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The headless man signifies the leaderless organisation. The global emblem depicts its worldwide relevance and reach.
Type• Multiple-use name
• Virtual community
• Voluntary association
InterestsFree speech
Interest ofRogue Media Labs

This is for the group, named 'Anonymous'. For a list of documents from authors who deliberately remain anonymous, see Anonymous.

'Anonymous' is a group identity used in online actions that typically seek to thwart the globalised corporate media by reporting alternative information. However, anybody can use the name, government agencies too.


Guy fawkes mask.jpg
An anonymous headless suit logo on a subvertised billboard to highlight Corporate media's Mendacity

The headless suit is commonly used online.

The Guy Fawkes mask, from the film V for Vendetta is used by activists both to hide their own identity and to signify sympathy with the group 'Anonymous'.


The beginning of Anonymous were the Habbo Hotel Raids initially organised on 4chan.[1][2]

Two of the main accounts on Twitter are/were:

  • @YourAnonNews
  • @YourAnonCentral (connected to the activist Heather Marsh)


The 2018-19 Integrity Initiative Leak was a set of 7 leaks of compromising material from a UK deep state milieu exposing its subversion with the political process to promote Russophobia.

On 5 November 2018, Anonymous leaked documents about the Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft, apparently showing how these UK taxpayer funded groups were employed to create anti-Russian disinformation.[3][4][5]


Events carried out

Epik data breachData breach in September 2021. Is Anonymous doing the job of the FBI for them because the facts aren't adding up.
Integrity Initiative/LeakCyberGuerillaA series of 7 leaks, starting on 5 November 2018, of unknown origin and veracity. After some time, the II disputed the authenticity of some of the documents, but was not clear about which.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/1CyberguerillaThe first of many leaks which exposed covertly organised groups of Russophobic academics, journalists, government officers and deep state operatives who strategised about how to alert to people to a purported Russian "threat".
Integrity Initiative/Leak/2CyberguerillaThe second Integrity Initiative Leak, 24 days after Integrity Initiative Leak 1.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/3CyberguerillaThe 3rd tranche of documents released as part of the Integrity Initiative Leak, on 13 December 2018.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/4CyberguerillaThe fourth Integrity Initiative Leak, from early 2019.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/5CyberguerillaReleased on the 24 January 2019, the fifth Integrity Initiative Leak.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/6CyberguerillaThe 6th Integrity Initiative Leak, posted on 8 February 2019.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/7CyberguerillaThe final tranche of Integrity Initiative documents, released in March 2020, which gave an impression of the scale of the multi-million pound operation


A Document by 'Anonymous'

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Anonymous-open-letter-to-us-citizens.pdfopen letter24 March 2011USAn incitement to revolution


Event Participated in

Operation Want2011


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Anonymous Surpasses Wikileaksarticle17 February 2011John Young


Documents sourced from 'Anonymous'

