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1976 - While the Dutch lost themselves on all sorts of drugs, Max van der Stoel and Henry Kissinger are looking up at how high their stacks of oil-money would be.
InterestsRussia, China, global drugs trade, Propaganda, “War on Terror”, “Terrorism”, US
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Closely allies to the US Deep state. Leader and strange enabler (after banning it after World War II) of the EU-illegal drug trade headed from Amsterdam. Known for Bernhard von Biesterfeld and his involvement in developing Bilderberg and the 1001 club, and a possible sex cult and crime syndicate surrounding the royal family.

The Dutch deep state was rebooted after World War II by the British and Americans. The Dutch outsourced Dutch secret service agents to front-lines, countries like Romania, Bulgaria and other unknown countries, and started a Dutch Gladio-division which.... got out of hand. The Dutch were the leading illegal drug traffickers in the EU from the 1980s and were named during the 2010s as one of the "world leaders" of hosting child porn by global prevention hotline InHope[1], the British Internet Watch Foundation[2] and the Dutch Internet Domain Registrator[3]. Free of mass casualty "terrorist" attacks for at least 10 years, and housing many western-backed international courts may reflect its close ties with the Supranational Deep State.

World War II

The Dutch Army executed 400 young men in the town of Rawagede, another war crime - some as young as 15 year old - as they couldn't find any soldiers, these kids didn't look that dangerous, one would think[4].
Captain Raymond Westerling - assassinated 400 Indonesians personally, he even started a coup after the Dutch had ended the civil war and decolonized Indonesia, the CIA attempted a similar coup 10 years later as they had suspicion President Sukarno was leaning towards becoming a "commie[5]".

Operation Market Garden may not have been that much of a failure as most would think.

The CIA recruited Dutch agent 'Jan Constantin' and 4 others, trained them in Amsterdam and dropped them as what seems mercenaries

According to a parliamentary inquiry supported by the Dutch MOD and a study from the VU University Amsterdam, Bernhard ordered the launch of what they first named a "stay-behind network" of secret service agents that had secretly started opposition groups against the Germans or Russians in the late stages of the war. These agents - around 10 first - tried developing a plan to have a back-up mechanism in place for armed civilians that would fight against Russians.[6] Two separate groups that originated out of the war were targeted and professionalized by the British. These groups at first did not know of each-others existence.

The Dutch committed war crimes after they tried to reclaim control of the Dutch East-Indies, better known as Indonesia in 1945, sometimes in cooperation with the British[7]. Many files in the Dutch national archive are still secret, more than seventy years later[8].

1950s - Gladio's start

Brandpunt interviews several former Gladio-agents and... former Minister Max van der Stoel ("stoel" meaning chair) who was named as leading coordinator under the pseudonym "Max van der Stool"
Full article: Operation Gladio

Bernhard von Biesterfeld appears to have been a figure of central importance in the Dutch deep state. By his own account, he consulted 12 men before arranging the first Bilderberg Meeting, held in the Netherlands in 1954. The group, initially exclusively male, has had 170 Dutch members[9] over the years, more than other similarly sized European states.[10] (By way of comparison, there have only been two documented Dutch visitors to the Pinay Cercle: Cornelis Bossers & Frans Alphons Maria Alting von Geusau).[11] Note that cannabis got banned during the 50s.

After World War 2 the CIA employed a few Dutch secret service agents that actively started opposition groups alongside their own agents in Romania and Bulgaria from the 1950s, Nieuwsuur revealed in 2016. According to the segment they "actively employed partizans to stimulate anti-communist actions after a conference in Washington in 1951". The CIA and AIVD (at that point known as BVD) both didn't had any collection upon request in their databases. What they did there is not recollected, at least according to the official narrative.[12]

Around 1952 framework was finalized and two groups of 21 secret service agents along with the newly formed BVD, started actively recruiting - right-wing - civilians in useful positions that did not have a leading position in their workplace or any communist ideas, such as teachers, salesman, welders, drivers, physicians and sailors. This became later known as Operation Gladio. These two groups were called Operations and Intelligence. This group directly reported to Minister of war and former officer, Kees Staf from 1952 and PM Willem Drees from 1956.

According to the Dutch investigative program Brandpunt the agents-to-be (of which 7 appeared on TV) all were personally recruited by one member who became their handlers and appeared at their door with letters from Kees Staf or PM Willem Drees. They all recalled the "strange exceptional professionalism" of the operation; need-to-know basis, training in plausibility deniability, they were required to be armed 24/7, never met another agent and were also trained in the US and the UK (which would also be their back-up basis of operations in case of a Russian attack).

