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Date6 November 2012
DescriptionBarack Obama was re-elected

The US/2012 Presidential election saw Barack Obama be re-elected as President of the United States of America.


Internal Revenue Service

The Obama administration used the Internal Revenue Service to help the reelection. The IRS openly championed Democrat causes by, for example, putting on special conferences to show black churches how to express political opinions without losing their tax-exempt status, all the while stonewalling [[tea party] groups with questions ranging from queries about religion to personal relationships.[1] James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal wrote that "Barack Obama’s reelection deserves to be listed with an asterisk in the record books. We know only that he did win with the help of a corrupt IRS. And if indeed the election was stolen, many in the media were complicit in its theft."[2]

Election fraud to stop Ron Paul in Republican Primaries

The victory of Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries was the result of dirty tricks and election fraud. Corporate election coverage gave the impression Mitt Romney coasted to an honest, easy, well-deserved Republican nomination.

Jaret Glenn, in the article How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul documented election fraud in many primaries[3]:

Huffington Post reported that Paul was ahead by one point over Romney and Rick Santorum in entrance polls[4] conducted by Edison Media Research for the Associated Press before the caucuses. For the first time ever, the Iowa GOP changed the final vote count to a secret location[5]. After the caucus, results[6] from 8 precincts (including those with colleges, in a state where Paul won 48% of the youth vote[7]) went missing. Interestingly, these were all precincts Romney lost in 2008[8]. In addition, GOP officials discovered inaccuracies in 131 precincts. Though polling in a comfortable first place, Paul finished third in this non-binding straw poll, behind Romney and Santorum.

Iowa originally reported Romney in first, Santorum in a close second, and Paul third. After the recount, Santorum was named the winner with Romney in second. No mention was given to how the recount affected Paul’s vote count.[9]

In Nevada on caucus day, the media was denied access[10] to most caucus sites and the few that were permitted were not allowed to take photos. Others were even ejected from sites. A CNN clip showed GOP staff preventing a Paul supporter from entering the premises to vote at a special caucus that was set up at the last minute for Newt Gingrich backer, Sheldon Adelson.[11] In some precincts in Clark County, the largest in Nevada, the number of ballots did not match[12] the number of voters signed in at the caucus. Though votes were to be counted publicly, they were largely counted in private. The vote count was also inexplicably dragged out for several days, leading to a victory for Romney.

Another interesting note is that Paul’s 2012 votes had doubled, tripled, and more than quadrupled his 2008 votes[13] in every state leading up to the Nevada caucuses, yet Paul received only 88 more votes there.[14] Of all the places for this to occur, Nevada, the country’s most libertarian state; is the last in which anyone would expect this.

In Maine, even though only 84% of votes had been counted, State GOP Chairman, Charlie Webster, declared Romney the winner over Paul by less than 200 votes.[15]

In other states, Paul supporters claim vote-flipping occurred with electronic voting machines[16]. Once about 40% of votes are reported, there is typically little variation in the final numbers. However on several occasions, at about 40% Romney’s trajectory "flipped" with the leader, which was often Paul. Austin Election Judge, Anne Beckett, has come forth publicly to claim she witnessed this firsthand.[17]

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