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A number of deep state operatives, including 14 Bilderbergers calling for the creation of infrastructure to rapidly jab everyone in the world.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png open letter  by Imran Khan, Cyril Ramaphosa, Karen Koning Abuzayd, Maria Elena Agüero, Esko Aho, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, Rashid Alimov, Philip Alston, Baroness Valerie Amos, Rosalia Arteaga Serrano, Maria Eugenia Brizuela de Avila, Shaukat Aziz, Jan Peter Balkenende, Joyce Banda, Nelson Barbosa, José Manuel Barroso, Carol Bellamy, Valdis Birkavs, Irina Bokova, Gordon Brown, Winnie Byanyima, Kim Campbell, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Gina Casar, Hikmet Cetin, Ha-Joon Chang, Judy Cheng-Hopkins, Laura Chinchilla, Joaquim Chissano, Helen Clark, Emil Constantinescu, Paula A. Cox, Herman De Croo, Olivier De Schutter, Danny Dorling, Ruth Dreifuss, Diane Elson, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Moussa Faki, Christiana Figueres, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, Louise Fréchette, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Patrick Gaspard, Jayati Ghosh, Felipe González, Rebeca Grynspan, Alfred Gusenbauer, Han Seung-Soo, Noeleen Heyzer, Mladen Ivanic, Devaki Jain, Arjun Jayadev, Rob Johnson, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Mehdi Jomaa, Anthony T. Jones, Ivo Josipovic, Naila Kabeer, Michel Kazatchkine, Rima Khalaf, Horst Köhler, Jadanka Kosor, Bernard Kouchner, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Rachel Kyte CMG, Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera, Ricardo Lagos, Zlatko Lagumdzija, Laura Liswood, Nora Lustig, Jessie Rose Mabutas, Graça Machel, Susana Malcorra, Isabel Saint Malo, Purnima Mane, Mariana Mazzucato, Mary McAleese, Rexhep Meidani, Carlos Mesa, Branko Milanovic, Aïchatou Mindaoudou, Festus Mogae, Mario Monti, Kgalema Motlanthe, Rovshan Muradov, Dr. John Nkengasong, Olusegun Obasanjo, Djoomart Otorbayev, Roza Otunbayeva, Ana Palacio, Dr. David Pan, Flavia Pansieri, Elsa Papademetriou, Andres Pastrana, Kate Pickett, Thomas Piketty, Rosen Plevneliev, Hifikepunye Pohamba, Karin Sham Pòo, Achal Prabhala, Dainius Puras, Iveta Radicova, José Manuel Ramos-Horta, J.V.R. Prasada Rao, Geeta Rao Gupta, Oscar Ribas, Mary Robinson, Dani Rodrik, Petre Roman, Juan Manuel Santos, Kailash Satyarthi, Ismail Serageldin, Fatiha Serour, Michel Sidibé, Mari Simonen, Pierre Somse, Vera Songwe, Michael Spence, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Eka Tkeshelashvili, Aminata Touré, Danilo Türk, Cassam Uteem, Marianna V. Vardinoyannis, Ann Veneman, Chema Vera, Melanne Verveer, Filip Vujanovic, Margot Wallström, Richard Wilkinson, Kateryna Yushchenko, Viktor Yushchenko, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Valdis Zatlers, Ernesto Zedillo, Gabriel Zucman dated 14 May 2020
Subjects: COVID-19 Vaccines
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Uniting Behind A People’s Vaccine Against COVID-19

Humanity today, in all its fragility, is searching for an effective and safe vaccine against COVID-19. It is our best hope of putting a stop to this painful global pandemic.

We are calling on Health Ministers at the World Health Assembly to rally behind a people’s vaccine against this disease urgently. Governments and international partners must unite around a global guarantee which ensures that, when a safe and effective vaccine is developed, it is produced rapidly at scale and made available for all people, in all countries, free of charge. The same applies for all treatments, diagnostics, and other technologies for COVID-19.

We recognize that many countries and international organizations are making progress towards this goal, cooperating multilaterally on research and development, funding and access, including the welcome $8 billion pledged on 4 th May. Thanks to tireless public and private sector efforts and billions of dollars of publicly-financed research, many vaccine candidates are proceeding with unprecedented speed and several have begun clinical trials.

Our world will only be safer once everyone can benefit from the science and access a vaccine - and that is a political challenge. The World Health Assembly must forge a global agreement that ensures rapid universal access to quality-assured vaccines and treatments with need prioritized above the ability to pay.

It is time for Health Ministers to renew the commitments made at the founding of the World Health Organization, where all states agreed to deliver the “the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental right of every human being”. Now is not the time to allow the interests of the wealthiest corporations and governments to be placed before the universal need to save lives, or to leave this massive and moral task to market forces. Access to vaccines and treatments as global public goods are in the interests of all humanity. We cannot afford for monopolies, crude competition and near-sighted nationalism to stand in the way.

We must heed the warning that “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” We must learn the painful lessons from a history of unequal access in dealing with disease such as HIV and Ebola. But we must also remember the ground-breaking victories of health movements, including AIDS activists and advocates who fought for access to affordable medicines for all. Applying both sets of lessons, we call for a global agreement on COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and treatments – implemented under the leadership of the World Health Organization – that:

1. Ensures mandatory worldwide sharing of all COVID-19 related knowledge, data and technologies with a pool of COVID-19 licenses freely available to all countries. Countries should be empowered and enabled to make full use of agreed safeguards and flexibilities in the WTO Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health to protect access to medicines for all.

2. Establishes a global and equitable rapid manufacturing and distribution plan – that is fully-funded by rich nations – for the vaccine and all COVID-19 products and technologies that guarantees transparent ‘at true cost-prices’ and supplies according to need. Action must start urgently to massively build capacity worldwide to manufacture billions of vaccine doses and to recruit and train the millions of paid and protected health workers needed to deliver them.

3. Guarantees COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics, tests and treatments are provided free of charge to everyone, everywhere. Access needs to be prioritized first for front-line workers, the most vulnerable people, and for poor countries with the least capacity to save lives.

In doing so, no one can be left behind. Transparent democratic governance must be set in place by the WHO, inclusive of independent expertise and civil society partners, which is essential to lock-in accountability for this agreement.

In doing so, we also recognize the urgent need to reform and strengthen public health systems worldwide, removing all barriers so that rich and poor alike can access the health care, technologies and medicines they need, free at the point of need. Only a people’s vaccine – with equality and solidarity at its core – can protect all of humanity and get our societies safely running again. A bold international agreement cannot wait.



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