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Group.png 'Anonymous'  Rdf-icon.png
The headless man signifies the leaderless organisation. The global emblem depicts its worldwide relevance and reach.
Formation 2004
Type • Multiple-use name
• Virtual community
• Voluntary association
Interests Free speech

This is for the group, named 'Anonymous'. For a list of documents from authors who deliberately remain anonymous, see Anonymous.

'Anonymous' is a group identity used in online actions that typically seek to thwart the globalised corporate media by reporting alternative information.


Guy fawkes mask.jpg
An anonymous headless suit logo on a subvertised hoarding to highlight Corporate media's Mendacity

The headless suit is commonly used online.

The Guy Fawkes mask, from the film V for Vendetta is used by activists both to hide their own identity and to signify sympathy with the group 'Anonymous'.


On 5 November 2018, Anonymous leaked documents about the Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft, apparently showing how these UK taxpayer funded groups were employed to create anti-Russian disinformation.[1][2][3]


A Document by 'Anonymous'

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Anonymous-open-letter-to-us-citizens.pdfopen letter24 March 2011USAn incitement to revolution

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Document:Anonymous Surpasses Wikileaksarticle17 February 2011John Young