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The activities of The Supranational Deep State

The Supranational Deep State dominates many highly profitable activities such as government, banking, arms dealing, drug trafficking and people trafficking. While the mid level staff are simply profiteering and low level deep state functionaries may be completely unaware of The Deep State, the deep politicians who plan and initiate these activities have broader goals such engineering of society to facilitate their continued control. The deep state aims to perpetuate war and social conflict as a help in preventing its public exposure.


A stranglehold over the global financial system and a high degree of control of many of the world's governments and international institutions effectively give The Deep State de facto control over a large proportion of the world's economic activity, both legal and illegal.

Control of Money Creation

The power to create money from nothing, first formally given to the private sector in the late 17th century[1] is an activity of obvious appeal for those who seek to control others. The Deep State has has long consolidated its control of the institutions which create money process such as the Bank of International Settlements, the US Federal Reserve and other central banks. The Bilderberg dominated Delors committee created the European Central Bank.

Legal businesses

Control over money and banking gives a commanding hand over legal businesses, even without the extra assist provided by control of government. In the 20th century, big business worked closely with separate deep states[2], and in the 21st century transnational corporations similarly collaborate with the supranational deep state. In return for Deep State support in the avoidance of tax or regulations, corporations tailor their behaviour to suit its requirements — preventing the development of certain technologies while promoting others.[3]

Illegal businesss

The Deep State has a large portfolio of highly financially profitable but legally dubious businesses, such as the global weapons trade and the global drugs trade. This is particularly the case in countries where it has secure control over the legal process (such as the US and most of Europe). The social divisiveness of the "war on drugs" is only a side benefit for The Deep State - the main purpose is to preserve the high profit margins and prevent competition for its global drug trade.

Global Drug Trade

Full article: Global Drug Trade

The CIA took over the heroin trade in Vietnam from the French Intelligence service in 1955-56 and scaled it up during the Vietnam War. Their drug trafficking since that time has been extensive, and as first documented by Gary Webb, they set up large scale cocaine trafficking into the USA in the 1980s. In spite of innumerable whistleblowers (included a former head of the DEA), the official narrative is reflected by Wikipedia's page "Allegations of CIA drug trafficking".

The 2001 invasion of Afghanistan resulted in an immediate jump in opium cultivation. As of 2018, there is believed to be some large scale drug trafficking and production which is under independent control (cocaine via Africa?)[citation needed] but the vast majority is controlled by The Deep State.

Global Weapons Trade

Full article: Global Weapons Trade
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Andrew Feinstein notes that international arms deals are all but impossible without the collaboration of the intelligence agencies (many of which are controlled by the The Deep State) and that the United States has an "über-dominant role in the global trade in weapons"[4], following the manifest failure to heed Eisenhower's warning about the influence of the MICC. “The United States, while announcing record levels of foreign military sales, effectively pulled the plug on the internernational arms trade treaty being negotiated at the UN in July 2012, despite at least ninety countries wanting to sign up to an adequate, if not inspiring draft text” [4] Although it provides arms dealers with huge opportunities for self-enrichment, the global weapons trade is more important from a control point of view. Providing weapons to specific factions of society is a divide-and-conquer strategy as old as empire to prevent an outbreak of peace and stifle non-violent resistance. Military technology provided to corrupt and oppressive dictators help them stay in power even against the wishes of a large proportion of their population.[5] The secrecy surrounding national militaries' inventories facilitates their diversion for sale or donation to enemy groups.

Social Engineering

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Social engineering.jpg

Its commanding role over business and government mean that The Deep State is well positioned to carry out social engineering projects. One of the oldest and most well recognised of such projects is mass compulsion schooling — without which, Ivan Illich writes, modern consumerism would not have been feasible.[6] Deep State control of big media is used to hide its efforts — either simply ignoring intended changes or presenting them as almost inevitable, as if by a law of nature. Exposing people to a variety of nominally independent but actually controlled opinions can lead people to believe that "there is no alternative" — as UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once claimed about her agenda of privatisation.[citation needed]


Since perhaps the Middle Ages, money has assumed ever greater importance in more and more areas of society, a trend which has arguably accelerated post WW2. Such a broad trend, like the subtly invidious nature of money itself, have occasionally been remarked upon[7][8] but have been the subject of remarkably little serious discussion, either by corporate media, economists or other academics. The Deep State's domination of the global money system and its desire for greater influence over global society give it a clear motive to expand the areas of life over which money holds sway.


