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Formation22 September 2011
Membership• Algeria
• France
• The Netherlands
• Spain
• Australia
• Germany
• New Zealand
• Switzerland
• Canada
• India
• Nigeria
• Turkey
• China
• Indonesia
• Pakistan
• United Arab Emirates
• Colombia
• Italy
• Qatar
• United Kingdom
• Denmark
• Japan
• Russia
• United States
• Egypt
• Jordan
• Saudi Arabia
• European Union
• Morocco
• South Africa
A club that was started just at the start of the Arab Spring. Calls itself "Informal, apolitical, multilateral." Interestingly, Saudi Arabia, the US & Colombia are members Iran and Israel aren't.


Known members

All 30 of the members already have pages here:

AlgeriaA nation on the Mediterranean Sea. The largest country in Africa, formerly colonised by France.
AustraliaA large island nation in the southern hemisphere which is pioneering universal surveillance of its citizenry.
CanadaIf tar sands are counted, Canada possesses the 3rd largest oil reserves of any nation state.
ChinaThe most populous nation state in the world
ColombiaColombia is an important state in the trafficking of cocaine to North America.
DenmarkMember of the EU, NATO.
EgyptStrategically important due particularly to the Suez canal.
European UnionAn international superstructure that has evolved since WW2.
FranceA European nation, former colonial power, permanent seat on the UNSC
Germany"The economic powerhouse of Europe" - Germany dominates the European Union.
IndiaThe "Jewel in the Crown" of the British Empire. Until independence in 1947 it was ruled from London under the auspices of a British-appointed Viceroy whose powers were absolute.
IndonesiaA large nation in South East Asia
ItalyEuropean country that has the sixth-largest national wealth and third-largest central bank gold reserve. Italy/Deep state is an integral part of the SDS.
JapanA populous country in East Asia. People are traditionally extremely law abiding by European standards.
JordanMiddle Eastern kingdom.
NetherlandsPoliticly fragmented and very densely populated country. Had very lenient drug and (underage) sex laws. Named a "narco-state" by neighbouring countries. Home of the first Bilderberg meeting.
New ZealandAn island state next to Australia which "has become a preferred bolthole for the ultra rich". Aggressively used contact tracing and lockdowns during the COVID-19 event.
NigeriaA populous, highly oil/gas rich nation in Africa.
PakistanLike Afghanistan, former colony of the UK Pakistan is haunted by CIA drone attacks. Its nuclear weapons cache and border disputes with India also don't help. Supposedly Osama Bin Laden was killed here, in the rich, western city of Abbottabad.
QatarOil rich, gas richer! Huge arms importer in the Persian Gulf.
RussiaThe largest nation state in the world
Saudi ArabiaLongtime political ally of the USA, Saudi Arabia possesses larger easily accessible oil reserves than any other nation state.
South AfricaA former UK colony
SpainSeemingly a tropical easy-going country on the southern border of Europe. Spain has had trouble running a “death squad-free” democracy since Franco retired. Spain has seen the bloodiest post Gladio 1 terror attack take place in Madrid in 2004, and was a battleground of the Ifs and GRU during the 2010s.
SwitzerlandA mountainous, hence easily defended country in central Europe which has established itself as a world banking center.
TurkeyTurkey is a nation state at the south east corner of Europe.
UKThe biggest Island in Europe. It was a world power with massive influence for over 4 centuries.
USThe United States is the single biggest military spender in the world, with a higher 2020 expenditure than the next ten countries combined. Its infrastructure has been described to be in disrepair since the late 1980s.
United Arab EmiratesThe United Arab Emirates has the 7th largest oil reserves of any nation state.
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