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:5 July Seminar; Potential guest list for discussionspooky seminar invitation listDeep state
Integrity Initiative
Spooky seminar
26 February 2016Integrity InitiativeSeminar with a mix of media, academics and lots of spooks
Document:Appendix A Ukraine Indicators and WarningsUkrainan view of Russian/separatist tactics and strategyRussia
26 February 2016Integrity InitiativeUkrainian officers tells British colleagues their opinions
Document:Avisa Partners Presentationcompany presentationPropaganda
Integrity Initiative
June 2016Avisa PartnersThis is very revealing but more official presentation of the company's influence work. Compare with the dirty tricks in Document:Combatting Russian Disinformation
Document:Background to the Simulation SeminarsreportCenter for the Study of New Generation Warfare28 February 2018Chris DonnellyBackground to and observation of two war Simulation Seminars
Document:Balkans Trip Reportcluster meeting28 November 2018Simon Bracey-LaneWorkshop in Montenegro. "'Story telling' difficult if journalists are branded fake news"
Document:Bid for MoD Funding 2017-2018project proposalPropaganda
Integrity Initiative
14 March 2017Integrity Initiative"Creation of a Europe-wide network of groups who understand the danger of Russian active measures and who can pass the message on to their own decision-makers and public, often using material which we initiate"
Document:Chief of Defence Intelligence at RUSI 180518speech summaryPropaganda
Fusion center
Great power competition for resources
24 May 2018Euan GrantThere need to be exponential growths in information operations [..] and in cooperation with offensive cyber ops.
Document:Chris Donnelly CV ShortCVChris Donnelly13 December 2018Chris DonnellyChris Donnelly short CV
Document:Chris Donnelly Paris Brussels May 2016 v2reportPropaganda
Integrity Initiative
13 December 2018Chris DonnellyChris Donnelly talks to his French II connections. "They think our main target needs to be the parts of the political class and the security structures 'where the rot is'"... "As an independent NGO we can do things they can’t do and national governments can’t do"
Document:Chris Donnelly Washington DC Scheduleschedule26 December 2018Integrity InitiativeA schedule of Chris Donnelly's meetings in Washington
Document:Chris Donnelly proposal to FCOdocumentBalkans
Eastern Europe
Market research
24 May 2018Chris DonnellyThe local partner then needs to do or commission an assessment of the agents or promoters of corruption and influence, eg key businessmen or politicians, as well as opposition politicians and clean businessmen, journalists etc who can be allies. These we bring out on trips to London, HQ NATO etc.
Document:Cluster Meeting Schedule Thessanolikicluster meeting28 November 2018Simon Bracey-LaneMeeting with focus on Balkan countries and Greece
Document:Combatting Russian DisinformationreportWikipedia
Integrity Initiative
June 2016Avisa PartnersA truly astonishing II document, with a lot of dirty methods. It is written by an established covert French propaganda network, spreading more than a 1000 stories a month, offering to work for II. "our ability to publish articles across hundreds of credible media outlets means that any campaign we undertake will have far more sway than the content published only on state-sponsored outlets RT and Sputnik, and their local few allies."
Document:Creating or improving the structural mechanisms for tracking, analysing and responding to Russian malign influence and disinformationstrategy documentMcCarthyism
Propaganda war
Academic restrictions
50318Euan Grantidentification of academic sympathies with Russia; Providing source material for radio, TV and print and online media on impact of Russian influence; Preparation of a course on information literacy for University-level students
Document:CyberGuardian Cyber Security Education Programme for Children and Young Peoplebrainwashing concept paperHacking
Brainwashing of children
30 January 2016Integrity InitiativeII puts lots of thought into how the military can train British children for cyberwarfare.
Document:Domestic Determinants of Russia’s anti-Western Campaignanalysis draft28 November 2018Hannes AdomeitII analysis of Russian foreign policy (outline)
Document:Draft agenda for the conference Tackling Tools of Malign Influenceconference planTackling Tools of Malign InfluenceChris DonnellyDraft conference plan for the Tackling Tools of Malign Influence event
Document:Establishing a modern perspective - Nation-State vs Network StatearticlePerpetual war
Cold War II
26 February 2016Chris Donnelly"The...requirement is for the organisation to be able to get its message across, to ensure that the Government and the people understand that they are actually engaged in one (or more) instability, like it or not." Chris Donnelly believes “we are at war, but with peacetime attitudes."
Document:Executive Summary Cyber Security Education Programme for Children and Young Peoplebrainwashing concept paper executive summaryHacking
Brainwashing of children
26 February 2016Integrity InitiativeII sums up its thought on how the military can train British children for cyberwarfare
Document:FCO Skripal material 16.03.18Twitter roundupGeorge Monbiot
Robert van der Noordaa
Julia Davis
Anton Shekhovtsov
James Patrick
Paula Chertok
Thomas Grove
Martin Lewis
Jason Beattie
Paul Canning
Gordon Guthrie
David Jack
Jamie Dettmer
Krisztian Simon
Andrew Scott
16 March 18 JLChris HernonA Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, including a certain type of journalist, and "other users in our field".
Document:FCO Skripal twitter sample 23.3.18Twitter roundupGarry Kasparov
Sergei Skripal
Julian Lindley-French
Edward Lucas
Henrik Breitenbauch
Integrity Initive network
Elliot Higgins
Veli-Pekka Kivimäki
Hans de Vreij
Committee to Investigate Russia
Mig Greengard
Stiftung Leo Strauss
Jimmy Rushmore
23 March 18 JLChris HernonA Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are indeed "other users in our field"
Document:FCO Skripal twitter sample 24.3.18Twitter roundupSergei Skripal
Jakub Janda
Deborah Haynes
Ian Bond
112 News
Andreas Umland
Niels Ockelmann
James Marson
Craig Silverman
John Sweeney
Daniel Twining
Ryan O'Farrell
Nina Khrushcheva
Shashank Joshi
Thomas Embleton
Elizabeth Tsurkov
24 March 18 JLChris HernonA Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are "other users in our field".
Document:Finding the moneyseminar descriptionSpying on opposition
