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(journalist, researcher, filmmaker)
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Founder of21st Century Wire
Member ofActivist Post
Interests • VIPaedophile
• UK deep state
• false flags
• COVID-19
Former commercially-controlled media journalist who founded 21st Century Wire.

Patrick Henningsen is an investigative journalist. His Twitter pages describes him as an "Independent journalist trying to keep it real in an epoch of great mainstream deception".[1]


Patrick Henningsen wrote once for The Guardian about the Occupy movement.[2]

He founded 21st Century Wire. He appears on UK Column

21st Century Wire

Full article: 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire was an early sceptic of the COVID-19 official narrative.


Patrick Henningsen's

“Anywhere you see the phrase, "the New Normal" – you should reject it. It's based on fraudulent premise that #COVID19 is somehow fundamentally much greater threat than other infectious diseases, when it's not. Anyone pushing this should be confronted and publicly admonished.”
Patrick Henningsen (19 May 2020)  [3]


A Document by Patrick Henningsen

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:Norway Massacre Catalyst For Realignment Of European Right Wing Movementsarticle29 July 20112011 Norway attacks
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