaries even wrote personal intimidating letters to at least one of these men. When a book was released about this period and coup-head Jorge Videla, Videla wrote a letter to the writers, who forwarded it to the Dutch NRC where he admitted Maxima's father was a coordinator of the coup. Ferdinand remarked that "the interviews in this book have never taken place and the letter proves it!", and also said the letter was from a "trustworthy source" but couldn't name the source, repeating this to the Dutch broadcaster NOS. Videla signed the letter himself. Wim Kok criticised Alex publicly which was highly unusual as the Dutch royal house enjoys sovereign immunity by the constitution and started a secret investigation into Maxima's father with a professor from the University of Amsterdam.

Ferdinand his reputation was so damaged former PM Wim Kok asked old Gladio boss Max van der Stoel to ask Maxima's parents to not come to the wedding and future events.[1]

Drug Lord?

According to known newspaper De Groene[2][3] European drug lord Klaas Bruinsma's money launderer was the judicial advisor for Queen Beatrix, in fact he was explicitly named during his tenure as judge in Amsterdam. Bruinsma's operational lawyer - who was being officially investigated by Dutch and Swiss authorities - is seen on a photo in November 1999 in New York with King Willem-Alexander Ferdinand. They were part of the same marathon-team. Given Bruinsma was alleged to have controlled the state police force of Utrecht, had contacts with NATO and CIA supported Gladio-agents to the point of getting their weapons and was named as child pimp in Amsterdam's business district, not a healthy environment.[4]


Karst Roeland Tates gave only one reason in his sole interrogation, before he died later after the 2009 Queen's Day Attack. According to the officials Tates remarked; "Willem-Alexander was a racist and a fascist".[5]

Deep state

Called a "victim of his environment", a lot of former leftovers of his parents became friend of the king.

“Readers might remember "Rob B." (Rob Boon), who, together with Salomonson, Hammerstein and Abbas was involved in apparent money laundering at Text Lite, Stichting Administratiekantoor Korf and the Femis Bank, largely for the Bruinsma mafia. It was already mentioned that Boon was also targeted by the Justice Department for fraudulent practices at Advideo. A quick look into this last company reveals a whole new cesspit with various claims being made involving famous Dutch media personalities, cocaine parties, sex farms, Dutch intelligence-financed assassinations to protect the royal family, and seemingly a violent child abuse network. The generally very accurate and informed Dutch conspiracy-research Kleintje Muurkrant didn't go into too much detail, because its editors decided that they "would like to last a little longer." As for the Bruinsma mafia itself, first a minor recap. Bruinsma's heirs, after he was assassinated in 1991, was the triumvirate Etienne Urka, John Engelsma, and Charles Geerts. Urka helped save Queen Juliana in 1975 and Engelsma was spotted running the 1999 New York Marathon with then-Crown Prince Willem Alexander. Both were supporters of Mabel Wisse Smit when she ran into trouble due to her history with the Bruinsma mafia. So was Geurt Roos, an important bodyguard of Bruinsma. Charles Geerts has no known ties to the royal family, but is known to have been rather friendly with mafia attorney Bram Moszkowicz.”
JVDH (2014)  [6]

Ferdinand also sits in a secret council called the "Club of The Hague", an advisory council of "The Hague Process on Refugees and immigration" with a lot of Bilderbergers and spooks and alleged child abusers including Étienne Davignon, Peter Sutherland, Ruud Lubbers, Jozias van Aartsen, Jacques Delors, Dutch members of the World Bank, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Joris Demmink and chairman & RAND Europe-member Prince Constantijn.[7]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/200124 May 200127 May 2001Sweden
The 49th Bilderberg, in Sweden. Reported on the WWW.
Bilderberg/20085 June 20088 June 2008US
The 56th Bilderberg, Chantilly, Virginia, 139 guests
Bilderberg/20169 June 201612 June 2016Germany
The 2016 Bilderberg meeting took place in Dresden, Germany.
Bilderberg/20171 June 20174 June 2017US
The 65th Bilderberg Meeting
Bilderberg/201930 May 20192 June 2019Switzerland
The 67th Bilderberg Meeting
Bilderberg/20222 June 20225 June 2022US
Washington DC
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
The 68th Bilderberg Meeting, held in Washington DC, after an unprecedented two year hiatus during which a lot of the Bilderberg regulars were busy managing COVID-19


Events Witnessed

Bilderberg/1990New York
Glen Cove
38th Bilderberg meeting, 119 guests
Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof
The 39th Bilderberg, 114 guests
The 44th Bilderberg, held in Canada
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