For some positions individuals were trained up to 400 hours. In the 50s, 24 divisions were established: Operation had 7, Intelligence had 17. At the end of the 50s all these agents had their own secret intelligence-station in their house and a container with weapons and equipment which was to be held secret for their families. If someone "for any reason whatsoever" disappeared, they'd "vanish in the mist and never be found". The HQ of the Intelligence-Division was Villa Maarheeze, located in the coastal town of Wassenaar, according to an essay made up with help of former agents.

Operations - located at first in Utrecht, later in Amsterdam in the HQ of the Dutch Marines - fell directly under PM Willem Drees and had these 7 divisions; Psyops, Sabotage, Connections, Falsification, Operational Finance, Security and Codes. Operations was noted as the "Extreme Measures-unit". Their task was to "commit acts of sabotage", "acts of violence against persons - politicians, activists and journalists included - that supported the enemy", "commit robberies" and "make propaganda that would hurt the enemy". Gladio was already infiltrated in Dutch media as head of Dutch public broadcaster NCRV and head of the chairman of the Dutch Council of Journalism Tom Herstel was instructor for the psyop-division. Interesting note; Villa Maarheeze, Clingendael Institute, and one of three royal palaces of Bernhard and Juliana Wilhelmina are located in the same small town of Wassenaar within... 6 miles of each-other.

US Deep state influence

In the 1950s and 1960s, US Deep state had vastly more money than the BVD, and used it to exert influence into the Netherlands. By 1958, for example, the CIA paid the salaries of approximately 51 of the 691 employees of the Dutch service.[13]


Max Kohnstamm was a Dutch deep politician and Secretary General of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe. As well as attending the 1961 Bilderberg he attended 27 subsequent meetings, and became a member of the Bilderberg Advisory Committee, which chooses the steering committee. The Dutch government accepted a request from the NATO and Germany to place 22 B28 nuclear bombs at Volkel Air Base[14]. These bombs and an US Air Force squadron was placed there with the task to fly to Cuba if the Cuban Missile Crisis would get out of hand. the Dutch would not acknowledge this until 2013, when Ruud Lubbers revealed it himself[15]. NATO did not acknowledge this not until 2019[16]. Nazi Germany had left traumatic feelings in a lot of nationals resulting in an end of consociationalism. The 1960s slowly saw a lot of new non-denominational people and institutions. This paved the way for a lot of extreme public discourse for such a small country in future decades which the deep state has trouble handling up until this day.[17][18][19]

Full article: Fracking

In Groningen, fracking for natural gas fields was started, which remains a controversial topic for deep politics until this day as halting the fracking would've resulted in an economic collapse for that coalition-cabinet, as the Dutch did not want Russian gas, and the Middle East has had its "fluctuations".[20][21]


The Dutch Prince Bernhard and Queen Juliana returning from Italy because of developments in the Lockheed scandal. In the back seat Juliana with her dog Sara. The Netherlands, August 26, 1976.

Prince Bernhard played a major role until his exposure by the Lockheed/Bribery scandals, which caused the cancellation of the 1976 Bilderberg. When Dutch Prime Minister Joop den Uyl ordered an inquiry Bernhard refused to answer reporters' questions, stating: "I am above such things".[22] The results of the inquiry led to a constitutional crisis in which Queen Juliana threatened to abdicate if Bernhard was prosecuted. Bernhard was spared, but stepped down from several public positions and from chairing the Bilderberg. Victor Halberstadt is an economist who has maintained a low public profile in spite of attending all Bilderberg meetings since 1975, and being honorary Secretary General of the group from 1980-2000.[23]

The - now - notorious drug policy was strangely green-lit in the 70s with the withdrawal on the complete ban on cannabis and start of the coffee-shops in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Called "an experiment", it never became clear why the Dutch chose to do this. The Dutch cities had a favourable location - close to each-other and other European cities, high density, and quick and modern infrastructure. As globalisation caused companies to outsource to Asia, the oil crisis of 1973 and the loss of jobs caused many people to become homeless (or hopeless) and turn to drugs or working for the Chinese, Russian and Italian mafia that had set-up hubs in Amsterdam as everything was legalised[24]. After a extreme surge of heroin[25], and the rise of drug dealers in the main streets of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam & The Hague, most main drugs except cannabis were banned at the end of the 70s. At that point many Dutch crime bosses had already become skilled drug dealers known for their expertise. This became the start of the Dutch illegal drug trade where Klaas Bruinsma started his career in Amsterdam.


