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Date5 November 2018
Exposed • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Austria
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Baltics
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Central-Eastern Europe
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Germany
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• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/US-Canada
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Ukraine

The first tranche of the Integrity Initiative Leak was posted on 5th November 2018. This revealed that the group had covertly organised groups of academics, journalists, government officers and others with extreme anti-Russian ideas, and that they strategised about how to alert to people to a purported Russian "threat". Their preoccupation with this threat, and their insistence upon secrecy was clear from the first leak.


Integrity Initiative Moncloa campaign.jpg

The first leak included a timeline of the Monocloa campaign, initiated on 07 06 2018. This was a covert smear campaign to prevent the appointment of Pedro Baños as Director of the Spanish Department of Homeland Security.

“We engage only very discreetly with governments, based entirely on trusted personal contacts, specifically to ensure that they do not come to see our work as a problem, and to try toinfluence them gently, as befits an independent NGO operation like ours”
unknown (2018)  [1]


On 26 November 2018, the Integrity Initiative admitted that some documents had been hacked, but declined to state whether any particular documents were authentic, leaving the way clear for possible future claims that some were forged.[citation needed]

UK Foreign Office

A UK spokesperson stated that:

“The Institute for Statecraft [Integrity Initiative’s parent organisation], an independent charity, was hacked several weeks ago and numerous documents were published and amplified by Kremlin news channels. The Russian state media campaign’s objective is clear. This is yet another example of Russian disinformation intended to confuse audiences and discredit an organisation which is working independently to tackle the threat of disinformation.”
 (12 November)  [2]


The leak aroused great interest from alternative media, including RT.[3]

It was not widely reported in UK commercially-controlled media.

Next Leak

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The second Integrity Initiative leak was posted on 29 November 2018.