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Group.png Mexico  
MEX orthographic.svg
Flag of Mexico.svg
Type nation state
Capital city Mexico City
Location North America
Member of OECD
Former Spanish colony

Cannabis as a 'Human Right'

In November 2015 Mexico's supreme court ruled 4-1 that smoking cannabis was a basic human right. This ruling concerned a nonprofit marijuana club — the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Autoconsumption, (SMART) and so did not immediately affect marijuana prohibition laws.[1]

Illegal Drug Trade

Mexico's position makes it an import nation as far as the importation of illegal drugs into the USA - especially cocaine from South America. Joël van der Reijden writes that "Information that came out in the wake of the Kiki Camarena death clearly demonstrates that the CIA and Mexican government have been working hand in hand with the drug cartels, with the CIA apparently controlling and employing them as right wing death squads", also noting that "hundreds of journalists have been murdered or disappeared in Mexico in the past decades."[2]



2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack15 October 2001
2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust10 April 2006
2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash24 September 2007


Bank of Mexico

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