Paul Bremer was US Ambassador to the Netherlands from 1983-1986. Max van der Stoel became the main coordinator of the Operations and Intelligence.

Juliana had just pressured the public into not looking any further into Bernhard when Prince Claus - a former solider of the German army was revealed to be the future prince of Beatrix Armgard. In 2016 Claus was accused of "picking up underage boys in the city of Amsterdam" and at least "watching former Dutch Minister of Finance Onno Ruding having sex with one of them" in 1982. The victim recalled "paedophile-prositution to be tolerated in that time"[26] The first scandals of Vipaedophile are dated from this era - not reported in corporate media - and for Claus there appears to be only one earlier hint that he, for example, liked little boys when the Netherlands Government Information Service issued the statement "the Prince is not homosexual and wants the rumours to stop" following a article of the Telegraaf that suspected him citing sources that he also visited a "gay bar in New York" having prove made with an infrared camera, even reasoning Ronald Reagan was "worried about their royal policies" (whatever that may imply in this context)[27][28]

Klaus, Bruinsma, and dozens of other lawyers, politicians and Bernhard and his 1001 Club appear to be connected in one way or another in a a sex cult, with alleged ritual abuse all the way to Marc Dutroux. ISGP has their names pop up several 100 times regarding these matters, Bruinsma (with his clan already connected to gladio and controlling police-units one should wonder how powerful this boss exactly was) and his crime syndicate were being called by one news site as being involved at secretive parties in Amsterdam's financial district - the place where Nieuwsuur[29] said cocaine is mandatory - with child-abuse in the 1990s. The editors of the article specifically mentioned stopping the investigation for the moment citing "the urge to stay alive for quite a while".[30]

Israel's influence

Full article: Stub class article 1981 Dutch Cabinet crisis

In October 1981, Juliana[31] appointed deep politicians Victor Halberstadt and Cees de Galan to mediate the Dutch Cabinet crisis, this crisis originally was presented by the original narrative as a feud between the PM and progressive Dries van Agt and his CDA-fraction and the socialists in the coalition headed by deputy prime-minister "left"-wing Joop den Uyl and his PVDA party. Following the 1973 Oil crisis and the major inflation and loss of jobs, the two could not reach an agreement on social reforms. Other forgotten details include the participation of the NATO Double-Track Decision of 1979, PVDA members wanted to participate in a protest in 1981 with 400.000 civilians in Amsterdam as other protests regarding the Iran-Iraq war and the 1980s Afghan war were also becoming political hot topics.[32]

Another theory regarding this crisis was that Van Agt was removed by the Dutch Deep state that backed Den Uyl (who has a picture in his bedroom and is a close friend of Israeli PM Golda Meir) who was PM from 1973 until 1977 and was a supporter of Israel as van Agt was deemed "too risky". Van Agt's is most known for his outspoken or sometimes explosive character; he remarked in the 1970s that the last remaining known Dutch convicted Nazi's in prison should be released because he did not consciously experienced the war and "was arian",[33] he relocated the Dutch embassy to Tel Aviv and told Dutch media in 1982 that "Israel must not think that with provocations and attacks it will reach peace (...) as with gun-violence, unilateral acts and breaking international law and not complying with decisions made by the international community, such as those that have been enacted by the UN" and actively supported sending and keeping UN-troops in Lebanon during the 1982 Lebanon War. Van Agt became a staunch supporter of Palestine and hard critic of Israel and remained it well into the 2020s.[34] Meanwhile Joop den Uyl spoke on the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism as the speaker for the "Dutch response" to "terrorism".

Interestingly enough Van Agt's cabinet had a lot of politicians connected to deep state milleu not known at that time, Van Agt; 1 time bilderberg, Max van der Stoel - head of the Dutch-Gladio division from 1982, Hans van Mierlo - 1 time bilderberg, started - with the future mayor of Amsterdam - a "shadow government" modelled on the British in 1971, publicly advocated for nuclear weapons agains the Sovjet Union[35] and Hans van den Broek. After Van Agt was put out of power a lot of privatization was slowly introduced.


