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Group.png Alphabet  
HeadquartersGoogleplex, Mountain View, California, U.S.
Subgroups• Calico
• CapitalG
• DeepMind
• Google
• Google Fiber
• GV
• Jigsaw
• Nest Labs
• Sidewalk Labs
• Verily
• Waymo
• X
Owner ofYouTube
Founder ofGalvani Bioelectronics
Parent company of Google.

Alphabet or Alphabet Inc. is an American company based in California, created in 2015 as a conglomerate of companies previously owned by the Google company. According to the founders of Google, the purpose of this structure is to relieve the historic company of activities that do not represent its core business, namely Internet services such as page indexing, YouTube or Gmail which derive revenue from advertising.[1]

What is Alphabet, the new Google?