Full article: Privatisation

During the 1980s, The Deep State used the governments of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to agressively advancing an agenda of privatisation in the US and UK. While increasing economic inequality, and greatly enriching a few privileged insiders, this was a step away from non-financial considerations such as "the public good". Under the label of "economic globalisation" this process was to be reproduced worldwide and presented more as a force of nature than as a conscious policy choice. Public accountability and transparency was decreased while extra layers of plausible deniability were added, even in areas previously off limits such as arms manufacture and espionage.


Full article: Globalisation

The Deep State used corporate controlled media to broadcast worldwide labels such as the "Washington concensus" and "economic globalisation", used to globally promote an economic agenda which was friendly to multinational corporations and ready to set aside local laws. This process has now advanced to the point at which national governments are now legally bound to accept the judgement of unaccountable 'arbiration' bodies[citation needed] if a corporation claims that its future earnings have been damaged by the governments prioritising local considerations such as worker safety or environmental laws.[citation needed][clarification needed] Such developments consolidate the position of the supranational deep state and provide some degree of protection should a national government try to exert its own will against the wishes of The Deep State.

Strategy of Tension

Full article: Strategy of Tension
In 1980 the bombing of Bologna main station killed 85 people. Agents of the Italian intelligence services and the secret society Propaganda Due hindered the investigation by laying false tracks.

The phrase "Strategy of Tension" originated in Italy, where the Years Of Lead saw the population exposed to a long series of bombings, kidnappings and assassinations, blamed on "communist terrorists". This project was later unmasked as NATO's Operation Gladio, a Europe wide effort to prevent communist victory at the polls. The Supranational Deep State is now operating a successor project, Operation Gladio/B, on a global scale, intended to stress and disorient people so are ready to give up civil liberties in return for protection from "Muslim terrorists". The FBI admits to multiple cases of involvement with people who go on to commit acts of "terrorism", and several commentators suggest that many of the acts of "terrorism" or the school shootings in USA may be not the sole responsibilites of "lone nuts" that they are presented to be.

"War on Terrorism"

Full article: War on Terrorism

The Deep State's "Global War on Terrorism", launched so spectacularly in USA in 2001, is continuing as of 2018 in spite of a rapidly growing awareness that it is founded on a big lie. A 2016 survey of US adults' biggest fears rated "terrorism" as #2, but by 2017 this had dropped to #22 - the top fear was "corrupt government officials". Peter Dale Scott concludes his 2015 book on The American Deep State with a chapter entitled Why Americans Must End Americas Self-generating Wars. Suggesting that the phrase "Terror War" would be a more accurate description, he calls


Full article: Propaganda

The CIA quickly realised the importance of using corporate media to control the US public's perceptions[9] and had enough control already by 1963 to subvert the top media institutions's reporting of the JFK Assassination. By the close of the 20th century, consolidation of big media had concentrated ownership of US television, newspapers, billboards and radio stations into a handful of huge corporations. Globalisation mirrored the process worldwide.

Control of Corporate Media

Full article: Rated 4/5 Corporate media/Deep state control

The extent of deep state control over corporate media can be estimated by the disconnect between the observable reality and the commercially-controlled media reporting of the 9/11 event. While many people were in shock on the day itself, the utter failure of big media to challenge the US government's official narrative is striking, as is the failure of Western governments to point out the glaring inconsistencies in that narrative.


Of all the topics which The Deep State seeks to spread propaganda about, the most important to its survival is to deny that it exists. Millions of people, worldwide, are employed in law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies whose stated purpose is to seek out and punish such activity.

"Conspiracy theories"

Full articles: Rated 4/5 “Conspiracy theory”, “Conspiracy theorist”

One of The Deep State's most durable strategies for avoiding detection is the meme of the "conspiracy theorist", which has been translated into many foreign languages. It was developed by the CIA, as developed in a declassified 1964 internal memo entitled Countering Criticism of The Warren Commission Report. and sought to use repetition from ostensibly independent sources to underline the point that anyone alleging that JFK was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy was crazy.

Internet censorship

The world wide web, in contrast to corporate media, is difficult to control, and is a many-to-many medium in that it allows anyone with a story to tell to reach a wide audience. The ability of people to choose information from an effectively unlimited number of sources has caused problems for The Deep State's plan of controlling information.

A number of illadvised efforts have boomeranged (most recently the "fake news website" meme) and highlight that 20th century thinking can be a counterproductive means to try to influence people — a lesson that the organisers of Cold War 2.0 appear not to have learned. It remains a moot point whether it will prove possible to corall public opinion, or whether the internet is not just the first of a range of technological innovations to fundamentally change in a way that renders old models obsolete.


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