All Dutch Prime Ministers since 1982 have visited the Bilderberg: (Ruud Lubbers (1982-1994), Wim Kok (1994-2002), Jan Peter Balkenende (2002-2010), Mark Rutte (2010-).


Full article: Hollanditis

"Hollanditis" was a word coined in 1981 by US historian Walter Laqueur to describe the rise of Dutch pacifism. In 1983, 550,000 participants demonstrated in The Hague aimed against the deployment of US cruise missiles carrying nuclear warheads.

Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action

Full article: Stub class article Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action

Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action (RaRa) bombed property. The Dutch Interior Minister termed them a "terrorist" group. One of the victims was a prince and the owner of a leading supermarket-chain member of the 1001 club, if even he didn't receive protection, who was behind these attacks?[36]


Full article: Klaas Bruinsma

Crime bosses and corrupt officials were intertwined at this point. An interregional investigational unit, known as the IRT, was the subject of a parliamentary inquiry. The enquiry revealed the police officers infiltrated Klaas Bruinsma's (and his successors) drug empire and actively participated in it and executed several criminal acts which caused both teams to end up investigating each-other. Most notably, the employment of civilian criminal infiltrates was controversial. The enquiry and it's findings have caused the biggest law-changes in the Dutch criminal justice system.

Dutch official Gladio admittance

Up until this point the Dutch never admitted Gladio to be existent. Several weapon stashes were found and reported by corporate media, but mayors, prosecutors, and other high-ranking officials all denied knowing the origins. Even when newspaper Elsevier released an article naming several Dutch spooks and "at least two MPs as KGB-agents by our source, a spook himself.[37]." The agent was later revealed to be working for the World League for Freedom and Democracy. Ruud Lubbers admitted[38] the existence in 1990 of a Dutch division of the Operation Gladio-network. But noted, the Dutch division was not under direct NATO-Command, but the government; the organization operated under the "single-agent principle" meaning they did not work in groups and therefore could not commit crimes like the Bologna bombing, Peteano bombing and Piazza Fontana bombing; All civilian-employees were fired at this point. A Belgian agent revealed to Amsterdam main newspaper Het Parool that the Belgian and Dutch gladio-networks were in fact actively working together, meeting regularly.[39]

After these revelations the Dutch public did not ask questions about Gladio, as Lubbers left The Hague for an international career. Muslim-"terrorism", the war on terror and several conflicts like in Sudan, Yugoslavia and Libya were becoming more popular due to commercial media and increased television coverage of such events by newly viewable commercial TV-stations such as CNN or national-known RTL.


Full article: Dutch Army
Intro into Srebenica

A Dutch major was revealed to have ordered the MIVD in 1995 to secretly go to a lieutenant who had made pictures of Serbian war crimes in Srebenica. The photographic films could've proven the Dutch would've known of the genocide much earlier than the international community would've condemned it to be. The film was "damaged beyond repair" after an "unusual production process". Lieutenant Peter Putten of the research-unit of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee argued in 2015 that the mistakes that led to the film never to be published and damaged beyond repair was part of a cover-up by the Dutch government. One of the leading involved MIVD-researchers did not go that far but did argue it was strange the Dutch MOD told him to remain silent. It seems the NATO-countries tried to made sure Yugoslavia destroyed itself from inside out and did not want anyone to find proof that they actively participated in war crimes with other purposes.[40]

More Gladio investigations

Newspaper de Groene published Dutch historians Wiebes and de Graaff's findings in an extra page depicting Lubbers to have lied about the actual clandestine operations and purposes of the organization. Their initial direct allies from the start next to the British were the CIA and the Mossad. It appears a Clandestine Planning Committee planned and organized foreign "counter-intelligence" operations that at times tried to instigate coup d'etat's. The Dutch Gladio-division and a predecessor of the MIVD were actually working together in the same building actively aiming to work together with the same methods for policies the SDS were following. At the supposed end of gladio there were 38 known Dutch hidden weapon depots.