Russian influence money
12 June 2016Perry Fawcett
Ian Cohen
Inegrity Initiative is convinced all opposition is Russian funded, and wants to prove it
Document:Framing Russian meddling in the Catalan questionreportJulian Assange
October 2017Integrity Initiative/Cluster/SpainAn example of Projection by the Integrity Initiative. The Moncloa operation shows that the group itself has been involved in subverting the Spanish political process. This document accuses Russia of involvment in the Catalonia independence question.
Document:Genesis and features of Russia’s hybrid warfare in UkrainepresentationUkraine
Hybrid war
June 2018Jon SearleQuote from presentation: “aggression will [only] be over when Russia is over"
Document:Greek Cluster Meetingcluster meeting25 June 2018Integrity InitiativeThe Greek cell ('cluster') conspires against the elected Syriza government.
Document:Greek Media and Information Literacy Weekmedia workshop28 November 2018Integrity InitiativeThe British covert propaganda outfit wants..."to familiarize readers/media users with basic principles and concepts so that they can judge and control...the online and printed content they read, share or create, so as to be able to distinguish news from misinformation, biased content, or propaganda".
Document:II Network SkripalreportSkripal Affair21 March 2018Simon Bracey-Lanemedia feedback from II members in smaller countries to HQ in London in Skripal affair
Document:II Report Greek Diplomatic Expulsionspress summary28 November 2018Integrity InitiativeSummary of Greek comments after expulsion of Russian diplomats "with the constant advice of the American embassy".
Document:II Twitter performance January 2018success analysisIntegrity Initiative14 March 2017Chris DonnellyOur total number of Twitter followers was 328 as of 18th January.
Document:Ideas for Ramping up IfS Contributions to the Causestrategy documentPropaganda
Skripal Affair
16 March 2018Victor MadeiraOutline of the Ifs-parts of a big covert propaganda campaign to synchronize and spread the British narrative ('the Cause') in the Skripal case.
Document:Institute for Statecraft & Center for Naval Analyses Joint Workshopworkshop summarySweden
Nuclear weapon
US/Marine Corps
Information Warfare
22 June 2018Integrity InitiativeInformation Warfare Study Day hosted by British Navy. Candid opinions (with a NATO-flavor) on lots of military issues.
Document:Institute for Statecraft project on Russian influence - Impact as at 19 04 2016reportPropaganda19 April 2016Chris DonnellyA list of stories II has planted in media per April 2016, some openly, some secretly, like "Trolls on the Kremlin Payroll"; plus a number of youtube lectures with a lacklustre number of unique views.
Document:Integrity FrancereportPropaganda
Integrity Initiative
25 June 2018Integrity Initiativea partial list of II-France members. For complete list, see Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France
Document:Integrity Initiative Budget for the 12 months ending 31 March 2019Budget and activity planPropaganda
Integrity Initiative
Political warfare
Information Operation
2 November 2018Integrity InitiativeBudget outlining how Integrity Initiative is going to control the information space, and influence policy-makers, specialists and media.
Document:Integrity Initiative Weekly Report 16th to 22nd July 2018reportAustralia
Greg Sheridan
22 July 2018Euan Grantinput into media documentaries and fictional entertainment, including specific topics
Document:Integrity Initiative Weekly Report 9th to 15th July 2018reportRussia
Integrity Initiative/Cluster
15 July 2018Euan Grant
Document:Integrity initiative: Notes on discussions in GreecereportGreece2017Chris Donnelly
Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Greece
II looking hard for Russian influence. It "is insidious but everywhere, so it is difficult to pinpoint..Their funding is difficult to identify."
Document:Invoice Visit to Norway 23-4 January 2018 Alex FinnenInvoiceNorway
Alexander Finnen
Alexander FinnenProves Alex Finnen is connected to Norwegian cell
Document:Invoice to MoD for Ukrainian Visitsuccess analysisUkraine
Integrity Initiative
Vidmantas Eitutis
Land Intelligence Fusion Centre
22 November 2017Chris DonnellyInvoice from Institute of Statecraft to the Ministry of Defence for Ukrainian visit to London
Document:John Searle Statecraft invoice 29 May 18invoiceJohn Searle29 May 18 JLJohn SearleJohn Searle invoice to Institute of Statecraft for "Research activities"
Document:Journalism skill sharing seminarreviewForeign Desk Ltd26 December 2018Victor MadeiraForeign Desk Ltd suggested a joint event with the Integrity Initiative to groom 15 young journalists. The proposal has comments from II's Victor Madeira
Document:Maritime Battle Staff Information Warfare (IW) Study Dayseminar descriptionNetherlands
Information Warfare
22 June 2018Integrity InitiativeInformation Warfare Study Day hosted by British Navy
Document:Meeting Note Moscow Stock Exchange Forumseminar descriptionGold
Russian economy
Economic warfare
Arkady Dvorkovich
Alexander Afanasiev
Pavel Grachev
Oleg Mukhamedshin
12 June 2017Integrity InitiativeII, probably Victor Madeira or Perry Fawcett, attended a Russian business forum in London
Document:Meetings in Greece Feb 2017cluster meeting10 February 2017Integrity InitiativeGreek II collaborators discussing how to reorient Greek public opinion.
Document:Military measuresreportWar
3 January 2014Chris DonnellyA list of suggested military measures to Ukraine in 2014, including "Mine Sevastopol harbour/bay"
Document:Monthly AccountsaccountsIntegrity Initiative22 November 2017Chris DonnellyThe Monthly Accounts for the Integrity Initiative, somewhat in the startup phase
Document:Notes from David Leask meeting 27 March 2018strategy documentRussia Today
Scottish National Party
Integrity Initiative
Scottish independence
27 March 2018Chris DonnellyIntegrity Initiative convinced Scottish 'fringe' nationalism is a Kremlin plot caused by RT and Sputnik; intends to influence to tie Scotland to NATO, England wants to keep media and political dominance
Document:Production schedule 05 04 2016output report4 May 2016Integrity InitiativeA list of written output from II staff, mostly for internal study use.
Document:Production timetable March-April 2016output planning report25 February 2016Integrity InitiativeA list of planned written output from II staff, similar to Document:Production schedule 05 04 2016
... further results
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