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Event.png Bilderberg/2012(meeting)
Bilderberg 2012.png
The Police Guard the 2012 Bilderberg
Date 31 May 2012 - 3 June 2012
Location Chantilly,  Virginia,  U.S.A
Perpetrators Bilderberg/Steering committee
Henry Kissinger leaving the 2012 Bilderberg Meeting

The 2012 Bilderberg Meeting was the 58th such meeting and had participants from __ European countries, the United States and Canada. It was held at the same place as the 2008 Bilderberg, the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, USA.


The 2012 Bilderberg Agenda has not been leaked, but the website at Bilderberg Meetings has posted an agenda.

1. The State of Trans-Atlantic Relations

2. Is Vigorous Economic Growth Attainable?

3. The Future of Democracy in the Developed World

4. The US Political Landscape

5. The European Political Landscape

6. A Conversation on US Foreign Policy

7. The Politics and Geo-Politics of Energy

8. Stability and Instability in the Middle East

9. Imbalances, Austerity and Growth

10. Sustainability of the Euro and its Consequences

11. What Does Putin 2.0 Mean?

12. What Can the West Do about Iran?

13. How Do Sovereign States Collaborate in Cyber Space?

14. China's Economic and Political Outlook