The Dutch only... weren't that successful; they had "informants close to Indonesian President Sukarno up until 1964 as he was drifting towards communists" when the CIA attempted a coup in 1965; Two Dutch agents got caught in Moscow and jailed for two years, Surinam dictator Desi Bouterse - who was steering to communism befriending Fidel Castro and the leader of Grenada - discovered right hand and sergeant Roy Horb suddenly got gifted expensive horses which led to his contacts being outed as CIA-operatives, leading to a murderous spree of Bouterse which included Horb. In 2007 Maxime Verhagen, revealed a plan was cancelled to overthrow the dictatorship in 1986. Ruud Lubbers, Maxime Verhagen, Hans van den Broek confessed[41] they and the Americans actually planned to overthrow and arrests Bouterse with a full invasion in 1987 but did not do so out of fear for too many Dutch casualties. The villa also discovered and aided the Mossad in destroying a submarine communications cable between Egypt and Libya in 1972.[42]

De Groene also confirmed the Spanish Gladio agents had attempted to kill Dutch Princess Irene in 1975 and Prime Minister Cals was rumoured to have escaped a coup in 1965 by the Dutch counterparts.[43] Two former agents threatened to "put agricultural poison in baby power" in 1992 when blackmailing Dutch food business Nutricia.[44]


Wim Kok and his goverment resigned after the parliamentary enquiry about Yugoslavia published their findings. At this point neoconservatives from the SDS had surged to leading roles in the Dutch government and aligned institues, leading the Dutch to join war on terror under Jan Peter Balkenede's command.

Neoconservaties and War on Terror

Full article: Jan Peter Balkenende

Pim Fortuyn was assassinated on 6 May 2002, a week before prime ministerial elections. His direct opponent Jan Peter Balkenende was elected instead. According to an international weekly journal of science called Nature Research Balkenende's government oversaw at least 27 instances of the CIA planes using Dutch airports near Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague for extraordinary rendition in his first 4 years. One instance had the final destination set as Amsterdam. Where a possible black site would be remains unclear. The leaked reports and their findings were not reported in Dutch commercially-controlled media.[45] In a big leak of diplomatic cables, Balkenende turned out to be quite active during the Iraq War and Afghan War, gaining Dutch support for joining the intervention in both cases, promising to seemingly back the US for as long as they would be there.

Gladio Revelations

"When you name 'gladio', alarm bells go off at high-positions, and they'll do their best to kill the case". (..) "Justice ministries in Belgium, Netherlands and in Amsterdam have covered-up arms smuggling. Multiple government institutions used liaisons to participate. They were incredibly involved." "Gladio was a state within a state to overthrown leftist governments to pave the way for 'extreme-right".

In 2007 investigative reporter Peter R. de Vries stunned the public with new revelations about Operation Gladio in a 4 year-long invesitgation. Linking numerous weapons-depots in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Roermond to Gladio. Several corrupt police officers were revealed to have turned a blind eye and even massively and actively participated in the distribution and hiding of weapons and munition to Belgian and "unknown foreign Gladio-criminals". At first weapons ended in the hands of the Dutch main drug lords.

The weapons were traced back to be used in murders on police-agents, robberies on armoured cash transport cars, assassinations and more in Denmark, France, Germany according to further investigation by Brandpunt. Most notable was the consistent occurrence of arms smuggling and suspects arrested but released and not prosecuted after intervention of public prosecutors that derailed investigations until the statue of limitations kicked in. Even when a new owner of the munition-shop requested the shop to be cleared of any wrong-doing publicly, summary proceedings had been rejected two times. Arms dealers that were suspected smuggling Gladio-weapons were never jailed but even given their license back while the case was under investigation. Meanwhile weapons had been linked to "murders on communists", the MIVD was listed as the company to have covered-up the instances of massive thefts of the underground-depots in Dutch woods.

At least one known company indicted has admitted it's former owners were probably involved in gladio. The whole investigation looked like a mafia movie as several retired owners only declared to the police that "they should stop searching" as "this goes much further", being released the next day. The Belgian journalist interviewed called it "ludicrous" that the Dutch did not instigate a parliamentary inquiry as it appeared all Gladio-groups just went roque and "were full with Nazi's in every gladio-country" implicating them in the Olaf Palme assassination.

