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“The great enemy of enterprising capital is a self-sustaining life.[1] A family living a self-contained existence on a piece of land is profitable to no one.[2] Once the family is displaced, the land can be put to profit. Dispossessed adults can be ‘gainfully employed’ (whose gain?) and the whole family can be trained up—via advertising and the rest—as consumers. Lastly, in the peculiar perversity of modern economics, the illnesses, depressions, crimes and other discontents of the dependent are of immense profit to the pharmaceutical, insurance, care, security, manufacturing, entertainment and prison industries.”
Ivo Mosley (2013)  [3]

  1. Not for nothing is Faust’s final crime (in Goethe’s version) to murder a couple living in peaceful isolation. Faust, the quintessential modern man, justifies his final crimes with visions of ‘progress’.
  2. This principle appears to extend to self-contained economies as well as self-contained individuals: America sent gunboats in 1853/4 to force Japan to open up to Western interests.
  3. In The Name Of The People