Koos Hertogs - murderer, kidnapper and rapist of 3 girls[46] - was named in the book of Yugoslavian secret agent Slobodan Mitric as a Dutch gladio-agent who he had trained with, to attempt a coup on an African country bordered by South Africa that was a former Portuguese colony (which points to Mozambique). Hartogs was filmed in an investigation with Peter R. de Vries as being entangled in a cover-up with the presiding judge - Vice-President of The Hague Court Cornelis Stolk[47] - who he had given child pornography in exchange for a "better" judge[48], a evaluating psychiatrist that was previously married to Stolk, and free driver's lessons. Stolk actually managed to get an early release for Hartogs. In August 2012 writer Patrick Oomens published the book "The case Koos H."[49], in which he questions Koos H. being a serial killer and concludes that he doesn't fit the profile. VIPaedophile including Hartogs, Joris Demmink and Klaas Bruinsma all in a large long-reaching network started to appear as official opposition narrative during the 2010s, which raised questions were one should look.[50]

All documents regarding "Gladio" were deleted in the 90s. And de Vries' sources claims "someone just stole all important pieces of evidence when we got close to a case". So all of this will remain memory holed and a Dutch third rail topic. Brandpunt and de Vries their investigations, appear to imply "Gladio has never ended", which was backed by several former agents and police-investigators. Brandpunt found a classified file from 1998 which stated "preparations have been made to have to make future O&I operations possible. Personnel and materials have been reserved." An unregistered company named "Quia Oportet" listed was named as successor if needed in both the Dutch MOD and the Dutch Ministry of Dutch Ministry of General Affairs their files in 2002, but the government responded this company and all files regarding it are "state-secret" and will not be released until 2050. Is this a confirmation of Operation Gladio B?


Full article: Cold War 2.0

At this point with the rise of Internet and social media the importance of controlling the narrative on media became important. The Dutch were active specialised contributors to "counter-terrorism."[51] The Dutch called the Russians not neutral and therefore not welcome in the investigation of Malaysian Airlines 17.[52]

Full article: Dutch Cluster

Sijbren de Jong, Maria de Jong and the Dutch MOD set up the Dutch cluster of the Integrity Initiative. In 2018 Rian van Rijbroek appeared on Dutch TV, introduced in 2018 on Dutch TV as a cyber security expert and a hacker working for an intelligence agency and multiple governments again indicting Russia, China and North Korea. In 2019 the Clingendael Institute hosted Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defence, a Chatham House rule meeting attended by at least 4 members of the UK Deep state's Institute for Statecraft.[53] The brother of an deceased Gladio-member gifted his brothers enormous-depot to the police of Rotterdam in 2019.[54]

Full article: Nieuwsuur

In July 2019 the AIVD tried to prohibit Dutch journalist Huib Modderkolk from releasing a book that was planning to reveal the name of the operation and a foreign spook that cooperated in the Cozy Bear case. The case was noted by lawyers to be very strange as the AIVD seemingly tried to censor parts that were requested with public sources, before he finished the book. The AIVD won the case even though Modderkolk had already removed details after he e-mailed them a concept version.[55] Modderkolk started investigating after he produced an article regarding the sources of wikileaks and his office was inexplicably hit with power outrages which he and his colleague suspected was done deliberate. Modderkolk worked 6 years on this book - called It's war, but nobody sees it - and among other things revealed the CIA often utilized the AIVD for quite intensive tasks (including aggressive cyber warfare such as involvement in the spreading of the Stuxnet-virus in Iran) that the AIVD got nothing back for return. Among other things, the book[56] is full of interesting questionable decisions by the AIVD, including[57] the "suicide" of infant-hackers, giving the CIA classified information for drone attacks killing more children, GCHQ hacking European institutions with the protection of Europol or the fact that Russian cyber security company Kaspersky was targeted multiple times for alleged cooperation with the FSB, giving Rian van Rijbroek's "ludicrous" allegations some very strange coincidences. Modderkolk is de facto the only book about the AIVD that was allowed in Nieuwsuur raising questions why the book was so publicized in the first place, perhaps as a form of a limited hangout.[58]

The Dutch government actively tired to not get any more tests by not outsourcing testing-labs. And denies that happened. But why would they do that? Perhaps the Covid lockdown isn't what it seems.


While other governments were mandating the wearing of face masks in shops and public places, in an ostensible effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Dutch government refused to do so (except for public transport),[59] citing lack of medical evidence that such a measure was advisable[60][61] -- an indication of the limits of the Dutch deep state.

The Dutch are world champion in providing particularly American corporate companies with locations and hidden deals for letterbox companies aiding financial fraud and which caused banks to capitalize on the housing bubbles in the inter cities.[62]

Deep State exposers that influenced Dutch public opinion (willingly or not)

Joël van der Reijden, Danny Jowenko, Kees van der Pijl, Sibel Edmonds, William Thompson


The Netherlands is home to several large multinational companies, including Heineken, Unilever, ABN AMRO, ING Group and Rabobank. Also Philips‎ (which was a major funder of Le Cercle) and Royal Dutch Shell (generally lead by Bilderbergers in recent years). Bellingcat has its own office in the Hague and receives significant funding from Dutch sources through formally 'private' organizations, like the Adessium Foundation. Their universities have produced numerous deep politicians. LSV Minerva seems similar to Skull and Bones only a tiny bit slightly less effective, or not as thoroughly investigated?

The secret Commission for Intelligence and Security Services revealed the MIVD had collected 1,8 million metadata of wiretapped telephone-data in one month, this data was shared with the NSA.[63][64]

Dutch Ministers of State

The Dutch Minister of State is a honorary title for several Dutch retired politicians, with only the monarch able to award this title.[65] An actual advisor to the monarch was named Minister of State in the constitution but this was removed in the 1850s. There is no criteria or legal basis nowadays. The members are all high ranking members that turned out to be members or worked for the Dutch Deep State. Members have a diplomatic passport. Something former presidents, former ambassadors and ministers aren't allowed to have. The Dutch are the only to utilize this form of the role in the world.

Clingendael Institute

Full article: Clingendael Institute

In 1983 Clingendael Institute was founded by the Dutch MOD[66], it was the result of a merger of 5 small think-tanks. Nowadays it receives 75%[67] of it's funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dutch MOD and mentioned is among "major national think tanks" (such as Egmont, Chatham House etc.) in Integrity Initiative documents[68][69]


The Netherlands likes to boost an image of being "the most well-behaved boy in the EU-class"[70] and hosts several international organizations supporting "democracy". It has its own military info-war system.[71]

NATO's public relations

A 2019 poll revealed the Netherlands to be the most in favour of military intervention under NATO's clause 5

NATO is popular in the Netherlands, and actively participates in all parts of its joint military operations, including propaganda about them. The Dutch led by Mark Rutte[72] in the 2010s have adopted a form of realpolitik[73] similar to Angela Merkel and are willing to do anything to "stay on as members of the in-group that runs the Western world, to be taken serious inside NATO [..] to be in the core countries of NATO."[74]

The country is seat for NATO courts such as the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the ICC and the ICJ which are used to prosecute NATO's enemies while being depicted as impartially dispensing justice on behalf of the "international community".

International Criminal Court

Full article: International Criminal Court

The ICC wrote Tony Cartalucci is neither "international nor a legitimate court, but is most certainly criminal. It is an institutionalized tool – one of many – used by Western corporate-financier interests to coerce and control nations across the developing world."[75]

International Court of Justice

Full article: Stub class article International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice ignored the blatant illegality of the 2003 Iraq War, even when the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission found Tony Blair and a bunch of US government officials guilty of war crimes.

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Full article: Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, infamous for its biased investigations of alleged chemical weapons incidents (like Douma), has its HQ in the Hague. This is despite the heavy cover-up of disasters like the Bijlmer disaster.


Full article: Rated 4/5 Illegal drug trade

The port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport are major world transit hubs for all kind of cargo.\

Child Porn

Full article: The Pedophocracy

Over a third of all child porn over the world in hosted on Dutch servers, with an EU hotline reporting 82%, a British foundation 50% ("defeating the second ranked country the US by 42%) and even a one of the lowest estimates put Holland as hosting 20% of all images.[76][77][78]. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is an Internet exchange point based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Established in the early 1990s, the quality of this location and the Dutch infrastructure is given as reasoning... which does not make sense if the average nefarious paedophile would realize that the AIVD is self-proclaimed champion of wire-tapping nationally and internationally and seem to be logically expanding their eagerness to break the privacy of citizens under the guise of Ferdinand Grapperhaus, so who is hosting these sites?

NATO - US Deep State - CIA - Drug Trafficking

Full article: Rated 3/5 Willem Matser

Lieutenant Colonel in Staff Willem Matser, an advisor to the Secretary of the NATO Lord George Robertson and Chris Donnelly, was arrested in February 2003[79] after a "package to Colombia" was intercepted at the airport with €200.000 in bank transfer receipts and "a CD with €200.000.000 in payment orders" with a fake document authorising the transfer of the same amount of money to Romania. A country - according to French state-investigators - hijacked by CIA agents for the war in Iraq. After his very lenient conviction, he - and articles or even images depicting him - vanished into the mist.


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